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DISTRESSED GERMANS, &c. The Committee for relieving the Distressed Inhabitants of Germany and other parts of the Continent, have just published a Sixth Report; in which they state that all their Remittances to the Continent, amounting tą 20,820 1. have safely reached the places of their destination, and that they bave received the most satisfactory accounts of the actual distribution, and of its beneficial effects; also that they still have safe channels of coinmunication, and are anxious to pour soine balm af consolation into the deep wounds which have so lately been inficied upon many families. The following Extracts of Lellers from various places, wiil shew to what miserable circunstances our fellow-crcatures have been reduced :

From Erfurth, Oct. 25, 1866. bers of the troops crowding, upon “ The last eht days have been

each other, they began to take up days of horror; and all the business their quarters in the place, and enof life is still at a sind. We must camp in the neighbourhood. The live upon our terrors.

We kaow single biethrens' house (Moravians) not how to raise the contributious,

soon Alcd.

Wherever they &c. demanded of us : 100,000 forins could find an opening they enterin inoney, 12,000 busuels of rye and ed, demanding victuals and drink, wheat, 16,000 busine's of oats, 2,200

and fodder for their horses. The beds, &c. Fromn such exactions the cook was kept einployed day and town and country will not be able to night in boiling and roasting"; the recover for many years; but this is baker was egnally busied; and all not the worst. Weimar, Jena, Buit- the brethren had to keep watch and 99201, Greutsen, &c. have been plun- attend upon the troops. My barn dered clean out. My mother-in- was ncarly emptied of its contents. law, &c. have been pluwdered of Oats, rye, peas, hay, and hogs, -every thing : they had not even left all were taken away froin me withwherewith to cover themselves ; so

out ceremony, and carried to the that we were obliged to send tiem camp behind our garde), where what we could spare of onr clothes.” 20,000 men were encamped, who

committed all kinds of excesses. In From Weimar, Oct. 24, :3c6. the house we had about 250 inen, " We are now almost reduced to and many officers, On Thursday beggary. The 14th of October was

the 29th, the Emperor Napoleon ara day of horror. We were almost rived here, and took up his quarters totally ruined by the Prussians and

in the castle. This day and Friday Saxons; then by the Murder, were the days of the greatest disfire, and pillage drove uş out of our

trese; for the number of troops that babitations. I spent two days and required to be furnished with vicnights with my wife and four chil- iuals, &c. was enormous: the march dren in the open air, while my house of the forces through the place conwas plandering. In short, every

tinued day and night. On the 9ih, thing is lost !"

950 men of the guards were çuarterFrom Eberstlorf.

ed on the single brethrens' house,

who occupied the chapel, dining« On the sth of October, the ball, and most of the private rooms; Prussian and Saxon troops began besides which, we were abliged to thcir retreat. Soon after, the fore- furnish victuals for 230 of the guards most French hussirs arrived, and to the castle. We were obliged to gallopped with their pistols in their provide upwards of 700 bottles of hands through the place. These wine. Thus not only the strength were soon followed by others; so of the inhabitants was exhausted, that in the first forty-eight hours, but the provisions also were expend: at least 130,000 men passed through ed. Conceive, if you can, the disour place. Till towards the even- tress into which the congregation ing of the 8th, every thing went on was thrown, when, on Friday, 3000 tolerably well; but then the num- men were again ordercd into. quais


ters with them.' Hitherto, they had ed every thing, particularly wine. satisfied the clamorous demands of In the single brethrens' house, the the troops, by quickly furnishing master's rooms were fitted up for the them with whatever they wanted, officers s. but thinking them to and had been fortunate enough to small, they took possession of the prevent the commission of any con- chapel, and immediately demanded siderable excess, though some of the something to eat. No time was lost inhabitants rather roughly in providing their meal; but it was handied; and if we had had no more scarcely ready, before a crowd of provisions, we should have been ob privates rushed into the kitchen, liged to quit our houses and fly, and snatched from the cook the food when every thing would have been prepared for the officers. These, to demolished, as appears from some whom complaints were made, seeinmelancholy examples here and ined to be accustomed to such scenes, the neighbourhood. Such was the and, without any ceremony, went inn prospect we had before us ; and to the kitchen, and having demanded many had already embraced the re- the materials requisite, began to solution of leaving their liouses and cook for themselves. They then goods behind them, and removing to made a hearty meal, and emptied all other places. Nevertheless, when the bottles they could get. The prithe distress was at its greatest height, vates had meanwhile discovered the the Lord heard the fervent prayers cellar door, and began to carry off of his children, and brought relief. all it contained. Notice having been Without doubt, the village would given to the officers, they instantly have been totally ruined, had not drove the men off, and ordered all the reigning Countess succeeded, by the wine to be carried into the prayers and repeated entreaties and chapel under their own protection. tears, falling even at the feet of the After dinner, they ordered a large Emperor, to soften his heart. He boiler to be cleaned, emptied the then promised her and her country wine into it, threw, in two loaves of protection. The troops also received sugar, and made negus, with which orders to march to Schleiz; and they treated the soldiers, &c. during Ebersdorf received an officer and the night. This night cost the single fifty men as a protection ; but, not- brethren at least L: 100, Everywhere withstanding this, dreadful excesses great tires were kindled, at which were committed : all kinds of pro- they cooked and warmed themselves. visions were seized. The men seized It is a wonder that the whole place on the bread before it was half was not burnt to the ground, for baked, and threw it into the dirt. they used no precaution whatever ; The scarcity of food and the general but made great fires in barns and misery are past description. The sheds, and in every outhouse. After warehouse and apothecary's shop this; Gnadau had to suffer from were nearly emptied of all their con- troops quartered upon them in great tents. To every remonstrance the numbers. While the French were French answered, " The King of raging in the settlement, the single Prussia will pay for it!" In the sisters were all standing, with their single sisters house, however, no bundles of clothes under their arins, troops were quartered : the sisters ready to fly into the fields in case were only obliged to cook, bake, the soldiers had forcibly entered their and assist in washing,

house ; but, through a wonderful “At Gnadau, 1000 dragoons were providence of God, they quartered upon our people for a day thing but the frighi. and a night.

The single brethrens' soln another account it is stated, house had 400 men and a great num- that some of the troops were to have ber of officers. By a peculiar pro-* occupied the sisters' house; but at vidence of God, the single sisters length an officer and an army-phja house was left unmolested, and no sician were stationed there for ilcir privates lodged in it. The family protection, who served thein as their houses had 20, 30, and some 60 men guardian angels. The soldiers, howa quartered upon thein, who demand- ever, entered the sisters' faru-yard,



carried away the poultry and hogs, was often pro mpted to cry out with went about the har-loft with flam- Peter, “ Lord, I am a sinful inan! beaux, carried ofte hay and straw, I am not worthy of such demon. an:! extinguished their lights in the strations of thy gracer depari from straw.

me, and bestow them upon others “ In-Saxony, the famine and mi- more deserving of them than I am.” sery are extreme. The inhabitants The severe afflictions occasioned are ready to despair. Weimar, by the war, have brought many Halle, Jena, and many other towns soulsto a better knowledge of them. and villages, have been nearly de- selves; and I was enabled, on my stroyed. The field of battle near journey into Austria and Styria, to Jena, is said to exhibit a dreadful speak here and there a word in sea

Some of the officers, who I had everywhere to hear long were present, describe it as most aw. accounts of what the inhabitants, ful. Twelve days after the battle, both rich and poor, had suffered the

corpses still lay uninterred. upon the invasion of the country by Many wounded, who had their the enemy's armies, of the terror, bread-sack and water-canteen with dainage, and losses which they had them, lay alive in excessive tor- suffered ; and at length, after they inents, among the dead, on the 12th had unbosomed themselves to me, day.

I always directed them to that Lord ic From Gnadenfeld, in Silesia, the in whose hands alone are war and Rev. writes, that, further in- peace; and who, whatever he does formation having been received con- or suffers to be done,, never fails to cerning the distresses of many fami-. bring to a glorious issue ; — when, lies in that country, in consequence finally, I added, our sins have meof the war, the Committee sent ad- rited these chastisements. How ofditional relief to several places by ten and how widely have we wanthe Moravian brethren : one of whom dered from the Lord !

Should we relaled that the Roman Catholic Mi- not suffer ourselves to be brought nister publicly exclaimed in his ser- by these severe judgments to recolmon, "Is it not an astonishing cir- lection, and to turn again to Him? cumstance, well worthy of our praises Most of them heard me with attenand thanksgivings to God, that tion and approbation. When the chilthese very people whom we have dren of God came to me, ---O with judged as hereties, and persecuted what joy and gratitude did they exwith such hatred, should now put us patiate upon the wonderful preserto shame with works of Christian vation and protection which they had charity, and administer such ample experienced from the Lord, amidst relief to the poor unfortunate mem

the most formidable armies; upon bers of our church?”

the strength which they had received The Committee solicit the further - to bear their losses with patience ; aid of British benevolence. Sub. and the consolations which had been scriptions are received by Mess. Hard- granted to their affiicted souls under castle and Reyner, Treasurers, Old the distresses of th In bearing Swan Stairs; and by Messrs. Han- such recitals, I often shed tears of key and Co. lenchurch Street; joy and gratitude for what the Lord, Messrs. Hoares, Fleet Street; Mess. out of pure grace and mercy, does Smith and Holt, Old Broad Street; for his people. Messrs. Jones, Lloyd, Hulme, and And now to complete my joy, I Co. Lothbury, London.

was entrusted by a society of philanthropic Christians in London, with

the distribution of a large part of Extract of « Letter from Mr. Kiessling, the liberal contribution which they a respectuble Merchant in Nuremberg.

had raised for the relief of those Aggist me to extol, praise, and countries which had suffered so adore the Lord for all the proofs of dreadfally by the war, famine, bilbis love and grace, which he has letting, rapine, and plunder. This again so bountifully shewn to ine in I aecordingly performed, under a pry journey into Lpper Austria. I consciousness of my weakness and


unworthiness; and I saw, heard, and latter spread vaccination through felt what joyful, thankful, and bless- New Spain; and uniting again at ed emotions were excited by these Vera Cruz, proceeded with twentybenefactions, demonstrations of love, six fresh children to the Philippine and relief from the Lord in the isles; and af erwards visited the vin hearts of the poor afflicted sufferers sayan Archipelago, then Macao and who received them.

Canton, where they succeeded in

bringing the matter into an actite British benevolence has also an- state, in which the English practiother object for its present atten

tioners had before failed. They tion. In consequence of the dread- touched at St. Helena, where the ful disaster at Leyden, in Holland, English settlers submitted to vacciby the explosion of a large quantity nation : they proceeded to New Graof gunpowder, a great number of nada and Peru. Dr. Balmes returnpersons are plunged into distressz ed to Madrid in October, 1806. for the relief of whom, a subscription is commenced, which already . At Lucca, in Italy, forcible meamounts to about Three Thousand thods have been adopted by the GoPounds. We intend to give an au- vernment to extirpate the smallthentic account of this affair in our pox.

The father of every family next.

is bound to report every one of his

household seized with the small-pox, Vaccination, or Cow-Pox.

under a penalty of 100 livres. The

house is then surrounded with soldiers, The Government of Spain sent and ail communication with others out in 1803, an expedition for the cut off. The edict ordains, that 15 sole purpose of conveying the be

days after its publication, all pernefits of this new discovery to all sons who have not had the smallthe possessions of the

crown of

pox, shall be vaccinated; and all Spain. Dr. Balines took out with

children hereafter born, shall be varhim twenty-three children, who never cinatel' within two months from had the small-pox, as the means of their birth. A case of smaliny, preserving in perfection the Vaccine after vaccination, will receive 100 matter, by wccessively transmitting litres. it from one to another during the voyage. They visited the Canaries, Porto : It is said that Sir G. Staunton has Rico, and the Caraccas. They thert transated in the Chinese language divided into two branches, one for a work on Vaccination; and that South America, and the other for the Chinese at Canton have adopied the Havannah and Yucatan. The the practice.

ANNUAL MISSIONARY MEETING, The Annual Meeting of the Missionary Society will be held in London, on Wednesday, the 13th of May, and the two following days, when Sermons adapted to the occasion will be preached at the usual Places of Worship ; particulars of which will be given in our next Number. The Rev. Mr. Newton, of Witham, the Rev. Mr. Jack, of Manchester, and the Rev. Mr. Griffin, of Portsea, are to preach. - The fourth preacher was not fixed upon when this sheet went to press.

RELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY. The Religious Tract Society will hold their Annual Meeting at the New London Tavern, in Cheapside, on Thursday, ille 14th of May, at Sever o'clock in thc Morning, precisely.






d. A Friend in the Country, Eveshain Bauk-Note, No. 6676

5 00 Ditto

ditto, Letter, Bodmin Post-inark Friendly Society in Suffolk Rev. Mr. Howell and Congregation, Knaresborough

0 Rev. Mr. Glascott and Friends, Hatherleigh

4 6 *** The Dorset Association, announced in our last by mistake for the 20th April, is to be held at Wareham, on Wednesday, April 22,

0 0




Tre East Kent Association held hearers, they set to work to build the their Half-yearly Meeting at Mr. above of wood and clay, mingled Macdonald's, Folkstone, Oct. 15, with straw, which was completed in 1806. Mr. Giles preached in the one month, to the joy of inany. morning, from 1 Thes. v. 23; and Mr. Gurteen in the evening, from A new Academy has been this year Acts xiv. 21, 22. Mr. Meffen the opened at Abergavenny, for the bepreceding evening, from 1 John iii. nefit of Young Ministers belonging 1. The next Meeting will be held to the Baptist Churches in Wales, April 15, 1807, at Mr. Chapman's, chiefly designed to instruct them in Sandwich : Mr. Atwood to preach in the knowledge of the English lanthe morning, Mr. Young in the even- guage, with a view to their more ing; and the preceding evening, Mr,

extensive usefulness. The Academy . Parnell,

is supported by voluntary donations

and subscriptionsę which are 'reJan. 14, 1807, Mr. $. Barber, ceived by Dr. Ryland; Mr. T. late student at Rotherham, was set Thomas, of Islington ; and Mr. J, apart to the pastoral office in the Harris, Treasurer, Abergavenny. Independent church at Ulverstone, Lancashire. Mr. Gray, of Bootle,

The Annual Report of the Misbegan the service with prayer, &c. ;

sions carried on by the Wesleyan Mr. Charrier, of Lancaster, delivered Methodists has lately been published, an introductory discourse, and of which gives an account of the state fered up the ordination prayer ; Mr. of their several Missions in the West Bradley, of Manchester, gave the Indies, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, charge from 2 Tim. j. 3 ; Mr.Grim-. &c, Jamaica is represented as of shaw preached from John xii. 17;

the first importance in the scale of Nir, Bradley preached in the evening Missions, and affords a large field and Mr. Charrier the preceding.

for usefulness, Thousands of the

negroes are desirous of hearing the Feb, 10. A small place of wor- gospel, but cannot obtain it. More ship was (pened at North Meols, labourers are therefore wanted. near Ormskirk, Lancashire. Mr. There are religious societies at BarFarkin, of Wigan, preached from badoes, Grenada, St. Vincent's, AnRom. iii. 28; and Mr. Ralph, of tigua, Nevis, St. Christopher's, st. Liverpool, from Isa. lx7, 8.-- It Bartholomew's, Tortola, &c. The is about five years since the gospel Report contains also an Account of was jutroduced in the above parishi, the Proceedings of the Methodist by means of an itinerant minister. Preachers in Ireland and in Wales. "At that time the ignorance and de- The disbursements during the year pravity of its inhabitants were aw- 1806, on account of Missions and fully manifest. Of late, many have building chapels in the West Indies, keen deeply impressed, and are now ajnount to 36891. and the subscripadorning the gospel. An house be- tions, &c: to 40641. leaving a balance ing large enough to contain the of 375l. in favour of the work.

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