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warm approbation: and we are per- in the Report have been briefly suaded, that the lovers of missions stated in this Magazine, as they ocwho had not opportunity to hear curred; but we must refer to the them, will peruse them with plea- Report itself for a distinct statement sure and profit in their closets. of each mission, in which its con

The Report of the Directors, cerns for the whole year appear at which is prefixed to the Sermons,

one view. contains a full account of the pre- As some of our readers may not sent state of the missions supported have opportunity to read the Serby the Society at Otaheite, in va- mons and Report, we apprehend rious parts of South Africa, iu North that the following account of Dis'America, in the East Indies, and in bursements, &c. will be acceptable; Ceylon, together with the efforts will convey a just idea of the great made in favour of the Jews, and the expence attendant on the support of state of the seminary at Gosport. Missions; and shew the necessity of The leading circumstances contained unremitted exertions in their favour.


109 8 South Africa, various Missions

1,296 13 9 North America, New Carlisle, &c.

120 12 6 South America, Buenos Ayres

180 7 3 ASIA, Vizigapatam, Tranquebar, Surat

737 Ceylon

720 0 China

547 5 For the Jews

837 Gosport Seminary

920 Various Dish seinents, for Printing, Printing Press, Translations, Stationery, Travelling Expences, Books, Collector, &c. 821 19 8

Total, 1.6,290 10

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6 0

Dr. The Treasurer of the Missionary Society

per Contra Cra
il. S. d. 1807

1. 8. d. June 1. To balance in

Junel. By total amount the Treasurer's hands 85 3 10 of Disbursements, as 1807.

per preceding List 6,290 16 1 June 1. To totalamount

By three Exchequer bills of Collections, Dona

bought in May, 1807 2,607 13 6 tions, and Subscrip

Bybalance remaining in tions in London and

the Treasurer's hands 48 9 5 its Vicinity

2,389 14 9
To totalamount of ditto
in the Country

3,312 5 11
To produce of two Ex-

chequer Bills, sold
March and April,

2,322 13 4
To amount of dividends
on Stock

809 0.0
To Interest on India

16 12 11
To discounts on sundry

accounts settled by
Mr. Langton

6 8 3

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7.8,941 19.0


In a few days will be published, Rev. Samuel Burder, Author of Animadversions on“ an Admonitory Oriental Custoins,” is preparing Epistle to the Rev. R. Hill.” By for the press a new Family Bible,

J. Ball. ls. Also under the title of The Scriplure Remarks on a recent Hypothesis Exposilor, which will be illustrated with numerous Engravings, from in a series of Letters to Dr. Williams.

relative to the Origin of Moral Evil; the Old Masters. It will form 2 large By the Rev. W. Bennett. vols, in 4to, and will be published periodically. The Prospectus at Dr. Rippon has resumed his prolength is intended for our next. posed History of Bunbill Fields ;

A Concise History of the Church about four vols. of which are ready of Christ. By the Rev. J. Sabine, for press: but the plan of publishin one Vol. 12mo. As. 6d. is pro- ing by subscription is relinquished. posed to be published by Subscrip

Şee the Advertisement on our tion.


SELECT LIST OF RELIGIOUS PUBLICATIONS. Sermons, by D. Brichan, D.D. Sketches of Human Nature, or 8vo. As,

Hints, chiefly relating to the Duties Thoughts on the Effects of - the and Difficulties that occur in the InBritish Government in India, and tercourse of Christians with each the Means of conveying Civil-and other, and with the World. By W. Religious Instruction to the Natives. Innes, Dundee: By the Rev. W. Tennant. 8vo. 7s. An Attempt towards a Statement

The Original Evidences of Chris- of the Doctrine of Scripture on some tianity. By Nesbitt. Svo. 68. disputed points respecting the Con

Cursory Remarks on St. Pierre's stitution, Government, Worship, Studies of Natare. By W. Cole, and Discipline of the Church of of Colchester, 8vo. 2s.

Christ. By G. Ewing, Glasgow, 2s 64 Funeral Sermon for the Rev. D. The Danger of reading Improper Fisher, D.D. By S. Palmer. ls. Books, a Sermon, at the Monthly

A Portraiture of Methodism. By Meeting. By the Rev. J. Clayiou, Joseph Wightingale. 8vo. 108.6d. jun.

The Way to Heaven delineated. The Nature, Evil, and Cure of Bv S. Moore. 2s.

Selishness, a Sermon. By the Rer. Reilections on the Sinfulness of $. Bradley, of Manchester. Is. Cruelty to Brutes. By R. Mant, į The Child's Welfare; or the ExA.M.

perience of Miss Louisa Fuller, aged A Letter, stating the connection !! years. By J. Holloway, of Readwhich Presbyterians, Dinsenters, and ing al Edit. 6d. Catholics, bad with a recent event; Leland's View of the Principal with Lord Grenville's Letter to Dr. Deističal Writers. Fine Edition, Gaskin, and Scaevola's Leiter. 7th with Portraits. - 2 vols. 8vo. 16s. Edition. Price !s.

Whiston's Josephus. New Edits. The Power of the Civil Magis. Six vols. 12mo, i). Is. - Pour vols. trate in Matiers of Religion, consi. 8vo, 11. 125. Two vols. 4to, with dered ; being the Substance of 'i'wo plates, ll. 13s. Ditto, fine, 31.3s Remonstrances presented to the Ge. Revi Thomas Watson's Sermons neral Associate Synod, 1804 and and Discourses. 2 vols. 8vo. 128. 1805 ; and of the Answers io them, The Full Assurance of Hope, prepared by a Committee. By A. urged from Heb. vi, 11. Allan, Minister at Cupar Angus, 2s. Howell, 12mo, Is. 6d.


By W.

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L. Rev. R. Hariley and Congregation, Lutterworth

19 1 Rey. J. Fowler and ditto, Edmonton

26 10 The dying Bequest of a Pious Poor Woman, by Mr. J. Purdue 1 1

6 0


MISSIONARY SOCIETY. Extract from an Address, read at

tians agree, that, with the ninethe Ministers' Conference held ut

teenth century, a new era has com

menced in the church of Christ. A Herrnhuth, June 11, 1806, at which 74 Protestant Clergymen

new conflict has begun betwixt

Christ and Belial. The adherents of were assembled.

both are armning on either side. After having enumerated several The cause you have espoused, is societies, with which the Ministers that of your Saviour ; and in this Conference stands in conuection, the party, know it with humility, you address proceeds thus :

stand in the foremost rank. Could “ Among the numerous body of we, who are here assembled togeChristian brethren for whon we ther, convey a word to your ears feel the most lively interest, we also and to your hearts, we would adreckon all the different Missionary dress you in those of Josh. i. 7, 8, and Bible Societies which have with a slight alteration adapted to been established, both in England the new covenant of grace : “ Only and other countries; and we will be strong, and very courageous, now rather speak to them than of that you may observe to do accordthem. Whether, and when, this ing to that gospel which the Saaddress shall come into the hands of viour of the world has committed any of them, we will leave to God's unto you. Let the book of the new providence. Brethren, our blessed covenant not depart out of your Lord and Saviour has reserved a mouth, but meditate therein day work of great importance for our and night; then you shall work times, the execution of which he

your way prosperous, and then you has entrusted to you; namely, the shall have good success:" and should spreading of the knowledge and even the field of the church require glory of his name among neglected to be tilled with the blood of marHeathen and ill-instructed Christ- tyrs, refuse not yours to the cause ians. To accomplish this object, of that Saviour who shed his blood, some of you have sacrificed your and laid down his life, for his worldly prospects, your convenience, church. Though difiiculties and your natural aitachment to your dangers should encompass you on native country, and your domesic every side, arın yonrselves with the comforts ; nay, even hazarded your apostolic sentiment of 2 Cor. iv. healths and


lives. A greater 7--10. It was with real pleasure number of you have cheerfully and hearty assent, that we read in contributed part of their pro- one of your reports the declaration, perty, towards defraying the ex- • The best Missionary we can send pences of missions, and continue is the Bible. With this in your to do so. And others, still more hands, or, which is still better, in numerous, unable to assist the good your hearts, go out, proceed on your cause, by pecuniary contribution,

course, proclaim the glad tidings of have united with the former, in salvation ; repeat your endeavours, offering up to the Lord their joint and know assuredly, that you have prayers and supplications, that he already gained something for the may graciously be pleased to suc- cause of your Saviour, although cour his all cied church, to pro- you should have been able to do tect and extend his kingdom, and nothin, more than to speak openly to put his blessing upon your un and to weep in secret; although deriakings, you have, as yet, not you stould not yet have been able met everywhere with equal success; to ereci schools or churches, or pui...! but it was, however, uniformly licly to periorm divite service: but been such, that all intelligent Chris. should you in any place have ad

vanced so far, may you daily expe- execution of his gracious purposes rience what is the efficacy of the to the children of men. Redeemer's blood upon lost sioners ! It has pleased God to cast our lot Rejoice us, as you have hitherto in a country marvellously exemptea done, with further accounts of the by his good providence from the desuccess you meet with in your un- vastations which have visited many dertakings. These will prove, not other nations; to his sovereign only a rich feast to our own hearts, goodness alone we ascribe that hapas often as we are here assembled py exemption ; for alas, much for. together, but they will also serve to mality in religion, many abomina. kindle a holy emulation in many of ble vices, and great infidelity also, the members of our congregation. too much prevail among us. NeFinally, May He, our one only Lord vertheless, there are more than a few and Saviour, lift up his once pierced in our highly-favoured land who hands over every flock committed have not deñled their garments; to your charge, and shower upon who know the joyful sound of the them every blessing which he has gospel, who wish to exemplify its in store for thein in his compassion. holy precepts, and to endeavour, ac heart.

with all the ardour of their souls, to diffuse throughout the whole

world the sweet savour of the ReAnswer to the above.]

decmer's name.

We think it our To the Conference of Christian Mi

duty, as a society instituted for the nisters assembled at Hernnhuth, in

purpose of sending the gospel to June, 1807.

heathen and other unenlightened

nations, to embrace the Beloved Brethren,


ties which internal peace, commerce, Our dear brother Mr. Steinkoffp and wealth afford, to exert ourselves having communicated to the Miss to the ulmost in this most importsionary Socieiy an extract from ant work; and it affords us great your Address of June 11, 180€, to cause of thankfulness to reflect, the Missionary and Bible Societies, that our Society has been the means the same was read at our annual of exciting a greater spirit of Christ. meeting held in London, in May, ian Union and Christian exertion, 1807, and which afforded us much than was before known among us; pleasure.

and that this institution has proved We greatly rejoice that, notwith. the occasion of forming several standing those convulsions with others, having the same glorious which several nations of the conti. object in view, the extension of the bent have been afflicted, and in Saviour's kingdom among the fallen which many

of you reside, you are children of Adam. enable to persevere in your annual Accept, faithful brethren, our conference; and in maintaining your Christian salutations; let us have a correspondence with Christian bre- share in the petitions you present in thien of varicus churches, and in your assembly for all your brethren, diffcrent countries.

and especially for all justitntions diThe kingdom of our common rected to public benefit. We shall Lord is an everlasting kingdom, not likewise remember you, and earnliable to those changes and revolu- estly pray for the peace of the contions by which human empires rise tinent and for the prosperity of each and fall, flourish and decay; and He of you, your flocks, conferences, and who from his eternal throne surveys all your schemes for general usefuland controuls all the affairs of men,

With sacred joy we anticipate well knows how to bring order oat the time when the children of God, of confusion, and to jender the of whatever name, shall come from baking of nations the means of the east and the west, the north consolidating and extending his spi- and the south, and sit down together ritual dominions. He has all at the marriage supper of the Lamb. power in Heaven and on earth, none To his care and keeping we comcan stay his hand, nor prevent the mend you, and remain your afiec


tionale brethren in Christ, the Mis- young and old, were all equally afsionary Society

fected. There were but a very few Signed, io behalf ard by order of individuals in the whole town who The Society,

were not less or more affected on J. HARDCASTLE, Treasurer. that occasion. By the time I was

G. BURDER, Secreiary. there, the matter was abated, and London, May 11, 1807.

they were complaining of things being very cold among them. I

wished to hearlheir minisier preach ; Extract of a Letter from Mr. Balo .bui neither he nor they seemed four, in America.

inclined while I staid there to perNew York, June 10, 1807. mit me to be a hearer. I wished to In coming to this place from Ha

visit some of iheir private meetings ; lifax, we were obliged, by contrary but they made apologies, and dewinds, to.pui into Liverpool in No

clined my request. In all the thres ya Scotia. I called on the new

meetings I had with them, there was light minister, who invited me to

the utmost decency maintained. I preach. During my stay, I kad an earnestly wished to see how they went opportunity to p:cich three times

on with my own eyes, and to hear lo pretty large and attentive con

for inyscif; but all was composure

I conversgregations. In that plare there lias while I was with thein. been lately, whal is not uncommon

ed preity closely with several of the in this country, a greai stir about persons who said they were convert. religion. A few of the leading fea- ed upon the above occasion. They tures of such revival may be inte talked much of the Spirit, -of the resting to you, and from which you power of God,- of conversion, may judge for yourself. The one

and of coming out, as they call it. that has been lately in Liverpool, is They concluded themselves convert. considered one of the greatest ed if they had on the above occawhich has been known in the pro

sion been affected, fell down, cried vince. It is said to have begun in out, &c. They talked with a dethe woods among two or ihree fa- grce of unpleasant confidence about milies, who live far removed from

themselves. They s enned displeased any place of worship. A young if you hinted to them the possibiman from anong thein came to Lility of being deceived. What to verpool; and on the Sabbath began think or say of it is difficult; nor in the chapel, during the interval,

would I pronounce upon the whole to tell the people about what had

from a part. taken place with him and others in the woods. Of the people who

EDINBURGH heard bim, one began to fall down, and another to cry out; some began

MISSIONARY SOCIETY. to pray, others to sing; the people Letters have been lately receivcrowded to the chapel to see whated from Vessrs. Brunton, Mitchell, had taken place : as they came they Pinkerton, and Fraser. The last is ve;e affected, fell down, and cried daled Kara's, May 19; when they out with them.

The minister mere- were all in good health. On account ly looked on; for he could neither of the unsettled state of the couapreach nor pray for the noise inade iry, and the hostile disposition by the people.

This continued all which some of the Mohammedan night. When they dismissed. they tribes manifested towards the Rusmet iv clubs in the streets, and in sians, they were taking the most one another's houses, prayed, sung

effectual measures in their power hyinns, and cried out as in the cha- to render their situation as secure pel. For a whole week there was as possible. They had hired some ho business done in the town, no Russia' peasants to assisk them in not even so much as fire kindied rebuilding Mr. Brunton's house, with many of them to dress vicinals. and in making another double feice l'oor ard rich, male and female, round tacir little settlenie. $. Kd

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