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yours, &c.

It is with great satisfaction we are enabled to inform our readers that ad-
vice has just been received from New South Wales, of the safe arrival of 'Mr.
Warner at that settlement, and the safety of the Missionaries at Qtaheite."
Extract of a Letter from the Rev. settled, which now induce me to leave

Mr. Marsden, Chaplain of the Co- it, &c. Permit me to remain,
lony, to the Secretary of the Miss

with all Christian affection,
sionary Society:

Rev. G. Burder, $. MARSDEN.
Sydney, New South Wales,
Rev. Sir,

Aug. 26, 1806.
I had the honour to receive your

letters by Governor Bligh, and by the The following interesting particulars
Porpoise, for myself and for the Mis; of a Mission to the Namaquas, are
sionaries in this part of the globe,

extracted from a letter, written by In April last, I had the pleasure of Mr. C. Albrecht, dated Cape Good hearing from the Missionaries at Ota- Hope, May 18, 1806, addressed to heite, by the ship Lucy, of London, the Directors of the Missionary So: which had toyched there.

ciety at Rotterdam, who had the Previously to the arrival of Governor Management of the African Missions; Bligh, I had taken up a small vessel, while the Cape was in the hands of the only one I could procure, in order the Dutch, but which have now reto carry supplies to Otaheite; and have verted into the hands of the Mission been putting the goods on board this ary Society in London : day. I expect she will şail in the

[Translated from the Dutch.) course of a few days. As a vessel sails to-morrow for Eng.

Beloved Brethren, land, I have not time to inake up the We have suffered much in our accounts to transmit them hy her. You journey through the barren desert: bud will have heard by the Alexander, God shews us that he is a hearer of the Capt. Rhodes, the state of the Mis:

prayers of his servants, and a Preşionaries at Otaheite; and, therefore, seryer from destruction. He assisted I shall not trouble you with an account us thro' the wilderness to the Orange of them.

River; where we staid three months Mr. Warner is arrived safe in this set, among the Heathen. During that time tlement; where I have judged it best foș a way was opened for us to the Great him to remain, till a better opportu- Namaqua country, whither we went, nity shall oifer for his joining the Mis; and at which we rejoiced greatly. We sionaries at Otaheite.

here found a fountain, in the vicinity The native of Otaheite, who lately of which we fixed our residence, and arrive:t in the Porpoise, I shall sor• called this spuţ The Happy Deliyerward by this conveyance.

Mr. Shelly and family have returned Here we have employed ourselves in to Port Jackson. This moinent being cultivating a garden for our maintenthe time when a change of government ance; but as the country is very dry, is taking place here, i have much pub. and the soil bad, we are afraid we ļic business on my hands, which will shall not be able to procure corn. The prevent my writing to you so fully as climate also is very hot, and the air I could have wished; but as I expect oppres: ive. It sellom rains, and never to sail for England in the Buffalo, to. without thuoder ; bu in consequence of gether with Governor King, in the be. much rain last year, there is now tolerginning of October next, I hope soon ably good pasture. The inhabitants to have the happiness of seeing you in in general are obliged to live entirely London; when, I trust, some plan will without bread, the country being unlit be adopted for carrying the wishes of for the production of corn. the Society, concerning Olaheite, more however, a kitchen-garden and corifully into effect than has hitherto been fields, which, it' successful, will aliori done. I do not expect to remain many subsistence both for ourselves and for. months in England; but to return to the congregation. bis colony as soon as those affairs are We have a favourable prospect of XV,


ance !

We have,

success ; for, we trust, all the Chiefs ther S. spoke in his behalf, he pro. will receive the word of God; and we mised never to speak any more against hope, in process of time, to proceed the word of God. fari her into the country. The number When brother S. left this kraal, he of leathen who come to us increases asked the chief, Whether he was still continually; and, to our great joy, inclined to hear the word of God? about half of those who are with us which he answered in the affirmative; understand the Dutch language.

and added, " I will come myself to the Brother Sydenfaden has visited a Happy Deliverance, and see whether the Namaqua kraal; the chief of which is Oorlam Hottentots (i.e, those who servcalled Choehap. Brother S. invited ed the Christians; and were therefore him, with his people, to hear the word, looked upon as more civilized) have acas he had before heard something of it. cepted the word of God: if that he the In answer, he expressed himself as fol

case, I shall endeavour to persuade all lows:-" That word is too great to the chiefs in the Namaqua couptry to he neglected! - all the chiefs in the accept of it; for if I alone accept of it, Namagna country ought to listen to it! they will kill me, and thereby war be Here, under this tree, they ought to occasioned among us." come (meaning the place where he We have now upwards of 300 of the heard brother Sydenfaden preach the Oorlam and River Hottentots with us, gospel) then they will themselves find who have daily an opportunity of bethat this word is great! All the chief's ing instructed in the truths of the gosin this country ought to have one mind, rel. Sometimes we also see some Bosand accept this word; 'and afterwards, jeemen. It appears to us, that the that word ought to be preached in the Heathen here have a desire to be aca centre of the Namaqua country, that quainted with the word of salvation. every one may come and hear it!”,

Though we suffer poverty, and are in How much brother S. rejoiced at these want of all earthly comforts, which expressions, you may easily conceive; we could have enjoyed in our native but he had the mortification to observe, country, yet we are satisfied if we perthat Satan was also at work. A lot. ceive that our feeble endeavours are tentot, called Absalom, who came from blessed from on high. We shall althe Snow Mountains, deceives the ig- ways rejoice, if we can he instrumental norant Heathen hy many juggling in the extension of the gospel of Trichis, so that he procures mang fol. Christ. lowers. This man, perceiving that he My brethren will now, according to would lose all his credit and influence, their promises, be occupied in building if the gospel should be received, ad- a house ; for we have been obliged lax vised them not to listen to broiher S.; holů divine service in the open air ; and, even in his presence, declared, which is rather dangerous, on accoun6 that all the people who came from of the numlier of serpents, scorpions, Europe, or from Cape Town, were venomous spiders, and other dangerous great rascals. Thus He caused alınost creatures. On Sunday evening, whent the whole kraal to hate the word of was preaching to a number of people, a God; and brother S. was in great dan 'young serpent happened to creep rouba ger of being murdered by them: but my leg: I endeavoured to kill it, but he was silent, and did not contradict could not : howerer, it pleased the Absalom. The next day, however, Lord to make it flee from me, so that! when they were a little composed, bro- proceeded unmolested. ther S. spoke earnestly to them ; and told them what a great sin Absalom [ The whole of this communication is bail committed : in consequence of very interesting, but for too copious to which he trembled, and denied every be inseried in this work: probably, it word he had said. Now, he was afraid, will appear at length in a future Aumbe: in his lura, of being killed; but as bro. of the Alissionary Transactions. ]

BUENOS AYRES. A Letter is just received by the Rolla, from the Rev. Mr. Creighton, Missionary to Blienos Ayres, dated Harhour of Maldinado, Dec. 9, 1806. The ship in which he sailed, the Spring Grove, arrived safely in the river Plate, a few days before, after a good voyage of two months and one day. They had soon the more tification to learn, from the Medusa mer of war, that Buenos Ayres was in the Dands of the Spaniards. Nir. Creighton continues with the fleet, till he sees what Providence may determine concerning the recapture of the place.

DISTRIBUTION OF PROFIT S. January 21, the Trustees met for the parpose of distributing the Profits of this Magazine, when the following cases were relieved: Denomina: Recommended

Denomina- Recomended Cases tion by Mr. 1. Cases

by Mr.

1. M. S. Independ. Burder


R. D. Baptist Townsend 5 M. M. ditto Wilks


ditto Parsons 5 J. S. ditto Roby 5



5 E. T. ditto Townsend 5

S. D.
ditto Hinton

5 J. ditto Parsons 5

S. W.

ditio 3



Greatheed 5
D. B.
R. Hill



5 D. V. ditto Buck

H. P.


5 H. ditto Platt

M. E.


5 L. ditto Bogue 5

E. E.
ditto Platt

5 A. L. ditto Dr. Williams 4 M. M.

ditto Ryland 5 M. L. ditto ditto S.J. dito

ditto 4 A. M. ditto Fuller 5 M. T.



5 S. H. Presby. Duncanson 4

ditto Fuller

5 S.

Sinart 4 B.



5 C. ditto ditto G. ditto


5 M. ditto Wirugh 4

M. W. Estab. Towosand S. H. ditto Kingsbury 5

E. H. Methodists Mends S. C. ditto Blick 5


Platt E. M. Baptist Kingsbury 5

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REMARKABLE CONVERSION. athirst for the destruction of his fel. On the first day of every new year

low-creatures, expecting thereby to

make his fortune. But God in mercy the Benevolent Society for visiting

frustrated their design. and relieving the Sick and Afiicted

He had be Poor at their own habitations, have

book put into his hands that mentioned a public meeting at Surry Chapel ;

all the sins ascribed to Scripture, when some of the most remarkable

characters, that he might ridicule the cases which have occurred during

Bible; and such was the degree of his the year preceding are read. The prejudice, that when he passed by any following, which was read January

place of worship, he felt hatred against 1, 1807, deserves particular notice,

it, and all who attended it. Through and affärds strong encouragement to

the providence of God he was acquit. all societies of this description, to

ted, though he deserved punishment. persevere in their laudable and use, When he obtained his liherty, not ful labours.

knowing what to do with himself, he

entered on board a ship. But the Rey. Sir,

Lord laid his afflicting hand upon him, " A very extraordinary case has and visited him with a lingering sicklately occurred; I cannot enter fully ness, that brought him down to the into it, for it would fill a volume ; but border of the grave, and he was put that it may be rightly understood, it is on shore. He was then under the necessary to mention somethin; of necessity of returning home to his the man's character before his illness. mother, who supported herself by He was of a loose disposition, an washing; and as she was kept fron enemy to governinent, to all good her employment to look after hiiri, order, and particularly to religion. He they were brought to very distressing was one of those unhappy wretches circumstances. In this state the Sothat joined Col. Despard, and took his ciety found, anl gave them relief. As trial with him. He was Sworn to his illness increased, his conscience keep their secrets, and assist in their was alarınel., His cry was, Hogent for diabolical designs. Being destitite soine one to pray for me; I shall be of any remorse of conscience, he was lost: 1 air in Hell already." Said



were his cries and groans, that he We then endeavoured to set forth thë territfed allabout him. In this wretch-efficacy and infinite value of his blood ed state of mind was he when we to cleanse from sin, and to relieve were sent for. It was

on Sunday the consciences of heavy laden sinmorning, between and eight nérs; and that if the blessed Spirit o'clock. We sent word that we would was pleased to open the eyes of his call as we came to chapel. They de- understanding, and enable him to resired us to come immediately, for they ceive Christ, he might obtain the feared h'e would die very soon. We, pardon of all his sins, great as they therefore, went immediately, and found We endeavoured to set before, him in a deplorable state, sitting in a him wbat a blessed refuge Christ is chair, covered over with a sheet. We

to all who

fly to him; and the infinite asked him why he sent for us?' He re.. love of Christ who stood in the place plied, to pray for him, for the wicked of believers, to bear the punishments one was within him, and that he would due to their sins. soon drag him into Hell. His cries • All this seemed to no purpose : hé were so loud, that some of his neigh- continued crying that there was no bours came in, one of whom pretended mercy for him, and that he should be to faint. As we saw what sort of peo- lost for ever. The horrors and distress ple were aliout him, we began to think that appeared upon his countenance it might be a deception. So we told cannot be described. We asked him him that he must pray for himself, or if we should pray with him ; he desired all the prayers that could be made we would, and, after prayer, begged would do him no good. He said he we would come again soon. could do nothing but curse and swear. We went again the next day, and We said, then he must be eternally having asked him how he was, he lost; for the Lord received none but answered, in a low tone of voice, " ! penitent sinners; and what he then bless Gol, I am a great deal better.” felt was an earnest of the torments due We asked him how long he had been 10 sinners; and which they must suffer better. In the night, he said, his to all eternity. He then swore at us ; distress left him, and he did earnestly and said that we were come to torment pray that the Lord would keep the hin. He seemed, however, at times devil from him ; for no one, he said, to pay attention to what we said, hut could imagine what he had gone often cried and groaned in a most de. through. All his cry now was, “O! plorable manner. We continued talk

pray, pray, pray for nie, that the Lord ing to him, prayed with him, and left may have mercy on me!” him.

At another time, when we approachon the evening of the same day, as ed the room, we heard a voice, and we came from chapel, we mentioned opening the door a little, found him the case to a friend, and desired him praying very earnestly. Waiting some to go with us. We found him worse tinie, at last we spoke te him of his than he was in the morning. He said, state of mind. He said, he was afraid that wo were come to make him worse, of tlie return of those dreadful senand that we were as bad as the wicked sations he endured when we first saw

He then exclaimed violently him; and that he found relief when he against all his former companions, and kept praying for the pardon of his cursed the time that he ever knew sins, and that God would give him them; adding, that he was the great- faith and save his soul. est sinner that ever lived, that he Calling one morning on him, we boulli pot pray,

that there was some. found he had sent for the Rev. Mr. thing within him that told him to Winkworth, the minister who had atcurse God, and that he was such a sin- tended him in the prison ; but he was per that there was no mercy for him. then dead. We then spake to him of

The visitor then told him thai, in his our dear Lord's grace and love, as opinion, his state was worse than he suited to his case, if he felt himself could imagine, and that he was then ruined and lost, and had 2.0 hope in committing a greater sin than ever he himelf. Vé mentioned several Scripdi before, which was rejectivg Christ, tures, which seemed to relieve him a his mercy; and his salvation; assuring little. He entertained some hopes of him that the Scriptures declared, that recovery, yet was not anxious; but all manner of sins and blasphemies thought that if the Lord should spare should be forgiven, through faith in him, he could never return to the ways the blood of the Redeemer; and that of sin, for he now hated his sins. By he came to save the chief of sinners. degrees, he enjoyed the visits which


Oct. 21.


vere paid him very much ; was thank

10.NDON ful, and said, “Oh ! how kind is the Lord in sending his children to see ine,

LONDON FEMALE PENITENTIARY. and to instruct me!"

in the many visits we paid him for We rejoice to learn, that this ér. eight wecks, the work of the Lord upon cellent institution ineets with considerhis soul was very evident. He was able encouragement; and, as it is to be deeply convinced of sin, and brought wholly under the management of perto hate it from love to God. He sous of piety and evangelical sentihonoured the divine justice of God in ments, we entertain the warmest hopes his condemnation, while he trusted in of its success. The List of the Comthe righteousness of Christ.for pardon mittee, which we promised to give in and justifications

this Number is not yet completed ; but

we understand it consists of Ministers The Members of the West

and Gentlemen of various religious deKent Union held their Hall - yearly

nominations. A peculiar and muchAssembly at Mr. Slatterie's Meeting, in approved trait of this new institution Chatham. Mr. Stanger preached from

is, that all its internal affairs are to be Judges vi. g. The Members of the

under the direction of a Committee of Union met in the afternoon for busi

Ladies, of decided piety, solid judgIn the evening, Mr. Ralph

ment, and active zeal ; who, together preached from Col. i. 28. Messrs. with the Matron, will daily visit and Beaufoy, Bentliff, Slatterie, Rogers, superintend the different wards. A and Knott, engaged in the other parts

part of the house will be appropriated of the service. - The next Meeting is

to divine worship (but not open to the to be held at Mr. Poppèrwell's Meet

public) in which the gospel is to be ing, Marden, April 21, when Messrs. preached every Lord's Day, and proKnott and Drew are to preach.

bably, at other times, by ministers sue. OA. 30. Mr. Chapman was ordained cessively appointed to that service.

Subscriptions are received by the to the pastoral office over the Inde

following bankers : Mess. Down, Thoropendent church at Sandwich. Mr.

ton, and Co. Bartholomew Lane; Mess. Vincent began tbe service with prayer,

Forster, Lubbock, and Co. Mansion &c. ; Mr. Gurteen delivered the intro.

House Street; Messrs. Fuller and Co. ductory discourse; Mr. Sloper, of De

Lombard Street; Mess. Foares, Fleet vires, offered the ordination prayer ;

Street; Messrs. Smith and Holt, Broad Mr.G. Townsend gave the charge, from

Street; Messrs. Ransom and Co. Pall 2 Tim. i. 13; Mr. Elliot, of Devizes,

Mall. addressed the people from 1 Thess. v.

Dr. Doddridge's Rise and Progress and Mr. Ralph concluded.

of Religion, translated into French, is A New Baptist Mecling now printing, at the expence of the was opened in the city of Chester. Missionary Society, for the benevolent Three sermons were preached on the purpose of distribution among the occasion, by Mr. Davis, of Liverpool, French prisoners in England, who, it from Exod. xx. 24; Nir. Lister, of

may he hoped, will noi only derive bcLiverpool, from Mati. vi. 33 : and Mr. nefit from it themselves, but carry it Price, of Wrexham, from leb. X. 12, into their own country hereafter, for 1}; Mr. White, of Chester, and Mr. the benefit of many others. Siennet, engaged in prayer.

A few months ago, a Committee Jan. 22, 1807. - The Rev, S. Hatch

was appointed by the Board of Inden was ordained pastor of the church at

pennent Ministers in London, to draw Tollesbury, in Essex. The following

up the outlines of a Plan, for a more mninisters engaged in the service:

general Union of the Ministers and Prayer, Mr. Taylor, of Colchester;


that Denomination introduction, &c. Niri torster, of Mal

throughout the Country. On the zil cler; ordination-prayer, Mr. Merchant,

of February the proposed plan was of Lajer Bretton; charge, Mr. Fickt.

presen:e:l by the Committee to the ing, of Coggeshall; sermon to the

Board, by ihem approved, and order. people, Mr. Newton, of Wirbam; con

ed to be sent to their brethren in the Cading-prayer, Mr. Pritchard, of Col

country for their consideration. A chester.

General Meeting, we understand, is to The Dorset ludependent Association be field in London, on Monday, May is postponed to April 20: Mess, Mor- 18, for the purpose of* maluring the ten and Rogers to preach.



Dec. 25.


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