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and is the last sin that goes out it.'

To this just remark she gratefully Wife of the Rev. Joseph Drake, added, " But the blood of Jesus of Newport, Essex, was about 18 Christ cleanses us from all sin " years of age when she began to Another of her godly friends, who think seriously upon divine things ;. .wrote the substance of what she and from that time had gradual dis- heard, thus informs us : "On my coveries of her absolute need of

first coming into the room, I was Jesus Christ. She joined the church struck with the great alteration that in May 1804, about a month after appeared in her looks. When I her marriage.

mentioned that she had the prayers Being naturally diffident, she said

of her friends, and, above all, the but very little; and probably, from

prayers of Jesus, she said, “ He fear of saying too much, she said intercedes.” This was a proof her too little. In the time of health

senses were clear and quick ; and she was sorely tried by the Temp- she all at once burst forth in patheter; but not once assaulted in her

tic language to exhort us all to dying hours.

During tlie former " value the Scriptures ; peruse them part of her affliction, she complain.

more, with prayer: and I desire ed much of her stupidity and hard

you (turning to her husband) would ness of heart; and said to her hus

tell all young people so to do, esband, " I fear I never prayed, I pecially my dear brothers; and not fear I have no religion." But, in to read them as they would a ballad ; the last stage of her sufferings, her and to mind what company they fears for ever fled ; and she said to keep. I have neglected 'the Bible a pious friend, “ I am just going : too much ; but that is all pardoned, I long to be gone !

Life is sweet, with all the rest of my sins. I long but Jesus is sweeter! I am happy : to go home! Come, Lord Jesus, I have no fear of Death! I can come, Lord Jesus, and take me to cheerfully give up all! Let us once thyself. Why are thy chariot, again, for the last time, pray toge- wheels so long in coming? I wish ther. The next meeting we shall I had more patience to wait his have will be all praise! I have had time. I have been filled with com. many sweet refreshing seasons in his fort the last night.” When her courts below; and I am now going gladdened friend observed, “We to see him without a veil between ; never had such converse together and I have no more doubt of it before, she replied, " No; I than I have of your sitting here. could not till now converse so freely It rejoices me to think I have many

upon these things."

With great dear Christian friends that pray for earnestness she asked, “ Do you me. I love my Newport friends doubt my sincerity ?" - but seeined but I can cheerfully leave them. Ì satisfied on being assured we did hope the cause of God will be very not, and continued her conversaprosperous,

that the little one tion: “I am youuger than you all; will become a thousand! Live in but going to Heaven first, I shall love and peace! Come, Lord Je- meet you there. I love my New. sus, come quickly! He has loved port friends.” It being observed to. me, and washed me in his own her, blood! I can give up my husband

66 A feeble saint shall win the day, and child.”

Tho' Death and Hell obstruct the In smoothing the sleeve of her night-gown, she, with holy indig: she, with great pleasure, immedination, observed, “Pride is the last thing that leaves us." To which ately said, Nay, more than that : her friend replied, ! Pride was the

“ Jesus can make a dying bed," &c. first sin that came into the world, adding, “ This head, even my un


worthy head, he suffers to lean on In the course of the night, she his breast. How admirable his love said to her husband, “ My dear, I and condescension!” She then in- have one thing to request of you, timated, “ If I do not live to see my and I beg you will be faithful : Do mother, there is the same God for you think I shall pass through this her that has been so gracious to


When he replied, I Again addressing her hus- think, my dear, you cannot,' she band, she said, " As soon as our said, " Then I am easy and happy: boy can read, give him my Bible, I don't wish to come back !" About teach him to understand it, and teil five hours previous to her deparhim that it was his mother's dying ture, she said, “ This night will end request.” Recollecting how exceed- it all!” She then kissed her father, ingly she had been blessed under a mother, hushand, and a young feformer aMiction, which had nearly male relation ; to each of whom terminated her life, she said, “! she gave a most impressive and afhave been twice at Ileaven's gate!" sectionate address, adding:


" Fret Her valuable friend thus concludes, not for me, I shall be with Jesus: • I shall never forget what we saw I an going to my Jesus! I was and felt! Dr. Young may well say, over anxious last week to go to my 66 A soul in converse with her God father's, O how good is my Jesus, is Heaven !''

that instead of punishing me for it, At another time, one of her gra- he is going to take me to a betler. cous friends observing, “ You cal- home !". When she found she was not do too m'ich for Jesus, slie

drawing nearer to the close of life, said, “I have not done enough; she requested to see her child. She but he has done enough, and God is hissed him; and said, “ I am going satisfied. Walk close with God; to leave you : I commend you to you cannot walk too close." She Him who has kept me, and to that left it in charge, that a message from dear inan” (meaning her husband). her dying lips should, at her fune- She then said to Mr. Drake (who, ral, be delivered to the youn"; and from fear of her being distressed or that they might be earnestly in- discomposed, had hesitated to introtreated to remember their Creator duce the child) “ My dear, why did in the days of their youih. " Oh,” you not wish me to see the child ?". said she, “ if I had all the young After assigning his reason, she repeople here, how I would talk to plied, “Oh, no; that does not af. them of that lovely Jesus!”

fcct me! - I have got beyond all Early in the evening before she that! I love you all; but I love died, when onc of her esieenied my Jesus far better !" On being friends entered the room, her coun- askerl, · Have you any doubt?' — tenance appeared peculiarly sercne she answered, with an emphasis and heavenly :-- such was lie tran- ever to be remembered, “ Doubt! quil, or rather triumphant state of How can I doubt of his goodness, her mind. She took him by the hand, who has done so much for me?" and said," I am puzzled to think that She requested her husband to pray Goil should look down upon such with ber; during which she seemed a wretch as I, - I am puzzled !” all rapture, and wished for an easy When he remarked, “This is a blest dismission. Shortly after, she again aitticion,'— she said, " I would not repeated, several tines, “ Come, have been without ibis affliction for Lord Jesus, - why is ihy chariot sa ten thousand worlds !"

long in coming!" Having lain for transieni moal, she then observed, a while in a kind of slumber, she “ They teli me here is some hope avoke, and said, “Where am I? of my recovery." When her friend In Heaven! No;' and shrunk said," You are willing to be where back, as though disappointed. Her the Lord pleares,' she, replied, husband repeated the 7th and stii with cheeriuluess, “I ain willing ; verses of the 4th chapter of the ed but I sail se you no more in this vor ! We saail ineci again in

episile to Tim thy; to which she

replied, as I shall soon have that Heaven !"

O what a crowa! is uot

With a


the room very hot?" On being have followed me ever since that day told it was not,

she wilh joy re- (about 21 years). She often said, plied, “ It is Death's sweat, it is “I now know what that passage Death's sweat !” Almost the last in Revelations means, that God will words she spoke in her last hour, give a white stone and a new name were, " It is the grace of God that written, which none know but ho must save man." She then reclined that receives it. If I were to hold her head upon her husband's breast, my peace, the stones would cry out, and there calmly expired, without I can say, my Lord, and my God? a struggle, groan, or sigh, early on I know whom I have believed.”t: ti Welnesday morning, Aug. 19, 1807, About four years after this, her in the 29th year of her age.

busband died at sea, soon after be On the Tuesday following, her sailed from the Downs. Whön und mortal remains were interred in the der complicated trials, the enemy burial-ground belcoging to the In. came upon her like a flood, urging dependent Meeting, Saffroa Walden; ber to destroy herself. The tempand on the same day an appropriate talion was very great; but the Lord, sermon, founded on Rev. vii. 13 to to whom she belonged; would not 17, was preached it Newport, by suffer the enemy to prevail; but ens the Rev. Mr. Judson. * Let me abled her to cast her burthen on the die the death of the righteous, and Lord: upon which the tempter fled. let my last end be like hers!”

Secret prajer seemed to be her W. J. elemeut. "For the last six months

of her life, her pains were excruciat

ing, under the extremity of which, MRS. KEYS,


groans might be heard in the adWidow of Captain George Keys, joining house; when she would say, exchanged a state of pain and suffer- between her cries, “ God is mykind, ing for a glorious immortality, my loving Father; these pains are Feb. 25th, 1807, aged 56. Her pot for eternity; - no, my Saviour death was occasioned by a cancer, is gone to prepare mansions for me; the effect of a fall, in November, yes, for me, and I shall be with 1804. When young, she was in. him through all eternity.” One clined to seriousness; but entirely evening, on taking leave of her to ignorant of her need of a Saviour's go to our social prayer meeting, she righteousness till about the 28th said, “ Give my love to the good year of her age, when under the gentlemen, and tell them, iheir preaching of the Rev. Rowland Hill, prayers for me are answered; the and other ministers, she began to see kingdom of Heaven is open to me; the insufficiency of any thing that the way is all clear ; there is no veil she could do to obtain acceptance between me and Christ.” Being with God; she then closely attended asked to take some nourishment, ali the means of grace; but clouds she said “ Do not speak of eating; Í hovered round her mind, and she am at leaven's gate, I long to be had no clear views of her interest in gone, I long to be gone. NevertheChrist till about seven years after, less, not my will, Lord, but thine be when it pleased God, on a Friday done. I desire that, as soon as I am morning, at Surry Chapel, under the gone, you will all kneel down and preaching of the Rev. Mr. Bull, to return thanks to God, and sing break in upon her soul in a wonder- praises, for I shall be rejoicing. Oh, ful manner ; the Holy Spirit indeed what a change will then take place took of the things of Christ and in a moment!" At another time shewed them to her; entirely re- she said, " I desire that nothing may moved the veil that bid Christ from be said about me when I am gore. her eyes, and shewed her her inte. I am a poor dcfiled sinner: I am rest in the covenant. The text was, wao.ihy; but oh, whai has my "Lo, I am with you always, even to dear Lord done for this singer! it the end of the world. Amen.” On her is my dying request, that you beg dying bed, she said " Those words those ministers with whom you are

întimate, to be more earnest in ex. she was convulsed; sbe sent for her horting the people, and to pray for brother to pray with her, took him the influence of the Holy Spirit up- by the hand and said, “ My work is on their hearts.” She said that done : the Lord has been good to some time after the death of her me: I have been dandled on his husband, the Lord repeatedly fol- knees: I have had the place of lowed her with this question,“What John.” After which she lay comis thy petition, and what is thy re- posed. The next morning, in the quest ?" and ber answer was," Lord, most placid and gentle manner, she if it be thy blessed will, that one departed to her eternal rest. creature may be permitted to love Peckhum.

A.C. thee more than another, 0 let me be that creature; and O how good my Lord has been to me. I used, wben

RECENT DEATH. that hymn was sung,

On Sunday, the 1st of November,

died, at the Countess of Huptivg• The place of John I covet

don's College, at Cheshunt, HertMore than a Seraph's throne.'

fordshire, the Rev. Richard Owen, to long for it; but blessed be God, aged 30, Tutor of that Seminary.

This excellent man, who had forI have got it." She once said, It was my wish that I might die sud- merly been a student there, had, at denly; but it was brought to my Ordination in the Establishment;

one time, intentions of receiving mind with power, Will

a sudden

and, by his attainments as well as death be glorifying God?” At another time she said, “ I am as in a furweil qualified for the clerical func

by his piety and zeal, he appeared nace; my throat, arm, and breast are burning with the car.cer ; but I tion : but the terms proposed (a will sing “ Bless

suspension of his ministry for three the Lord, praise ye

years) determined his choice. At him and magnify him for ever !”

the beginning of this year, an open When near death she said, I have more cause to bless God for these ing presenting, he accepted the of

fice of Tutor of the college ; in sufferings than for all

my health ;" and added, “ Not one pain too which, from his acquirements and many; I am just as I should be." assiduity, he not only promised

much benefit to the institution, but When some friends who came to see

was also very highly respected by her, entered the room, she said " I

the trustees and students. His ream filled with glory; I am going to glory.” On a Sabbath morning she

mains were solemnly interred in

Cheshunt church-yard, on Friday, Sada sore conflict with the enemy;

Nov. 6, followed by the students for when, by reason of her complaint, it was with much difficulty bitants of the neighbourhood also

now at the college. Several inha. she could be moved in and out of bed, she said, " The enemy seems

attended, to testify their esteem of

the deceased, who had ministered to he mocking me with those words, "Where is now your God ?” and sug- among them the word of life. - It gesting that she never more could will

, no doubt, console the promo

ters of this Institution to consider be moved into bed, but must con

that Ile who, in bis wisdom, takes tinue in that painful posture till she died. But shortly after this she anay an Elijah, can raise up an foand relief, and the Lord, by his Elista, endued with all necessary

gifts. blessed Spirit, shone upon her soul, and the tempter vanished.

*** We are informed, that the When a person said to her " I

Rev. Dr. Draper, of London, has trust the Lord is with you,-she an, accepted the office of Tutor of the swered, “ he is always with me; his above Seminary : circumstance everlasiing arms are more than ever which affords the most lively satisunderneath me. Oh, what a God !" faction to the Trustees, and to the The morning before her departure connection at large.



Sermons, by the Rev. Thos. Mutler,

divine favour. One of his final conD. D. Second edit. Price

fessions is, “ I abhor myself, and

repent in dust and ashes ;' and thoo The critical, argumentative, elo- he kaew that he was free from many quent, and simplest preachers have of ihe crimes which his injudicious their respective admirers ; and friends alieged against him, yet, we this diverse o manifestation of the doubt not, but the foundation of his Spirit is given to every man to hope was the sole merit of that profit withal.”

Some are set for Redeemer, who was to stand at the the defence of the out - works of latter day on the earth, and give Christianity; others enter him a part in the glorious resurrecdeeply into its vital essence ; and a tion. happy few have the singular art of The tenth discourse, on 1 John combining a variety of excellence in iii. 9, contains some unguarded and their pulpit - productions. It is


injurious representations. Dr. Mutnevertheless inournful to reflect, ter, without alluding to the natural that discourses are frequently pub- depravity of the human mind, or lished, which contain, amidst scrip- informing us of the necessity of its tural and useful remarks, a lament- renewal, introduces his discussion able defect of evangelic sentiment; by this sentence : Let this one imand which forbids a faithful Re, pression be deeply fixed within us, viewer to give them an unqualified That goodness in the heart is the recommendation.

best symptom of truth in the under. We are grieved to say, that the standing; and that he who is the latter observation is confirmed by most benevolent, is also, in the eye several of the sermons in the volume of God, the most orthodox man.” before us. While we discovered in At page 202, aliuding to the beneit sound sense, a vindication of ficence of the Deity, he asks,“ Why some gospel doctrines, and numer- should men doubt our attachment bus remarks calculated for general to the original, so long as we are utility, we occasionally met with kind to the offspring, and beneficent paragraphs which seemed to mililate to the image of God ?” It would against the revealed method of a have been well if our author had sinner's acceptance with God, and studied with closer attention the to expose our author's ignorance of 13th chapter of the 1st epistle to the those principles, which are the only Corinthians: he would there have legitimate sources of practical ho- found, that it is possible for a man liness.

to bestow all his goods to feed the Speaking of the character of Job, poor, and yet be destitute of that the Doctor says, 66 As he was an

divine principle of love which God eminently good man, and thorough- approves, and which is the result Jy conscious, on the most impartial of the Holy Spirit's agency on the enquiry, of his owu sineere piety, soul. “ Many wouderful works" charity, and candour, it is upon are performed by persons who were this foundation and the answer of “born again;” and those aca good conscience, that he inierests tions alone deserve the epithet ot hintself in the Redeemer, and claims good, which flow from the love of so near and saving a relation to Christ shed abroad in the heart. him." We readily admit, that the Suavity of temper, and a charitable holy patriarch, in the distracted disposition will follow the cordial staie of mind which his accumulated

reception of the truth as it is in Jeafflictions occasioned, einployed, The tree, however, must first more than once, very unjustifiable be made good before the fruit can language; but he "nowhere ex- be good also, presses such a consciousness of per- We totally disapprove of the sonal mcrit as entitled bim to the straju of remark in page 214, The



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