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Or shall I add that general Design which all Chriftians ought to have, to enlarge and propagate the Kingdom of Christ, suitable to our Lord's Prayer, when we pray, Your Kingdom come. By this then all Parents are obliged to practise that in regard to their Children, as having above others the best Opportunity for that; and should yoų not propagate the Kingdom of God in your own Children, how would you do that in others ? Should you pray this Prayer only with your Mouths, unless you perform it in fact, then you pray either without Knowledge, or if with Knowledge, then you shew yourselves #ypocrites, who pray for lome Thing that they do not mean .

And to convince you farther, remember that he that edifieth not the House of Christ with his Children, he edifieth the House of the Devil; whilst this holds, He that is not with me, is against me; and he that gathereth not with me, scattered abroad, Mat. xx. 30.

And what shall comfort you at the parting Time, if they die through your Neglect, in a chriftless Condition? This will be the grieving Consideration, my Child is for ever ruined, and I did nothing to prevent it, but rather help him to it; I am the Cause of his terrible Fall; I have neglected to lead him in the Way of Science and

Holiness; I have slighted to teach him in Prayers and Christian Virtues; I am the Cause that the Devil has had so much Power over him, that he has cursed, sworn, lied and practised all sorts of Evil. Duty discharged, is the only Comfort in that Day,

And the Confideration of the great Day, should move your Bowels of Pity for them. What a sad Thing will it be to see your Children at Christ's left Hand? O Parents, do your utmost to prevent this Misery ! Knowing the Terrors of the Lord, we perfuade Men. You have peculiar Advantages that no others have ; You have Opportunities to instil the KnowB 3


ledge of Christ into them; if therefore you neglect, who shall help them?

Behold, my Friends, these Instructions about your Children. I found myself obliged to tell you of, so that you may know your Duty.

If you will endeavour now, with the deepest Supplication and Prayer to God, for his Afiftance in following my Advice, that I have prescribed unto you, about these and all other Duties, agreeable to the Word of God; then you, with your Children, can be affured of his Promises ; and howsoever it may go in this World, that you always may glory in a good Conscience, which is not wounded with a knawing of a scandalous Negligence, and can be perfectly rejoiced when you, with

your Children, and whole Houthold, have served the Lord, believing that all his Promises, (which he has made in his Word, unto them who fear him) will be fulfilled : Yea, if it was, that the Mountains should depart, and the Hills be moved, his Kindness fall not depart from thee, nor from your Seed, neither shall the Covenant of my Peace be removed, faith the Lord Jesa. liv.

O ! How comforting will it then be, for you to have served God in such a Manner with your Children ? What an Abundance of Riches will follow upon that, even whilft here on Earth! May you have a Fund of Confolation in God's Promises, here Treasures of the Gospel, here Faith, here a Hope of Glory, here abundant Grace, and fure fealing by the Holy Spirit, which Things are better than Gold, yea than all the Riches of the World, because he that is a Partaker of them, has enough, even as Jacob says, Gen. xxxiii. II. And if we look upon that which will follow, that is no less than an everlasting Glory, 1 Tim. iv. 8.

Happy then such Parents, who can justly expect those with their Children, and be in such a Hope of their Salvation ; then will be fulfilled the chearing Promise, Mal, üi, 16. 17. Then they that feared the


Lord spake often one to another, and the Lord hearkned, and heard it; and a Book of Remembrance was written before him, for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his Name : And they shall be mine faith the Lord of Hofts in that Day, when I make up my Jewels, and I will

spare them as a Man spareth his own Son that serveth him! yea, then they will be able to cry out with Joy in the last Day, at the coming of Christ, Behold, I and the Children which thou hast given me, Hebr.

ü. 13.

May that great God vouchafe to thee that Happiness through Jesus Christ, the Lord and dear Saviour of all his true Servants. Amen.

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CONTAINING, The PRINCIPLES of the Christian Religon, By plain QUESTIONS and ANSWERS.

OF RELIGION. Queftion. WHAT is Religion ?

Answer. It is a Method to know and serve God rightly, according to his Word ; with Expectation of Grace and Salvation in Jesus Christ.

Q: Do you find fuch: a Description in the Word of God?

A. Yes. Amongst others, Paul called the Faith of God's Elect, the acknowledging of the Church, which is after Godliness, in Hope of eternal Life, which God (who cannot lie) promised before the World began. Tit. i. 1.2.

Q. How many Religions are there?

1. As there is only one true God, fo also there is but one true Religion, Eph. iv. 5. One Lord, One Faith, One Baptifm.

Q. What is the true Religian?

A. The Christian Religion, profeft by the reformed Protestants.

Q. Why do you call it the Christian Religion ?

Ā. Because I believe and confess therein, that Jesus Chirft is the Son of God, and true Saviour, who should come into the Word ; upon which our Faith and Salvation are grounded. John xx, 31. But these are written,

that we might believe that Jefues is the Chris, the Son of God; and that believing, ye might have Life through his Name.

Why do you call it the Reformed Protestant ReliA. In general to distinguish it from that of other


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