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2. New Facts and Figures relative to the Isthmus of

Suez Canal. Edited by M. FERDINAND DE

LESSEPS. With a Reply to the Edinburgh


Member of the Institute of France. London:

E. Wilson ; 1856.

3. Percement de l'Isthme de Suez. Rapport et

Projet de la Commission Internationale.

Troisième Série. Paris : Henry Plow; 1856.

4. British Interests in the Canalisation of the Isth-

mus of Suez. Glasgow : R. Rae ; 1856.

5. Communications with the Far East. FRASER'S

MAGAZINE, No. CCCXXIII., November 1856.

6. The Gates of the East. Ten Chapters on the

Isthmus of Suez Canal. By CHARLES LAMB

KENNEY, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-law.

London : Ward and Lock, 158, Fleet Street ;


7. The Suez Canal and the Euphrates. RAILWAY

MONTHLY REVIEW, No. XV., February 1857.

The Edinburgh Review, No. 209, Art. IX.,

January 1856.

8. L'Isthme de Suez. JOURNAL DE L'UNION DES


9. The Euphrates Valley Railway and Indo-Eu-

ropean Telegraph. Reprinted from BENTLEY'S

MISCELLANY. London: E. Stanford, 6, Char-

ing Cross; 1856.

10. Memoirs on the Euphrates Valley Route to

India ; with official Correspondence and Maps.

By W. P. ANDREW, F.R.G.S., Chairman of

the Scinde Railway, the Euphrates Valley

Railway, and the European and Indian Junc-

tion Telegraph Companies. London: Allen

and Co.; 1857

11. The Euphrates Valley Route to India. An

Examination of the Memoir published by Mr.

W. P. Andrew, F.R.G.S. By Two TRAVEL-

LERS, authors of “Nothing in Particular.”

“ Cantabit vacuus coram latrone viator." 2nd

Edition. London: Railway Times Office; 1857.

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