Common Sense and Other Works by Thomas Paine

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Known as the Father of the American Revolution, English-American author Thomas Paine became famous for two pamphlets that inspired the colonists to fight for their independence. Common Sense, published in 1776, fostered the idea that the colonists could separate from the tyrannical rule of the British monarchy, and The American Crisis, published that same year, encouraged soldiers to fight against the British Army. Paine's later writings included The Rights of Man (1791), a series of articles defending the French Revolution and asserting that people should rise up if governments failed to protect their natural rights. His final text, The Age of Reason (1794–1796), challenged institutionalized religion and critiqued Christian theology, advocating instead for reason and scientific inquiry. This collection features unabridged editions of all four of the American revolutionary's main pamphlets and writings.


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LibraryThing Review

Brugeranmeldelse  - TTAISI-Editor - LibraryThing

This is--without a doubt--one of the most important American writers, and a great collection of his essays. Paine remains incredibly relevant for anyone who wants to understand American politics and history, not to mention civil rights. Læs hele anmeldelsen

Review: Paine: Collected Writings: Common Sense/The Crisis/Rights of Man/The Age of Reason/Pamphlets/Articles & Letters (Library of America #76)

Brugeranmeldelse  - Ellis Morning - Goodreads

Thomas Paine's intellect and skill at persuasive writing should be studied far and wide. It's a shame we only read excerpts of "Common Sense" in school. Læs hele anmeldelsen

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Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter I
Chapter IV
Chapter VI
Chapter VIII

The Crisis VIII
Notes to The American Crisis
Editors Introduction
Paines Preface to the French Edition
Rights Of Man Part Second
Of Society and Civilisation
Chapter III
Chapter X
Chapter XII
Chapter XIV
The Age of ReasonPart II
Chapter II
Chapter III

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