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Deformities, and their prevention, 78.

Dementia paralytica, early ocular signs of,

paretic, the clinical aspects of, with special
reference to differential diagnosis, 488.
Dermatoses, the unsuspected parasitic origin
of many, 385.
Dermoid cyst, 21.
Diet in epilepsy, 35.
Digestive and respiratory passages, 133.
Diphtheria, uncertainties of early diagnosis
and necessity of early and vigorous
treatment of, 27.
Dislocation of humerus, congenital, subacro-
mial, excision of the head of the hu-
merus for, 28.

Duodenum, observations upon the anatomy

of the, 403.

Dysmenorrhea, an unusual case of, 121.


Absinthism in comparison with alcohol-
ism, 473.

A discovery regarding dead tubercle bacil-
li, 187.

An appeal in behalf of blind artisans, 376.

American Medical Association meeting,


Anesthesia without subjective annoyance,


A new trypanosome peculiar to tropical

Africa, 516.

A novel method of reducing infant mor-

tality, 517.

A purifier for the lacteal product, 418.
A quick means of preserving milk, 87.

A record of the heat intensity of radium,

A score for radium in surgery, 374.

A word to the wise, 327.

EDITORIAL (Continued):

Bactericidal action of properly brewed

tea, 517.

Baldness ascribed to improper breathing,


Baron Takaki's observations on beriberi,

Canine disease consequential to coitus, 474.
Decrees affecting nasal deformity, 517.
Discord among doctors, 324.
Disinfecting possibilities of bacteria pecu-
liar to the intestinal tract, 515.
Doctor Reed on race suicide, 233.
Gonorrhea of the female genitalia, 474.
Herdman, William James, Ph. B., M. D.,
LL. D., 564.

Hypnotism: its history, nature, and use,
376, 418, 518, 567.
Investigations bearing on animal intelli-
gence, 272.

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The influence of mineral water on mi-
crobes, 272.

The mechanical treatment of mal de mer,


The new clinic in psychiatry at the Uni-
versity of Michigan, 37.

The San Francisco earthquake and the

doctors, 373.

The scientific achievements of Schaudinn,


The Toronto meeting of the British Med-

ical Association, 413.

The treatment of cancer with trypsin, 232.
The treatment of sarcoma with mixed
toxins, 40.

The tulase discovery for tuberculosis, 472.
The ubiquity of cell understanding, 326.
Tubercle bacilli in phthisic blood, 474.
Electricity, static, experience with, 250.
Encephalitis and poliomyelitis in children,


Enuresis, treatment of, 260.

Epilepsy, diet in, 35.

Ethics and etiquette, medical, 482.

Etiquette and ethics, medical, 482.

Eye, injuries of, following paraffin injections

in the nose, 79.

Malta, 75.

scarlet, complications of, 317.

Fissure in ani, and divulsion of the sphinc-

ter, 179.

Fistula, labyrinthine, and paralysis of the
abducens nerve, complicating a case of
middle ear suppuration, 224.

urethral, and prolapsed kidneys, 74.

Fistulas, treatment of certain, 176.
Foot, destruction of tissue and nails of, 215.

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Headache, persistent, unilateral, due to
nevoid changes in the anterior extrem-
ity of the middle turbinal bone, 509.
Heart disease of nephritis, cause and im-
portance of, 23.

Hemorrhoids, internal, office treatment of,

treatment of, 134.

Hepatic cancer, probable, 560.

Hip disease, the conservative treatment of,


Humerus, excision of the head of, for con-
genital subacromial dislocation, 28.
Hydrocephalus and rachitis treated by radi-
ant energy, 317.

Hydronephrosis due to renal calculi, ne-


Indigestion, fat, in infants, 259.

Infancy and childhood, the weights of the

viscera in, 505.

Infant feeding, rural city milk supplies and
their relation to, 289.

Infantile atrophy, etiology and dietetic treat-

ment of, 506.

paralysis, cerebral and spinal, 361.
pneumonia, cold-air treatment of, 406.

Infant mortality, influence of feeding on,


Infants, fat indigestion in, 259.
substitute feeding in, 177.

Infection of corneal wounds by saliva, 264.

Infections, acute pelvic, 123.


Kidneys, prolapsed, and urethral fistula, 74.

Labor, anesthesia in the first stage of, 316.
conduct of, during second stage, 113.
La grippe, remarks on, 118.
Laryngeal growths, the pathology of fifty
cases of innocent, 364.

Leprosy or syringomyelia, 74.

Ligaments, round, shortening of the, 315.

Lipoma, polypoid, of the tongue, 508.

Longevity, lessons in, 245, 302, 351, 396.

Lupulin, therapeutics of, 229.

Luxation, congenital, of the head of the

radius, 97.


Mastoid process, necrosis of the, 311.
Mastoidectomy sinus thrombosis, 30.
Mastoiditis and furunculosis in external

auditory meatus, 561.

with Bier's hyperemia, and acute purulent
otitis media, treatment of, 506.

Medical mistakes, 160.


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Spirocheta pallida in syphilis, 227.
Stenosis, hypertrophic, of the pylorus, 173
Sterility, the causes of, 360.

Summer School of the University of Michigan, 446.

Surgery, pelvic, bacteriology of peritonitis, in relation to, 131.

Surgical heresy, 18.

pilgrimage to Arkansas, 200.

Syphilis, a study of, 366.

hereditary, influence of paternal inherit

ance on, 135.

spirochaeta pallida in, 227. treatment of, 70.

Syringomyelia or leprosy, 74.


Tendon transplantation in the forearm, 21.
Therapeutics of lupulin, 229.

Therapy, serum, present status of, 36.
serum, progress in, 514.
Thrombosis, mastoidectomy sinus, 30.

sinus and jugular, symptoms and treatment of, 363.

Tonsil, gangrene of, 134.
Tonsillitis and its complications, 164.
Tonsils, faucial, lymphatic drainage of, 31.
Tuberculosis among school children, pre-
vention of, 318.

in children, origin of, 77.

of the carpus, 214.

of the cervical lymph nodes, 24.

pulmonary, cocillana as an expectorant in, 372.

Tuberculous osteitis of the knee, early operative treatment of, 261.

Tumor, cerebral, mental symptoms of, 228. of orbit, 497. Tumors, brain, 84. of the brain, 563. Typhoid in children, 504.


Ulcer, chronic, and gastric surgery, 313. Ulna, fracture of, during massage follow

ing operation for Colles' fracture, 125. Urethral fistula and prolapsed kidneys, 74. Urethra, the various gross pathological conditions of the, as revealed by the urethroscope, 492.

Urine, retention of, 257.

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