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appointed to promote the Circula- the new government, were comtion of Religious Knowledge in the pelled to relinquish their livings : Garrisori, reported, That they had they, however, continued to officiale received the most zealous co-opera- privately; but were, by degrees, extion from that gentleman ; that they ceedingly diminished.

In the year found his regiment possessed of 900 1792, the penal statutes against them Bibles, provided at his instance, and were repealed : before which, many with his assistance ; as he made it a persons of the Episc«pal persuasion point, that every soldier who could were afraid of attending the meeting read, should be in possession of the houses of the Nonjuring clergy: Wod of God: that he had pur. They, therefore, invited clergymen chase:t for them, at his own expence, ordained by English or Irish bishops a number of moral and religious to Edinburgh and other places, and fracts; and that in his legimental carried on their worship according Orders, à copy of which the Asso

to the usage of the church of Eng. ciation entered on their Journals, he land. The Scottish bishops in 1804, Kad earnestly recommended to his inviied these ministers to join the officers and men the purchase of episcopal church of Scotland. This, Dibles, &c.; and laid down a plan however, they declined ; for though for regular religious meetings of his they professed the same faith, they regiment. The Cominittee conclud

had no public confessional. ed their Réport in these words : To remedy this, the Scottish bi. * That they returned froin their de- shops agreed, about two years ago, pulation with bearts replete with to adopt and subscribe the Thirtygratitude to that God who had nine Articles of the Church of Eng: pouchsafed them so happy a land; and thus to shew their entire operation with that high ann ami- agreement with that charch.' The able character, A Christian Soldier.' English ordained clergy then readily Aniinated with the most anxious de- acceded to the proposed union, and sire to second these benevolent put themselves under the authority views, the Association inimediately of the Scottish bishops. presented the Colonel with three This paper then proceeds to state, dozen sets of 11. More's Tracts; and that the bishops and pastors of the ordered that the soldiers of the 21st Episcopal church in Scotland are unPogiment should be furnished with able to support a decent rank in sosuch a number of Bibles as they ciety; and some of the inferior clergy might want, at the price of is. are in such narrow circumstances, each.'

that their emoluments sorrcely ex

ceed the wages of a day-labourer. EPISCOPAL CHURCH Application is therefore made to such

friends of Episcopacy as are willing IN SCOTLAND.

to contribute to amend their condiA PAPER has lately been circula- tion; and a respectable list of subm fed, entitiei, - Menoir respecting scribers is annexed, iucluding some the present state of the Episcopal very liberal donations. The number Church in Scotland, respectfully sub of Scottish bishops is six; and that milted to the Consideration of the of the inferior clergy about fifty: Nobility and Gentry of thât Persua. in a number certainly not likely to sion."

Excite much jealousy in the Esta. This paper states, that previous to blished Presbyterian Church, nor in the Revolution in 1688, Episcopacy the numerous bodies of Scotiish #as the established forin of church. Dissenters. goverondent in Scotland as well as in England; but by the transfer of the We cannot help admiring the now crown to Williana and Mary, Presby- desty with which these promoters tery was substituted in its stead. At of Episcopacy in Scotland express that time there were 14 bishops and themselves ; for though in Englant 900 clergy; the greater number of many of the same gentlemen speak whom, refusing to take the oaths to in the most coutemptuous manner us


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Protestant Dissenters, and treat them Religious Tract Society, and to par-
ar vile schismatics, and their places take of every privilege arising therc-
of worship as abominable conuerti. from ; and the Committee has pre-
clés, --- yet they condescend to speak sented them with a complete collec-
of their episcopal brethren in Scot- tion of the Society's Tracts.
land as persons of that persilusion,

I have, however, a further purpose
and the places where tlrey worship in view, besides the mere commuņi-
as meeling-houses. We cannot but cation of this intelligence. I would
think that those who dissent from most earnestly recommend to the
the Episcopal church in England, Members of Christian Churches, and
are entitled to the same respect as other pious persons connected with
those who dissent from the Presby- them, to form similar Associations
terian church in Scotland. It is but for like benevolent purposes; and I
crossing the Tweed, and they iinme- beg to suggest the following means
diately become dissenting brethren ; and objects for their establishment
surely then, they should not “ fall , and exertivos:
out by the way.”

1. Let

a number of Christian friends agree to subscribe a certain

sum (say one penny a week, or UTILITY

more) for the purchase of Religious


2. Wben the subscription shall

rise to a sufficierrt "amount, let a Rev. Sir, To the Editor.

munber of Religious Tracts be ore As a Member of the Committee dered; and let them be distributed of the Religious Tract Society, I have among the Subscribers in proporbeen highly gratified by the perusaltion to each person's rate of sub. of a Letter from two worthy persons, scription ; and let the further orderresident in a populous town in ing and Wistribution of tracts be con. Hampshire; and as the object of the tinued at such times as the amount Letter is very important, and the of cash in the Treasurer's hands will coinmunication of it inay prove very

alluw of the same, beneficial, I beg you to insert the

3. Let each Subscriber have the following extract:

sole distribution and circulation of “ A lew young men, meeting once

his share of tracts, only let it bea rule, a week for the purpose of religious That, in order to afford information edification, and ivishing to do what and encouragement,every Member be is in their power for the firtherance requested to report the mode and the of the gospel, have established a circumstanca's of bis separate distriMoothly Collection, in order to dobition, and any important and benegood in that way which shall ap- ficial effects that shall result there pear to be inost eligible. Knowing from. that the Publications of the Religir These appear to me to be leadous Tract Society have been the in- ing points for the formation and struments, in God's hud, of doing proceedings of such Societies; and much good, we wish to become sub- they either include, or directly lead scribers thereio, in the name of Mr. to, a close connexion between mer. W. D. our acting Treasnrer ; and bers and friends in Christian commuyou will oblige, us by sending, per nities ; an active co-operation, for wach, a number of tracts, to the the purpose of extending a know, amount of the money which we now ledge of the doctrines and duties of transinit,” &c.

the gospel among the poor, the igno. I beg leave to add, that the Com- rant, and the profligate ; and, in con, miitee of the Religious Tract So- sequence, the probable and almost ciety have entered, with great plea- certain increase of attendants on sure, into the views and designs of divine worship at those churches, this issociation. These worthy per- from the members of which the at, sons have been adinitted, collec- traction and the impuke have ematvely, to become subscribes to the nated.

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I study brevity ; and, therefore, domestic society, and cheered by the werely suggest hints that may be hopes and consolations of a divine enlarged and improved by others. religion, say, Can you be insensible I am authorized to say, that the and inactive to such a cause as this? Committee of the Religious Tract Oh, no, it is impossible! Your Society will give all possible en- hearts, full of sensibility and tenderforuragement and facility to the in- ness, cannot but kindle into a flame tentions and exertions of such local of gratitude to your great Preserver institutions as I have recommended ; and Benefactor, and, as a suitable are I carnesty pray, that the wisdomn expression of that gratitude, into which is profitable to direct, may ardent benevolence towards those influence the readers of this Address : unhappy females whom we most and tbat the blessing of God may at. carnestly recommend to your attend every endeavour which aims at tention. We should neither do jus. his glory, and the extension of the tice to your feelings, nor to our kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ ! own, if we did not anticipate with

S. heart-felt satisfaction, the happy

effects of your zeal and activity in
this interesting cause.

Yes. We

see you, animated as by one heart, FEMALE PENITENTIARY. step forward to save these perishing

danghters of affliction. We see the We have the pleasure to inform tears of sympathy and compassion our readers, that this laudable In- glistening in your eyes, and your listitution continues to experience, , beral hands attesting the generous from the zeal and liberality of the emotions of your souls. We hear public, an increasing degree of you, in the native eloquence of the countenance and support, and that, heart, pleading the cause of sufferalready, several females, chiefly very ing humanity,

awakening the in young persons, are sheltered under sensible, stimulating the inactive,

To every one who is anx- exciting liberality in the selfish, and rous to promote the moral reforma imparting to the benevolent mind a tion of society, to relieve the most more ardent zeal, and a more active wretched description of our fellow

energy. We behold yon, in short, creatures, and to impart to them employing all the peculiar influence the means of their eternal salvation, of your sex, and in all your rela. the existence of such an Institution tions as wives, mothers, daughters, cannot but be a gratifying circum- sisters, - in promoting the interests #ance: but to the female part of and success of an Institution which, lle community it presents itself un- we wish you never to forget, is der aspects of uncommonly strong founded for the relief of the miserand peculiar interest. We are per- able of your own ser exclusively. suaded, that no virtuous female can It is scarcely necessary to add, that conteinplate the subject but with a

a charity of this description cannot heart throbbing with the mingled be maintained but at a very conomotions of sorrow and compassion. siderable annual expence. So great, Me cannot, therefore, but entertain however, is our confidence in the the most encouraging and gratify- liberality of the public, that we caning expectations from the ardour not, for a moment, entertain an and exertions of female benevo- apprehension, that the existence of lence; and rely, in a considerable the present Institution will ever be degree, upun these, for the support endangered, or its utility circumas well as for the success of the lui- scribed, by the uncertainty or scansiitution. Ye highly-favoured wo- tiness of its resources. On the conme!, whom a merciful Providence trary, we cherish the pleasing hope haih preserved in the path of Vir- that it will be liberally and even tw, and shielded from the shafts of munificently supported, and, by the Heproach, who are blessed with all divine blessing, crowned with such the inild charities of varuous and ample suecess as may afford effectual

its wing.



encouragement to the erection of

ABOLITION new similar institutions, not only, if necessary, in the metropolis, but also in all the large and populous THE BRITISH SLAVE TRADE. towns throughout the United King- This grand measure, so long dedom.

sired by the friends of jastice, huDeeply impressed with the senti- manity, and religion, and which ments of bis address, and earnestly crowns with triumph the laborious desirous to employ their best efforts and persevering efforts of Mr. Wilin resisting the progress of so aların- berforce and others for many years ing an evil, a numerous and respect- past, received the sanction of roya able Meeting, held at the New Lun- alty on the 25th of March : - a day don Tavern, on Thursday the 1st of never to be forgotten in the annals January, 1307,

of this free country!

While we

most sincerely congratulate our Mr. Ald. Lea in the Chair, readers on this i

important event, we came unanimously to the following would wish to direct their thoughts Resolutions : That an institution

to the great Ruler of the world, as be now formed, which shall be de. the Author of every blessing, “ from nominated “ The London Female whom all holy desires, all good Penitentiary ;” the object of which counsels, and all just works do proshall be to afford an Asylum to Fe. ceed ;” and to recommend the most males who, having deviated from devout acknowledgements to the the paths of virtue, are desirous of Father of Mercies. being restored, by religious instruction, and the formation of moral

Many serious persons having exa and industrious habits, to a reputa- pressed a desire that a particular ble station in society : That each day might be mentioned, on which Subscriber of a Guinea or more, those who conceive the Abolition of annually, be a Member : That each the Slave Trade to be a national Subscriber of Ten Guineas or more, blessing, may unite their praises with be a Member for life : That the ex

those of their fellow-Christians in ternal management of the affairs of all parts of the kingdom, we have the the institution be entrusted to a pleasure to state, that it has been Committee of Thirty-six Gentlemen, agreed by some very respectable together with a Treasurer and Se: persons, ministers and others, both cretary: That to a Committee of in the Established Church and annong Twenty-four Ladies be exclusively various other denominations of confided the management of its in- Christians, to propose that, on the ternal economy: That Wm. Alers, First Lord's Day of June, it be re. Esq. No. 7, Fenchurch Street, be commended to such persons to ofTreasurer : That Thomas Pellatt, fer up to God their hearty thanks Esą. Ironmongers’ Hall, Fenchurch for this glorious event, in their priStreet, be Secretary.

vate retirements, and in their re. The Committee will consist of

spective families. The ministers of Gentlemen, of various religious de- the gospel will use their discretion nominations, selected from the ge- whether to take notice of it in their neral List of Subscribers.

public devotions ; doubtless, mang Subscriptions will be received by of various descriptions will think it the following Bankers: Mess. Hankey and

a privilege so to do. Co. Fenchurch Street ; Down, Thornton, and Co. Bartho

THE AFRICAN INSTITUTION. lomew Lane; Foster, Lubbock, and This great and important mon. Co. Mansion-House Street; Fuller, sure, the Abolition of the Slave Chatteris, and Co. Labard Streetí Trade, is certainly an act of national Hoares, Fleet Street; Ransom, Mor- Justice ; but Humanity suggests the land, and Co. Pall Mall; Smith and propriety of repairing, as far as it Holt, Broad Street.

inay be practicable, the wrongs we


have inflicted upon Africa. It is dicious prosecution of these benevonow proper to embrace the oppor-lent endeavours, we may ultimately tunity which the abolition affords, look forward to the establishment, for extending the benefits of com- in the room of that traffic by which merce, of agriculture, and other the African Continent has been so arts of social life, to that immense - long degraded, of a legitimate and and injured continent.

far more extended commerce, beneImpressed with such sentiments, a ficial alike to the natives of Africa very

and respectable and to the manufacturers of Great Meeting of Noblemen and Gentle- Britain and Ireland : men was held on Tuesday, the 14th That the present period is emi. of April, at Freo Masons' Hall, in nently fitted for prosecuting these London ; when his Royal Highness benevolent designs, since the susthe Duke of Gloucester presided. pension, during the war, of that Several of the Bishops, and a con- large share of the Slave Trade which siderable number of the Nobility, has commonly been carried on by Members of Parliament, Clergymen, France, Spain, and Holland, will

, Dissenting Ministers, and other Gens when combined with the effect of the tlemen, were present. His Roval Abolition Laws of Great Britain, Highness opened the business with America, and Denmark, produce an appropriate speech; and inany nearly the entire cessation of that very important and interesting traffic along a line of coast extending thoughts on the subject were ade between 2 and 3000 miles in length, yanced by Lord Spencer, Mr. Wil- and thereby afford a peculiarly faberforce, the Rev. Mr. Owen, Mr. vourable opportunity for giving a Wm. Sinith, and several other new direction to the industry and speakers.

commerce of Africa : it was unanimously re resolved,

That, for these purposes, a Society That this Meeting is deeply im- be iminediately formed, to be called pressed with a sense of the enor- THE AFRICAN INSTITUTION : mous wrongs which the Natives of That the Nobility, Clergy, and Africa have suffered in their inter- Ģentry of the United Kingdom, be course with Europe; and from a generally invited to become Mem. desire to repair those wrongs, as

bers hereof; and that a Subscripwell as from general feelings of be- tion be opened in the Metropolis, irevolence, is anxious to adopt such and all the Cities and Chief Towns measures as are best calculated to in Great Britain and Ireland, for suppromote their civilization and hap- plying the expences of the institupiness :

tion : That the approaching cessation That his Royal Highness the Duke of the Slave Trade, hitherto carried of Gloucester be requested to do the on by Great Britain, America, and Society the honour of accepting the Denmark, will; in a considerable de- office of Patron: gree, remove the barrier which has That a Committee be immediately

long obstructed the natural appointed to draw up Laws and Recourse of social improvement in gulations for the government of the Africa ; and that the way will be Society, and to report the same to a thereby opened for introducing the General Meeting, to be held for that coinforts and arts of a more civi- purpose, at Free Masons' Hall, on lized state of society:

the 12th day of May next : - 'That the happiest effects may be That the following Noblemen and reasonably anticipated from diffus- Gentlemen be requested to be Mem. ing useful knowledge, and exciting bers of the said Committee : industry among the inhabitants of

Ilis Royal Highness the Duke of Africa; and from obtaining and cir- Gloucester ; Earls Spencer, Moira, culating throughout this, country Euston ; Viscount Howick; Lord more ample and authentic informa- Grenville ; Bishops of London, Durtion concerning the agricultural and ham, Bath and Wells, St. David's ; commercial faculties of that vast Lords Holland, Ellenborough, Erscoutinent; and that through the ju. kine, Valentis, Teignmouth, Head

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