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15 Oct.

14th.This afternoon, after having passed through a heavy 1789 breaking sea and shoal water, I discovered an opening, into which I sailed and anchored at 3 o'clock. Since found to be a bay on the west part of Timor, opposite to Pulo Samon, in the south entrance. The island Rotty being in sight to the S.W. b. S. Saw some Malays. Sent two men after them, who brought several Malays to me, one of whom agreed to show me Coupang and con- Arrival at duct me to the Governor. This being settled, we sailed and rowed Koepang. along the east shore, and in the morning, a little before day, I anchored off the town and waited for leave to come on shore.

At daybreak I was desired by a soldier to land, and I was con- Kindness of ducted to a gentleman's house, a Capt'n Spikerman, who upon my

the people. application requested I would order all my people up to his house that they might receive some nourishment. The town surgeon was sent for (Mr. Max), who gave us every kind assistance in dressing our sores, and all who saw us were ready to contribute to the relief of such poor distressed creatures, one-half of whom could not have lived a week longer, and perhaps not a few days.

The Governor from extreme ill-health was not able to see me The just at this time, but he became anxious, and I had it in my

Governor ill, power to see him by eleven o'clock. He received me in a most affectionate and peculiar manner of kindness. Orders were instantly given for our accommodation, and I had full power to see my people taken care of.

Thus ended happily, through the assistance of Divine Providence, without accident, a voyage of the most extraordinary An extra

ordinary nature that ever happened in the world, let it be taken in its

voyage. extent, duration, and so much want of the necessaries of life.

For any one to conceive the picture of such poor miserable Miserable beings as we were, let him fancy that in his house he is in the beings. moment of giving relief to 18 men, whose ghastly countenances (but from the known cause) would be equally liable to affright as demand pity ; let him view their limbs full of sores and their bodies nothing but skin and bones habited in rags; and at last let him conceive he sees the tears of joy and gratitude flowing o'er their cheeks at their benefactor. With what a mixture of horror, surprise, and pity will his mind be then agitated. So felt the people of Timor on giving us relief.

The Governor's* ill health occasioned my transactions to be with a Mr. Timotheus Wanjon, the second in power at this place. Of him I was supplied with whatever I was in want. The All wants

supplied. surgeon, Mr. Max, attended daily our sick, our own surgeon being incapable, and in a short time our health began to improve.

I found in the road three vessels that were to sail for Batavia Sailing about the latter part of September, but their loading became so ments. unexpectedly tedious that it amounted to a certainty, if I

* Note in MS.-Wm. Adriaan Van Este.


Death of Mr.


remained to go with them, I should be too late at Batavia to sail 15 Oct. for Europe in the October fleet, in which case I must remain

there untill January in the most unhealthy time of the year to get a passage in some of our China ships. I therefore determined to hire or purchase a vessel to take us away, and gave publick notice of my intention. Several offers were made to me, the lowest of which was that they stated the voyage to them to be equal to seven months, and therefore their price was 850 dollars, because they could not return before the west monsoon set in.

As this was the case, I considered a purchase to be vastly A vessel preferable, and on the 1st July I bought a vessel for 1,000 rix purchased. dollars, and called her the Resource.

I now presented a short account of my voyage to the Governor, Mr. Van Este, with a description list of the pirates, and requested, in his Majesty's name, that orders might be given to all

their settlements to take them if they appeared. I also made Financial application for certain sums of money, or for the Governor to ments.

take upon him to pay my accounts, for which I would give bills on the Commissioners of his Majesty's Navy and Victualling ; but a great demur now took place. However, Mr. Wanjon,* at last took it upon himself and paid or advanced the money out of his private fortune, which the Governor did not like to advance on the East India Company's account.

On the 20th July.—This day died of an inflamatory fever Nelson.

Mr. David Nelson.† He had just recovered strength sufficient to go about the country, when, by laying aside some warm cloathing he had worn for a considerable time, he caught a severe cold.

As a tribute justly due to him, I have to say he was ever diligent in his busyness, and it always was his desire to forward my directions for the good of the service we were on. He was also equally serviceable and spirited in my voyage here, in the course of which he always gave me pleasure by conducting himself with resolution and obedience to my orders. I regret his loss very much.

On the 19th August I was ready for sea, and having finished all my busyness and informed the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty of my proceedings, I waited only for the tide to get out

of the river. Departure On the 20th I sailed. I left the Governor, Mr. Van Este, at for Batavia.

the point of death.

I beg leave to acquaint their Lordships that the greatest kindness and attention has been shown to us while here by Mr. Timotheus Wanjon, who seconded every friendly wish of the Governor with

real services, and will ever deserve our gratefull thanks. The kind

The surgeon of the town, Mr. Max, has also been ever attentive to my sick people, and has daily and hourly attented them with great care, for which I could not get him to render me any account or other answer than that he thought it his duty.

A faithful officer,

* Note in MS.-Second here. | Botanist to the expedition.

ness of the town surgeon.

15 Oct.

I find the situation of the Fort of Coupang to be 10° 12' S., longd. 1789 127° 09' Et. ; by the Dutch, 10° 11' So., 121° 51' Et. of Green’ch.

On the 30th August I passed through Streights Mangaryue, on the west end of the Island Flores, 4° 00' west of Coupang, latitude south part Streights 8° 50' S., and of the north 8° 30' So.

On the 7th Sept'r passed the N.E. part of Java, and I deter- Java. mined to touch at the different principal settlements of the Dutch along the north side of this island.

On the 10th, after some little difficulty, I found out the settlement of Passourwang, and here I received great civility and refreshment from a Captain Van Reyck, the Resident, who told me he could not allow me to be longer there than one day.

On the 12th I sailed for Sourabya.

On the 13th anchored in Sourabya Road. Received great Sourabaya. civility and refreshment here from Mr. Anthony Barkay, the Premier of this town, who, fearfull of my meeting with pirates, ordered me four prows to see me safe to Samarang.

On the 17th sailed from Sourabya.

On the 23rd anchored at Samarang. Here I was obliged to get Samarang a new mainmast, and, being refitted, I saild on the 26th for Batavia, with one prow in company to defend us against piratical vessels which, it is said, the coast is very much infested with. At this place the Governor of Java resides.

On the 2nd October I anchored in Batavia Road, and I landed Arrival at about 4 in the afternoon. At 5 the Governor-General received me with much politeness and civility. I presented to him an account of the loss of his Majesty's ship, with a description of the pirates, and requested in his Majesty's name that directions might be given to their different settlements to take them if they appeared. I requested leave to sell his Majesty's schooner that I The commanded by publick sale ; that I mighť have my people and Schooner to officers taken care of while here ; and that his Excellency would direct and give orders for me to be received on board the first ship that sailed for Europe. I received the fullest assurances that every thing should be done that possibly could for my accomodation, and that my petition would be presented in the morning to the Council. In the morning my request was granted, and I ordered the vessel to come into the river. I had now one man ill of fever and flux, and two invalids, who I directed to be sent to the country hospital, about 4 miles from town.


It was with great difficulty I got through what I had to do for those who were with me, when I was attacked with violent fever and Fever. headache, and my life became in emminent danger. On the 7th I was removed out to the Physician-General's house, and the fever abated.

On the 9th I applied to the Governor-General to allow me and Sailing my people to depart for Europe in the packet that was to sail in the course of a week or ten days, when I was informed his Excellency


The schooner

1789 could not send us all in one ship; but that as the physician had 15 Oct. informed him of the risk I run by remaining at Batavia being

very great, he consented for me, with two others, to have a passage, altho it was contrary to orders that the packet should carry any passengers

The 10th Octr. the schooner was put up at publiek sale, and sold sold.

only for 295 rix dollars. Died, Thos. Hall.

On the 11th I was charged in an account as a tax for sale of the schooner, but I refused paying any tax; it was therefore no longer demanded.

I now found myself so debilitated that I determined to sail in the packet. My people and officers were to be put into different

ships. It therefore only rested whether I was to sail first or last. Examina- The Sabandar* brought me word on the 12th that the Governor the mutiny. and Council had considered it absolutely necessary to their being

possessed of full powers to detain the ship and men belonging to his Britannick Majestyt; that my officers and men should be sworn and examined as from a requisition on my part. I could have no objection.

On the 15th the officers and men attended at the Stadt House and were examined and sworn to the cause and loss of his Majesty's ship, a copy of which was sent to me.

As it is impossible to say where a set of piratical people may go, News sent to I thought it proper to acquaint his Excellency Lord Cornwallist India.

with the loss of his Majesty's ship, and sent him a description list of the pirates.

I now gave the master written orders how to proceed, and left with him the amount of the sale of the schooner, with orders to give in advance one month's pay to every one except himself and surgeon ; and to see that such money was laid out in warm clothing, to pass the Cape with. Mr. John Samuel (clerk) and John Smith

(seaman) I directed to go in the packet w'th me. Departure On the 16th October I embarked on board the Vlydt packet, for the Cape. Peter Couvret, commander, and sailed. S

Wm. Blich. Description list of the pirates remaining on board his Majesty's armed vessel

Bounty, on the 28th April, 1789. List of the Fletcher Christian, mas’r mate; aged 24 years; 5 feet 9 inches mutineers.

high; very dark complexion; dark-brown hair; strong made; a star tatowed on his left breast; backside tatowed; a little bow-legged ; he is subject to a violent perspiration in his hands, so that he soils any thing he handles.

George Stewart, mid.; aged 23 years; 5 feet 7 inches high; good complexion; dark hair; slender made; narrow-chested and long neck; on his left breast is tatowed a star, and also one on the left

* Shebander. Ante, p. 372. + The Bounty and her piratical crew, The Governor-General of India. $ For the Cape of Good Hope, en route to England.


15 Oct.

arm, on which likewise is tatowed a heart with darts; tatowed on the backside ; very small features.

Peter Heywood, mid; aged 17 years; 5 feet 7 inches high; fair complexion; light-brown hair ; well proportioned ; very much tatowed, and on the right leg is tatowed the legs of Man, as the impression of that coin is ; at this time he had not done growing ; he speaks with the Isle of Man accent.

Edward Young, mid; aged 22 years; 5 feet 8 inches high; dark complexion, and rather a bad look; dark-brown hair; strong made; has lost several of his fore teeth, and those that reriain are all rotten; a small mole on the left side of the throat, and on the right arm is tatowed a heart and dart through it, with E. Y. underneath, and the date of the year 1788 or 1789, we are not sure.

Charles Churchill, ship’s corporal; aged 30 years; 5 feet 10 inches high; fair complexion; short light-brown hair; bald-headed; strong made; the fore-finger of his left hand crooked, and the hand shows the mark of a severe scald ; tatowed in several parts of the body.

James Morrison, boatsw’s mate; aged 28 years; 5 feet 8 inches high; sallow complexion; long black hair; slender made ; lost the use of the 1st joint of the fore-finger of his right hand; tatowed with star under his left breast, and a garter round his left leg with the motto : “Honi soit qui mal y pense”; has been wounded in one of his arms with a musquet ball.

John Mills, gunner's mate; aged 40 years; 5 feet 10 inches high; fair complexion ; light-brown hair ; a strong raw-boned man; a scar in his right armpit occasioned by an abcess.

John Millward, A.B.; aged 22 years ; 5 feet 5 inches high ; brown complexion ; dark hair; strong made ; tatowed under the pit of the stomach with a Taoomy or breast-plate of Otaheite,

Matthew Thompson, A.B. ; aged 40 years ; 5 feet 8 inches high ; very dark complexion ; short black hair ; slender made; has lost the joint of his great toe of his right foot; is tatowed.

Wm. Mickoy, A.B.; aged 25 years ; 5 feet 6 inches high ; fair complexion; light brown hair; strong made ; a scar where he has been stavbed in the belly; a small scar under his chin; is tatowed.

Matthew Quintal; aged 21 years ; 5 feet 5 inches high ; fair complexion; light brown hair; strong made ; very much tatowed; tatowed on the backside and other places.

Jno. Sumner; aged 24 years ; 5 feet 8 inches high ; fair complexion ; brown hair ; slender made; a scar upon the left cheek, and tatowed in several places.

Thomas Burkitt; aged 26 years; 5 feet 9 inches high ; fair complexion ; very much marked with small pox; brown hair ; well made, and very much tatowed.

Isaac Martin ; aged 30 years ; 5 feet 11 inches high ; sallow complexion ; short brown hair ; raw-boned ; tatowed on his left breast with a star.

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