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Side 359 - If he is with us, we need fear none of the storms of life ; for he will keep us in them all, and bring us safely through " the waves of this troublesome world, to the land of everlasting life.
Side 58 - Ein edler Mensch kann einem engen Kreise Nicht seine Bildung danken. Vaterland Und Welt muß auf ihn wirken. Ruhm und Tadel Muß er ertragen lernen. Sich und andre Wird er gezwungen recht zu kennen. Ihn Wiegt nicht die Einsamkeit mehr schmeichelnd ein. Es will der Feind — es darf der Freund nicht schonen; Dann übt der...
Side 432 - Her bowers are mute, her fountains dry, And ever Fancy's wing Speeds from beneath her cloudless sky To autumn or to spring. Sweet is the infant's waking smile, And sweet the old man's rest — But middle age by no fond wile, No soothing calm is blest. Still in the world's hot restless gleam She plies her weary task, While vainly for some pleasant dream Her wandering glances ask.
Side 398 - Mamma," and Susan turned round suddenly, and her voice became strangely firm, yet hollow, " she will marry Mr. Egerton." The quickness of a mother's insight! It is a second prophecy, for in those few words the vague dread of years was realised. Mrs. Graham drew Susan towards her, and whispered: " God help you, my darling," — and Susan, throwing herself on her knees, hid her face in her mother's lap, and murmured, shuddering : " Hate me, mamma ; I deserve it; I am wicked; I am not worthy to be with...
Side 433 - I must nevertheless place it in a very different point of view from that in which it has been pictured by my honourable friend.
Side 397 - ... don't want any change." Susan sat down at the foot of the bed. " Only rest, my darling. Will you try and get some now ? " " I don't know. Oh ! mamma, mamma, is it really home ? " Susan's eye wandered round the room, and she grasped her mother's hand tightly. " Really home, my own child; with so many, many hearts to love you ! You will feel the quietness of it soon; you have had too much anxiety and excitement.
Side 397 - Anna wanted to have your little room newpapered whilst you were away, my child," said Mrs. Graham, as she opened the door of Susan's apartment ; " but I thought you should have your own choice ; and I fancied too, that you would like to see it just the same." " Thank you, yes; no change;—I don't want any change.
Side 272 - Thinking won't help you," said Susan " I know that; nothing will, unless Susan, I wish you would tell me about yourself; I should understand then." " I can't talk of myself," was Susan's reply; and she turned away, and walked to the other end of the room. In another moment, however, she came back again, and said, " I don't mean to be unkind, Helen; but it is so different with me from what it is with you ; and I have never been accustomed to analyse my own feelings. I don't know quite what I feel,...
Side 399 - She covered her face with her hands. " My child! the future must be left to God. I have no misgivings. It would be a wicked want of faith to doubt that He will enable you to overcome everything. You have done so, already. He sees, and I see, that you have acted nobly.
Side 273 - I dwell so much upon it. Of course, people may say that it is not the ground of our love, and I know it is not , but I am sure, as regards myself, that it was a long time before I could realize the higher feeling of love to our Saviour for His sufferings — that grows deeper and clearer as one goes on ; but at first it is very difficult to enter into it.

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