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them? And should a morning so fair and promising bring on evil before night, should Death on his pale horse appear, what follows ?”

My mind shuddered at the images I had raised, - I sought to forget the whole in turning from the scene, and hastening to the church: - The bells were still chiming, and I still interpreted their language: “ Come with me from Lebanon, my spouse, with me from Lebanon ; look from the top of Amana, from the top of Shenir, and Hermon; from the lions dens; from the mountains of the leopards."

“Yes," said my heart, as I construed the gracious invitation," I will come with thee my beloved; for thy love is better than wine. Neither shall the goodly mountain of Lebanon, which Moses, the man of God, so ardently longed to see; nor Shenir, nor Hermon keep me back. Lions in human form, and sinners whose various hue, like the spots of the leopard, are in every place; but Lord, I will come out from among them, and touch not the unclean thing. Yes, Lord, I will attend thee to the ordinances of thy grace, where the king is held in the gallerics,” and where he (6 manifests himself otherwise than he doth to the world.” At thy call I come, and will go forth with thee “ into the fields, and lodge in the villages, and get up early to the vineyards.” For the field of thy scripture, and the villages of thy people, and the vineyards of thy church will all be sweet and precious when Jesus is in the midst, and where he gives his loves.'

Oh, did the world but know thesweets of that gracious commu. nion which takes place between Jesus and his people! Had they an apprehension of that “ joy which is unspeakable and full of glory," which ariseth from the mutual communications, when he imparts of his fulness and exchanges for their emptiness, --- we should not find the wretched mistake which is now so often made in the prosecution of things temporal, to the loss of those which are eternal !

I forgot a while, in the house of prayer, the distressing sights I had left behind me in the street. Like the church brought into the banqueting-house, “I sat under the shadow of Jesus with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste.

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Jesus, one day beneath thine eye,

To hear thy gracious voice,
Exceeds a whole eternity

In empty carnal joys.
Had I the world at my command,

With all th’expanse of sea,
For one bless'd hour at thy right hand,

I'd give the whole away.


[To be concluded in our next.]


FIRE AT CHUDLEIGH. When the late dreadful fire happened (22d May) which nearly destroç. ed the town of Chudleigh, a professor of the gospel with his family was driven for shelter to a farm-house, about a mile from the town, the master of which was a Roman Catholic. While he was giving vent to his distressing feelings, with his four small children, the inaster of the house, in order to console him, advised him to remember what the Bible said. The word Bible roused his attention ; when, to his astonishment, he added, * That once a farmer driving a waggon with a team of horses in a bad road, the wheels sunk so deep in the mire, that they could not be removed by the horses: in this distress he called on Hercules for help; Hercules bid him put his shoulders lo the wheel and push ; and if all his efforts were vain, then he would help him. “Now,” said he, “ Mr. M-I'd advise you to inaitaic him." The farmer's wife, who is a Protestant, replied, “ That is not in the Bible, my dear.' “ Yes,” replied he, so it is in Isaiah, or Jeremiah, I don't know which."

Struck with the ignorance of his host, the following just reflections im. mediately occurred to his mind: “ What! shall I so deeply lament the loss of temporal good, when this my fellow-mortal, though in the possession of every earthly comfort, is so ignorant of the contents of his Bible, as not to know the difference between a fable and the divine strains of Isaiah or Je. femiah?” This thought restrained his grief. He dried up bis tears, and encouraged himself in the Lord his God.

Believer, prize thy Bible! ever remembering.“ that Christ is the fulness of the scriptures, and grace is the fulness of Christ.” Chudleigh.

W. M

Four Rules for promoting the Peace and Prosperity of the Church.

Đavin prays for the church, “ Peace be within thy walls, and prospesity within thy palaces,” The former perhaps invariably produces the latier. Let me recommend the four following maxims to all professors of the gospel, especially to inembers of Christian churches; they will promote the happinesa of the person who adopts them, as well as the happiness of

and societies with which he is connected. 1. Let the judgment you form of yourself be dictated by humility. 2. Let the judgments you form of others be dictated by charity: 3. Let your desire to please yourself be moderated by self-denial, 4. Let your desire to please others be stimulated by benevolence. Warwick.


Live persons

AN ARGUMENT FOR LIBERALITY. The loving-kindness of God is not short-lived, like worldly comforts; it shall last as long as your souls; and so long as it lasts, they shall be happy. Those goods that you fear shall be pillaged and spoiled in war, how many hazards are they subject to, even in peace? Solomon tells you, that “ riches oftentimes” (though nobody take them away)“ make themselves wings, and fly away. And truly, many times the undue sparing of them is but letting their wings grow, which makes them ready to Ây away; and the contributing a part of them to do good, only clips their wings a little, and makes them stay the longer with their owner.”

Archbp. Leightor, Serm. vi. p. 170.




the latter might be ; and never emn.

ployed equivocation in the arowal On the sth of July last died, at of what she believed. Spring-hill, near Birmingham, Mrs. The ordinances of the Lord's house Mansfield, late of Derby. The life she greatly delighted in ; and, wheaand death of this good lady was a ever her health would permit, puncbright cxemplification of the power taliy attended divine worship three and infallibility of the grace of God. times on the Lord's Day, and early The first divine impressions of which morning prayer - meetings; togeher mind became susceptible, took ther with all week-day sei vices, even place in very early life, by reading when advanced beyond hier 70th the 10th verse of the 9th Psalin ;

Private prayer she seriously the savour of which continued with

and habitually regarded ; and those her through life, and administered who attended upon her testify, that consolation at the near approach of for many years she never received death. When she first entered up- either nourishment or incdicine, on the ways of God, Derby was a without first looking up to God for benighted place; yet, even here, his blessing upon it. her pristine zeal appeared in the Il pleased the Father of mercies glorious cause which she had es- eminently to add to all her other poused. When Mr. Wesley at- blessings, by the communication of tempted to preach in the market. his grace to ber two only daughters, place, but was prevented by a rude who, whilst they were in a singular rabbie, she followed him and his manner an ornainent to their profew despised adherents through the fession, proved themselves, by the public streets, in order to parlake, exercise of the most assiduous filial with them, of the repro cast affections, worthy of such a partat. upon the Saviour's name.

After having

" adorned the doctrine Her conjugal connexion subject of God her Saviour" for a long peed her to much inconvenience; but riod of time, and considerably con. duriog a persecution of thirty years, tributed to the promotion of the fronı her partner in life, her pru- rising cause of Christ at Derby, the dence and piety were eminently removai of this worthy family to conspicuous; so that through the Birmingham, about four years ago, whole of that period she never was took place in conscquence of the once known to irritate his mind, or marriage of her eldest daughter to a.. to return him one angry expression. respeciable gentleman of very con• Hereby his beart was subdued by siderable religious eminence, w

wherethe force of her conduct ; and so far by an establishment was formed of was he won over by her " chaste the most euviable kind. Their conversation,” as lo permit her to house, indeed, resembled that of attend the gospel.

Obed-edom : “ the ark of the Lord Her views of divine truth were was in it, and the blessing of God remarkably clear; and she gloried upon it!" Uudertbe roof of a man in the high and distinguishing doc- alive to God, and a zealous ad vocale trines of free grace, frequently la- for the purily of the doctrice menting the departure of ihe pre- of the cross, sie lived in the rich sent day from those principles which enjoyirent of every religious privi" kuible ihe sinner, cxali ihe Sa- lege. It became the custom of this viour, and promote bojiness.” Pos- family, soon after it was formed, sessed of a clear and strong intel- to establish a Sunday evening-school lectual capacity, she casily discri- for the children of their poor neigha minated belwecn truth and crroi', bours, under the management of bowever specious the curering of the females ; whilst “ the good wan

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of the house" opened his doors to lived low in the dust, with her eye as many as would attend, for the fixed upon the transactions of Calpurpose of prayer and praise, to vary. The last Lord's Day that she whom he expounded the word of spent upon earth, in the course of life; and which practice, so worthy her reading, she placed a pin in of imitation, continues with good these words, effect to the present day. This was

“My peace and safety lie in this : the joy of the griod old lady's heart. My Creditor my Surety is ; Her delight in it, and gratitude to The judgment-day I fear the less ; God for it, were constant subjects My Judge is made my righteousness." of her conversation. One Sunday Contrary to expectation, nature evening, when looking out at her suddenly gave way; and ii was perchamber window, and secing her ceivable that the clay - tenement poor neighbours gathering together would soon be in ruins. Her family, to the worship of God, she remark- occupying " the painful post of oh.. ed, “ We have many pretty things servation,” in the most scrupulous in this court, but none so ornamen- exercise of the purest affection, waittal as these poor people secking the ed “ round the death · bed of the salvation of their souls."

just," and God proved himself kind Having long laboured under great and faithful. The painful dissolubodily infirmjies, it was apprehend- tion of the most tender friends was ed that the approaches of the ast wonderfully alleviated, by a rich enemy would have been in alinger

display of grace in the hour of ing and painful manner : under the trial. expectation of this, she bowed with After conflicting with death all calm submission to the will of God; night, she revived in the morning, and, fully sensible of her own weak and delivered many an affecting exness, prayed for the upholding pression of gratitude and praise. power of the Spirit of Christ, that One of her daughters asking her if lle might be glorified in her suifer-' she was too hot, she replied,

Though enabled for a long " Neither too hot, nor too cold ; course of years to bring honour to neither finger-ache, nor toe-ache. the Lord, by a close walk with him, God is very gracious to me, and aland entertaining pure evangelical ways has been ; only a little shoriviews of his method of freely justi, ness of breath ; but not much.” fying a sirner through faith in the ller friends spoke to her of the blood and righieousness of his own goodness and love of God; to which dear Son, no one was more free she answered, “ Ah! I long forgot from those presumptive Potious hini; but he did not forget me !" which too frequently characterize liere her strength failed. Whilst the abusers of this glorious truth. her lips were blackening and her Deeply abased in her own eyes, she eyes closing in death, her son-input away from herself the consola- law said, “The bloud of Christ is ton arising from an assurance of her of more value than a thousand personal interest in this invaluable worlds ;'. she added, "It is inesblessing, thinking it “ too great lo timable !” be bestowed on such a wretch !” A little before her final departure, Indeed, few persons had more abas- she raised her hand, as if fceling for ing vie:vs of themselves, or lay something, when the nurse asked lower in their own eyes.

She her if she wanted any thing; - to hopedt all would be well;" but would whicts, with a voice now faltering in say no more. A peculiarly severe

death, she immediately replied, jealousy over herself .continually Clirist Jesus is niy hope! I sliail predominated; and while she wa's want nothing. Where lle is, Want indulged with oluence and every canact be! They will not, they earthly good, her great concera cannot want!" Thus was, trat ali mighi be weil betreci " Her God sustaind her in her fia al God aru! her soul.

tour: Thus this venerable matron, an-, Her final hour brought glory to her proximating to her elemnal rest, "God.


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The providence was improved by mediocrity. She had very consisther minister, Mr. Brewer, from Job ont views of the doctrines of the gosv. 26, “ Thou shall come to thy pel; and though she was strictly grave in a full age, like as a shock Calvinistic in sentiment, she was of of corn cometh in his season." a truly Catholic spirit, as her join

J. B. ing the Methodist Society, and con

tinuing therein till her deaih, eviMRS. ELIZABETH HORTON,

denily proved. She was unwearied Or North Searle, in Lincolnshire, in promoting the best interests of died March 18, 1807, aged 40.

all around her; and her liberality About 14 years ago, the Lord was to the needy was, perhaps, more pleased, by a variety of adverse pro- than equal to her circumstances. vidences, to bring her to see her For many years she had strong dreadful situation as a sinner. She symptoms of a decline, the disimmediately sought him with dili- order wirich eventually terminated gence in the means of grace among her existence ; yet it was not till a the Methodists, then in that village; few weeks before her dissolution but laboured under the terrors of a that she was considered, either by guilly conscience for about four her friends or herself, in immediate years; when, being informed that danger ; but the d'sorder after this the Rev. Mi. Macdonald (in the took such rapid sirides, as to elude connexion of the lale Countess of the power of medicine, and produce Huntingdon) was to preach at a every symptom of a speedy depar. small distance, she was determined turc. to hearhim; and apprehending that It was in her amiction as it had something was still wanting to com

been in healtı : the accuser of the plete her happiness, she went; and brethren was permitted frequently heard him speak from Psalm xxxvi. to barrass her inind respecting her 7," flow excelent is thy loving- interest in Christ, though at interkindness, () God! -- therefore, the vals she was 'enabled to rejoice in children of men put their trust under the prospect of a happy immorta. the shadow of thy wings.” From lity, and converse about Death and what șe then heard of the origin Eternity with the greatest compoand perpetuity of the Lord's love to On my visiting her a short his people, and its divine effects up- time before her death, I found her on them, she was enabled to em- extremely reduced ; but perfectly brace the truth with the firmest con- sensible : it was sometimes with the fidence ; and hence received solid greatest difficulty I couid hear hr coinfort and establisimment.

$, eak. Though I found her at first Though her attendance on the labouring under much desertion, I mcans of grace was constaat,-- ihop hau the pleasure, before I let her, she was much in sceret prayer, - to observe a visible change, and hear though sie was possess d of a more her express herseit in the inost satisihan ordinary tender conscience, factory manner. After this, enthough her public usefulness, in quiring how she felt her mind, in 201y respects, was eminent, - tho’ with a most penetraiing look, she she iiniformiy maintained the strict answered, " O Sir, it would puzest integrity, yel, with the excep- zle the tallest Archangel iv contion of a few intervals, she was like ceive how such a wretch as I ain Hanah of old,“ A woman of a sor- can be saved after all !" Thus rowful spirit.”. The enemy was per- hopes and fears alternately pervaded mitted to assail her mind, and, in her mind, until the former happily some particular insiances, to a very and finally prevailed. She exhorted extraordinary degree. So powerful several who visited her, in the most have her templations sometimes solemn and impressive manner, to beon, that she has been leel even to seek an interest in Crist. She was call the being of God into question. also vis ted by many of her Christian -From her indefatigable attention friends, who appeared to rival cach to the sacred scripiures, her know- other in their kind endeavours to Jelze of divine things was above administer relief; whose assiduous


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