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MISSIONARY COLLECTIONS, & com Collection at Petersfield, by Rev: Mr. Barratt

11 11 1 Collection at the Independent Church at Kingsbridge, Deton, by Messrs. Burneil and Lavers, deacons

10 10 0 A Friend in Suffolk, by the Rev. J. M. Ray

10 0 0 E. J. Bath

2 0

0 Friend to the Missionaries


0 0 Independent Congregation, Salisbury, collected First Lord's Day in June, by the Rev. J. Sabine

14 0 Addition to Collection at the Rev. Mr. Toller's Meeting, Kettering, by Mr. Frey

0 14 Ditto to the Collection at Surry Chapel

0,7 Auxiliary Society, at the Rev. Mr. Roby's Chapel, Manchester 11 2 A few Friends at Churchover, by Rev, Mr. Harlwell, Lutterworth 2 0 Rev. Mr. Steill and Friends, Kidderininsler

18 2 S. Bottomley and Friends, Scarborough

Mr. Smellie and Friends, Great Grinsby, Lincolnshire 7 A Friend to the Missionary Society, by Mr. J. Wilson

Legacy of Mrs. Jukes, late of Shrewsbury, by Rev.
Mr. Weaver

L. 20 0
Duty deducted

18 00 The dying Bequest of a Pious Poor Womnan, by Mr. J. Purday 1 1 0 A Laily, by the Rev. J. P. Smith

4 0 0 A Friend, by the Rev. Mr:

0 Ditto, DiCharrier

1 0 0 31, S. by Rev. G. B.

For tho Scotch and other Cellations, see page 384,

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HOME INTELLIGENCE. A COMMODIOUS Chapel was last evening, a serman was preached by suminer opened at Bulford, near Mr. Morell, of St. Neot's; Messrs. Amesbury, Wilts. The preachers Nichols, of Kimbolton, and Bull, of were Messrs. Berry, of Warminster Newport, prayed. Additions have (fron James i. 25); Bennett, of been made to the church; and there Romsey (from Acts xviii, 9, 10); is a pleasing prospect of success. and Griffin, of Portsea (from Itev. xxii. 20)Messrs. Satlery, Hopkins, Walier was ordained over the Cal

April 28, 1807. The Rev. G. Sedcole, Tracey, Hunt, and Aldridge, vinistic Methodist church at Sherconducted the devotional exercises,

herd's Hill, Haslemere, Surry. Mr. This interest owes its origin and supo Luke, of Aiton, opened the business port to the exertions of two gentie- of the day; Mr. Buck, of London, men belonging to the congregation gave the charge: Mr. Hyatt, of of the late Mr. Adams, of Salisbury, the Taberoacle, London, preached Oet. 28. The Rev. T, Eisdell, a

to the people. The gospel was first Pædobaptist minister, late of Ando introduced here by the late Rev. J. ver, was settled as Pastor of the Eyre, of Hackney, of revered me church of Christ, of the Baptist de- mory. noininatioł, on the Free Commu- May 18. Mr. M. Jones was ornion plan, at Biggleswade. Oa dained to the pastoral office over which occasion the Associated Minis- the Baptist church at Broad Oak, .ters of the Bedford Union were re- Herefordshire. Mr.Bradley, of Colequested to assist,

Messrs. Blundel, ford, delivered the introductory disof Luton, and I{illyard, of Bedford, course, from 1 Tim. iv, 14, received preached Messrs. Morris, of Dub• the confession of faith, and offered stable, Castledine, of Woburn, and up the ordination prayer ; Mr. Ed. Geard, of liteten, praved. In the munde, of Cumbran, gave the charge


to the minister, froin 2 Tim. ii. 3 ; word of life. For some months the and Mr. Thomas, of Abergavenny services were carried ou in a private (late of Ryeford) addressed the house, which bring found insufficie church from Col. iv. 12, and con- ent, a chapel was erected, which was cluded the meeting by prayer. opened June 3. Mr. Church, of

The Sussex Association met at Banbury, began the service; Mr. Brighton, on the 27th and 28th of Freer, of Uxbridge, preached from May. On the 27th, Mr. Arrow, of Mark xvi. 20 ; Mr. Aston, of BuckHastings, preached at Mr. Hamil- inghain, concluded with prayer. In ton's Meeting, from 1 Jobn v. 12; the afternoon, Mr.Davis, of WaddesMr. Brown, of Burwash, and Mr. don, began with prayer ; Mr. AsNicol, of London, engaged in prayer. ton preached from Ps. cxviii, 25 ; Next day, the forennon was spent and Mr. Fletcher, of Bicester, con-.

cluded with prayer. in trausacting the business ; and the Rev. F. Hamilton was chosen

June 11. The Rev. G. Bartlett Secretary and Treasurer. In the

was ordained over the Independent evening ihe Association met at Lady congregation at Weytown, Huntingdon's Chapel ; - when Mr. Bridport, Dorselshire. Mr. Crook, Neves, of Alfrislon, preached from of Charniouth, opened the services 1 Cor. ix. 16. Mess. Hamilton and of the day; Mr. 'Weston delivered Jones (of Wivelsfield) engaged in

the introductory discourse, &c. ; prayer.

Mr. Saltren offered up the ordinaMay 27. The Somerset Associa- tion prayer ; Mr.Cracknell gave the tion was held at Somerton. On the charge ; Mr. Rogers engaged in the preceding evening, Mr. Innes, of Cre- general prayer; Mr. Tracey preachditon, preached from 2 Cor. iv. 18. ed 19 the people. This place of In the morning, at seven o'clock, worship was forinerly supplied by a Mr. Heudebourck, of Taunton, from Socinian minister ; but the congrePhil. 1. 27.; torenoori, Mr. Lewis, gation having dwindled to nothing, of Chelwood, from Neh. x. 39, last it was shut up for some years. The clause ;

afternoon, Mr,James,of Birsurviving trustee then made it over mingham, from 2 Pet. iii. 12 ; and to an elderly gentleman of Mr. Salin the evening, Mr. Jay, of Bath, tren’s congregation, who was chiefly from 1 John iv. 18. The devotional concerned in putting it into good reparts of the services were conducted pair. It was reopened in 1987 ; aud by a variety of ministers present. occasionally supplied by the above

Junel. Mr. W. Buck, late stu- minister as frequently as he had opdent at Bristol, was ordained Pastor portunity, for some years. Afterof the Baptist congregation

at wards Mr. Pike, now of Broadway, Braunstone, in Northamptonshire. supplied it about ten years, dividing Mr, Keely, of Northampton, began his active services between Weylown the service; Mr. Franklin, of Co- and Woodinill chapel. Mr. Bartlett, veniry, delivered an introductory the present pastor, has regularly discourse, &c.; Mr. Heighton, of preached to them the last four Road, prayed; Mr. Hutchings, of years; and God has evidently blest London, gave the charge, from 2

his labours. Tim. iv. 2; Mr. Sutcliff', of Olney,

June 17, the Devonshire Associapreached to the people, from Hel, tion met at Ottery. On the precedxiii. 22 ; and Mr. Adams, of Napton; ing evening, Mr. Golding, of Fullaoncluded in prayer. Mr. Franklin wood, preached from Micah ii

. 10. preached in the evening, froin Isa. Messrs. Salt ren and Heudebourek xxxiii

. 17. --- {eligion, in this place, engaged in prayer. On the morning appears to have revived during the of Association, the Ministers met at

seven o'clock, for prayer and trans A very general spirit of enquiry acting private business. Mr.Rooker, having appeared for some time in of Tavistock, and Mr. Small, of the village of Launton, near Bices, Axminster, prayed ; Mr. Jones, of ter, some serious persons were ex- Plymouth Dock, preached from cited to communicate to them the Deut. iv, 7; Mr. Evans, of Apple.

last year,

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dore, read the Address to the 2 Cor. i. 4. There has been a succhurches'; Mr. Sloat, of Ashburton, cession of faithful gospel-oninisters concluded. In the evening, Mr. Al- at this place for above a century. len, of Exeter, prayed ; Mr. Innes,

July 8. Mr.B. Hobson, late stadent of Crediton, preached from Amus xi. 1; Mr. Denner, of Loddiswill, ed pastor of the Independent church

at Rotterham Academy, was ordainconcluded. - Mr. Pinck beck, of the at Driffield, Yorkshire. Mr.Stoddard New Tabernacle Plymouth; Mr. Tozer, of Teignmonth; and Mr.' vice with prayer, &c. ; Mr. Bottom

(now at Hully introduced the serDenner, of Mourton Hampstead, ley, of Scarborough, delivered the were admitted Members of the As

introductory discourse ; Mr. Clarke, sociation. The place of meeting of Brigg, offered up the ordinationappointed for the next year is Ta

Mr. Boden, of Shetteld..

prayer: vistock, on the Wednesday, im

gave the charge, from Mal. ii, 6; mediately preceding Midsummer

Mr. Lambert, of Hall, 'preached te day. Messrs. Gibbons, of Honi- the people, from Phil

. ii. 29; and ton, and Varder, of Ottery, are ex

Mr. Mather, of Beverley, concluded pected to preach. In case of fail

with ure, Messrs. Small and Allen. Mr. ed in the evening; as did Mr. Smel


Mr. Stoddard preacha Innes to prepare the

ley, of Grimsby, the evening before. On Tuesday, June 23, a chapel

July 8. A New Meeting - house vas opened at Nuneaton Cominon,

was opened at Hartly Row, in Warwickshire. In the morning, Mr. Hampshire. In the morning, Mr Williams, of Warwick, and Mr. Dore, of London, preached from Evans, of Foleshill, preached from

Acts xiii. 20. In the afternoon, Mr. 1 John i 7, and Matt. xxvii. 42. Sasféry, of Salisbury, from Luke ix. In the afternoon, Mr. Moseley, of

In the evening, Mr.Jefferson, of Hanley, from 2 Chron. vi. 18. In the Basingstoke, from Luke vii. 5. The eveniug, Mr. Burton, of Bedworth, following ministers likewise engaged from 2 Chron. vi. 10. Mr. Hitchen, in different parts of the services: of Atherstonie, Mr. Hewitt, of Bedworth, Mr: Hartley, of Lutterworth, nell, Davies, Perry, and Millard.

Holloway, Saunders, Newmani, Pinengaged in prayer, &c.

The con. gregations were larger than the building would contain, Mr. Dag

LONDON tey, the pastor of this church, a native of Nuneaton Common, has been the instrument of raising three con- The Committee who conduct this gregations, and building three Institution, after many fuitless enchapels

, within a few miles of each quiries for a suitable house, in an other; at two of which, viz. Nun-airy and healthy situation, have, at eaton Common and Badgley,, he length, fixed upon a commodious preaches every Lordis Day.

building, lately kõown by the vanie July 1, Mr. T. B, Browne, from of Cumming House, in the New Hoxton Academy, was ordained pas. Road, Penionville ; to which a very tor of the Independent Church at large garden is attached. They have Burwash Mr. Popplewell, of Mar- purchased a long lease of these pre. den, began with reading and prayer; misses ; and are about to ereci an Mr, Hamn I on, of Brighton, deli- additional attic story, for the pur'vered the introductory discourse and pose of a dormitory. The expence asked the questions; Mr. Ralph, of of the purchase, iniended additions, Maidstone," offered the ordination- and furniture, will probably ainoont prayer ; Mr. Atkinson, of Hoxton, to 30001. ; but, we trust, the libergave the charge, froin 2 Cor. vi. 4; ality of the public will enable the Mr. Arrow, of Hastings, preached Society to meet this and every other to the people, from Heb. xiii. 22. necessary expence, Nearly 20 feIn the evening, Mr. Ralph preachod nales are already under the care of from 1 John v. 12; and on the pre- the Ladies' Committee. ceding evening Mr. Hamilton, from

By a Report of "

The Edinburg


Magdalene Asylum," for the year three of the students were engaged 1806, we find that, froin 1797 (its as follows (a fourth was prevented commencement) 116 unfortunate by illness): - Mr. Salt began with young women have been admitted; prayer ; Mr. Barnes spoke on the 38 of whom have been reslored to. Incarnation, and Mr. Clunie on the their friends, or placed in service, Descent of the Holy Spirit. After, &c. ; and several others, who have wards, Mr. Durant, of Poole, read been discharged, have never return. a very satisfactory Report of a preed to their evil courses ; 31 are at vious examination of the students in present in the house.

Latin, Grcek, and Hebrew, signed A larger house is now building, by the Rev. J. Humphreys and R. which will accommodate 70 or 60 Winter; and concluded with a suit, persons.

able Address and Prayer. The next The expendilure of the last year morning there was an Association of was about 8791.; towards which, the Ministers educated in this Institulabour of the women amounted to

tion : when each gave a solemn and $911.: a circunstance highly hon. pleasing account of the work of ourable, What an affecting cou- God where Providence has appoint, sideration is it, that of 116 feinales ed them. They dined together in admitted into this Asylum, 96 were the library; and in the evening, Mr, under 24 years of age !

C. Buck preached a very appropri. We rejoice to hear that the sum ate scrmon, on the Importance of a of 2001 being part of a legacy left Gospel Ministry, Messrs. Cope, of by a deceased gentlemian for charit. Launceston, and Gore, of Barbican, able purposes) has been devoted to engaged in prayer. -- This Seininary the London Female Penitentiary, by bus supplied the church of God with the liberality of the exécutors, 30 minisiers in the course of the last

two years,



June 25. The Anniversary was On Wednesday, June 24, the usual held at the Countess of Huntingdon's examination of the Students of this College, at Cheshunt ; when three Seminary took place; when the of the students delivered themes on young gentlemen read passages from the following subjecis ; Mr. Mile Virgil and Lucretius; from the ler,“ Tbė Gospel a Treasure ;” Mr, Greek Testament, Herodotus, and Foster, " What is incumbent on Mie Euripides; and from the Hebrew nisters who are put in Trust with this Bible. A Report was then made by Treasure!”. Mr. Bridgman, "What the Trustees, concerning the pro- is the Duty of the People to whom gress and the conduct of the students. this 'Treasure is exhibited and offerAfter which, questions were pro- ed?" The Rev. Mr. Braithwaite posed to them in the sciences of Ana. preached from Heb. ix. 24, “ To tomy and Chemistry, and the Philco appear in the presence of God for sophy of the liuman Mind. Several us ;” Mr. Newman, of Sleaford, and other branches of nseful science rere Mr, Mefin, of Folkstone, formerly unavoidably omiited in the exanii şiudents at this Seminary, engaged nation, through want of time. The in prayer, The chapel, which is a Gentlemen who were present tes!i- remarkably neat one, and lately fied their warm approbation of the built, " as vell filled; besides which, Tutors and the young men, The many persons were in the court-yard, Chairman (the Rev. R. Winter gave who, by the constuction of the ihem a very suitable and affeclionate place, could hcar with great ease ; Address; and the Meeting, which and it is hoped that the services of was highly satisfactory, was con- the day were not only satisfactory, cluded with prayer,

but profitable,

WYWORDLEY, June 24. A numerous Meeting of The Rev. H. F, Burder, A, M. the Supporters of this Seminary was has been chose 1 by the Trustees of held in the adjoining Chapel; when the late Mr. Coward, Classical Tu


tor in the Academy at Wymond.ey, tention of the assembly to the bless, nčar Stevenage. This Institution, ings derived from the illustrious was originally under the care of Ir. House of Hanover; under whose Doddridge, at Northampton. The mild and auspicious government this Rév, Mr. Parry is now 'Tutor in Di- country had become so much distinvinity and Philosophy. A chapel is guished for its public charities. He erected on the premisses ; and a large then noticed the peculiar eircums Sunday-School established, under the stances of this Institution, for the superintendence of the butors and Education of the Deaf and Dumb pupils in this Seminary, which has (which, we understand, originated ample funds, and the best library with him) the utility of which is amongst the Dissenters.

now unequivocally established by exJune 26. A New Chapel was

perience, and sanctioned by public opened in Kentish Town, a populous favour; but the number of applivillage on the west side of London,

cants has been found much greater Mr. Stevens, of London, preached than was expected, and urgently In the afternoon, from Isa. Iv. 10, calls for the further aid of a benevo. and Mr, Slatterie, of Chatham,

lent public. in the evening, from Hag. ii. 7.

His Royal Highness appeared to Messss. Burder, G. Williams, Co. be highly gratified by the exertions bin, and Simpson engaged in of these two Rev. Gentlemen ; and prayer. A respectable place of expressed his approbation to each of worship was long wanted in this them. He then presented to the place; and much difficulty and charity a donation of Fifty Guineas. expence has occurred in elfecting The Lord Mayor presented the same it. The present building was erect

s!ın ; Charles Peichell, Esq. Forty ed between two and three years Guireas, S. Thornton, Esq. "Thirty ago, on an adjoining spot of ground

Guincas, &c. belonging to one of the London After taking some refreshment in Hospitals. The person who held a a marqué, and viewing the plans of Jease from the hospital, and who the intended building, presented by agreed to let a part of it for the Mr. Swithin, the architect, his Royal cliapel, wasthreatened with an eject. Highness proceeded in his carriage, ment, if the chapel (which was then

amidst the plaudits of all present, covering in). was not removed. wbo were highly gratified by'the beMuch pains and considerable offers névolence and urbanity of manners were made lo reconcile the mana- displayed by the lioyal Visitor.. gers, but all proved ineffectual. In this season of disficulty, another. July 3. The Rev. W. B. Wil. piece of ground unexpectedly oifer- liams, M. A. ed; and the chapel was taken down chosen to the Thursday Morning

unanimously and rebuilt.--Many are the devices Lectureship of St. Peter's, Cornhill, of mens' hearts; yet the council of vice Rev. Henry Fusler, M. A. reGod, that shall stand. It is hoped signed, who held it for nearly 33 the religious public will generously years, having been elected to it in contribute to ihis peculiar case. October 1774. DEAF AND DUMB.

The Rev. Mwer Gurney, Minister

of the Free Chapel, West Street, St. On Saturday, July 11, the first stone of a New Asyluin for Deaf and to the Rectory of St.Cleinent Danes,

Giles (late Wesley's) has succeeded Dumb Children, in the Kent Road, Strand. near London, was laid by his Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester, We bear that some young men at ended by the Lord Mayor, &c. belonging to the congregation of the The Secretary, the Rev. R. Yates, Rev. Mr. Hobbs, Colchester, have delivered an appropriate prayer; formed themselves into a Society for and the Rev. J. Townsend made a the Support of Missions, by small uitable Address, directing the at. regular contributions,


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