Screen Acting: How to Succeed in Motion Pictures and Television

Lone Eagle, 1987 - 377 sider
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Om forfatteren (1987)

Brian Adams is a human dynamo. His career has spanned the world and straddled the media. If there's a job he hasn't done in TV, radio, theatre, newspapers, publishing, movies, music, advertising, etc, etc, it's because it doesn't exist. Even a brief run-down on Adams' career would fill several volumes, so we'll just hit the high spots. Despite the accent, he's an Aussie, born and bred, who's studied acting in Canada and New York. Before this he'd already mastered skills as diverse as newspaper publishing, advertising copy-writing and radio and TV production. Adam's has produced, directed and acted in Hollywood and off-Broadway. As a radio and TV talkshow host he's interviewed almost everyone! His Hollywood-based TV show for CBS, 'Adams at Noon', achieved a certain noteriety and was later successfully recreated for the TEN Network in Sydney as 'Adams After Noon'. He is perhaps best known by the Australian public for his successful and controversial Tonight Show for the TEN Network. Adams is equally well-known in the corporate world for his best selling motivational books and highly successful sales training programs. He is an international speaker on corporate sales development, media presentation, motivation and success related subjects. In the U.S. he is considered, by business and professional groups, to be one of the top 10 motivational speakers at seminar and conventions. Over 40 years experience includes: * Author * Actor * Director/Producer * Business Entrepreneur * Trainer * TV Show Host * Radio Show Host * Master of Ceremonies * Narrator * Celebrity Interviewer Brian is a member of: * Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA Australia) * Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio (SAG-AFTR USA) * Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA Canada) Brian's international training achievements include: * Sondra Rogers - Private Coaching in Hollywood * Graduate of the Neighbourhood Playhouse School of Theatre * Graduate of the New York University Television Film School * Graduate of the Herbert Berghof/Uta Hagen Studio * Al Saxe Actors Studio (Toronto) * Don Sinclair - Private Lessons and Classes * Canadian Theatre School

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