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11 For at the last thou shalt thine heart, and give thee wis. find her rest, and that shall be dom at thine own desire. turned to thy joy.

23 The parables of knowledge 12 Then shall her fetters be are in the treasures of wisdom: a strong defence for thee, and but godliness is an abomination her chains a robe of glory. to a sinner.

13 For there is a golden or- 24 If thou desire wisdom, nament upon her, and her bands keep the commandments, and are purple lace.

the Lord shall give her unto : 14 Thou shalt put her on as a thee. robe of honour, and shalt put her 25 For the fear of the Lord about thee as a crown of joy. is wisdom and instruction : and

| 15 My son, if thou wilt, faith and meekness are his dethou shalt be taught: and if light. thou wilt apply thy mind, thou | 26 Wisdom lifteth up the shalt be prudent.

head of him that is of low de16 If thou love to hear, thou gree, and maketh him to sit shalt receive understanding : among great men. and if thou bow thine ear, thou 27 Blessed is the man that shalt be wise.

doth meditate good things in 17 Stand in the multitude wisdom, and that reasoneth of of the elders ; and cleave unto holy things by his understandhim that is wise.

ing. 18 Despise not the discourse 28 He that considereth her of the wise, but acquaint thy- ways in his heart shall also self with their proverbs : for of have understanding in her sethem thou shalt learn instruc- crets. tion.

29 Go after her as one that 19 Miss not the discourse of traceth, and lie in wait in her the elders : for they also learn- ways. ed of their fathers, and of them 30 He that prieth in at her thou shalt learn understanding, windows shall also hearken at and to give answer as need re- her doors. quireth.

31 He that doth lodge near 20 Be willing to hear every her house shall also fasten a pin godly discourse ; and let not in her walls. the parables of understanding 32 He shall pitch his tent

nigh unto her, and shall lodge 21 And if thou seest a man in a lodging where good things of understanding, get thee betimes unto him, and let thy 33 He shall set his children foot wear the steps of his door. under her shelter, and shall

22 Let thy mind be upon the lodge under her branches. ordinances of the Lord, and me- ' 34 By her he shall be coverditate continually in his com- ed from heat, and in her glory mandments : he shall establish shall he dwell.

escape thee.



12 Wisdom is glorious, and

never fadeth away : yea, she is Hear therefore, O ye kings, easily seen of them that love and understand; learn, ye that her, and found of such as seek be judges of the ends of the her. earth.

13 She preventeth them that 2 Give ear, ye that rule the desire her, in making herself people, and glory in the multi- first known unto them. tude of nations.

14 Whoso seeketh her early 3 For power is given you of shall have no great travail : for the Lord, and sovereignty from he shall find her sitting at his the Highest, who shall try your doors. works, and search out your

15 To think therefore upon counsels.

her is perfection of wisdom : 4 Because being ministers of and whoso watcheth for her his kingdom, ye have not judg- shall quickly be without care. ed aright, nor kept the law, 16 For she goeth about seeknor walked after the counsel of ing such as are worthy of her, God;

sheweth herself favourably unto 5 Horribly and speedily shall them in the ways, and meeteth he come upon you : for a sharp them in every thought. judgement shall be to them that 17 For the very true begins be in high places.

ning of her is the desire of disa 6 For mercy will soon par- cipline ; and the care of discidon the meanest : but mighty pline is love; men shall be mightily torment- 18 And love is the keeping ed.

of her laws; and the giving heed 7. For he which is Lord over unto her laws is the assurance all shall fear no man's person, of incorruption. neither shall he stand in awe 19 And incorruption maketh of any man's greatness : for he us near unto God : hath made the small and great, 20 Therefore the desire of and careth for all alike.

wisdom bringeth to a kingdom: 8. But a sore trial shall come 21 If your delight be then in upon the mighty.

thrones and sceptres, O ye kings 9 Unto you therefore, 0 of the people, honour wisdom, kings, do I speak, that ye may that ye may reign for evermore. learn wisdom, and not fall away. 22 As for wisdom, what she

10 For they that keep holi- is, and how she came up, I will ness holily shall be judged holy: tell you, and will not hide mysand they that have learned such teries from you : but will seek things shall find what to answer: her out from the beginning of

11 Wherefore set your af- her nativity, and bring the knowfection upon my words; desire ledge of her into light, and will them, and ye shall be instruct- not pass over the truth. ed.

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14 The fear of the Lord is a

crown of wisdom, making peace All wisdom cometh from the and perfect health to flourish; Lord, and is with him for ever. both which are the gifts of God:

2 Who can number the sand and it enlargeth their rejoicing of the sea, and the drops of rain, that love him. and the days of eternity? [ 15 Wisdom raineth down

3 Who can find out the height skill and knowledge of under. of heaven, and the breadth of standing, and exalteth them to the earth, and the deep, and honour that hold her fast. wisdom?

16 The root of wisdom is to 4 Wisdom hath been created fear the Lord, and the branches before all things, and the under thereof are long life. standing of prudence from ever- 17 He that feareth the Lord; lasting.

will do good; and he that hath 5 The word of God most the knowledge of the law shall high is the fountain of wisdom; obtain her. and her ways are everlasting 18 And as a mother shall she commandments.

meet him, and receive him as a 6 To whom hath the root of wife married of a virgin. wisdom been revealed ? or who 19 With the bread of underhath known her wise counsels? standing shall she feed him, and

7 Unto whom hath the give him the water of wisdom knowledge of wisdom been made to drink. manifest? and who hath under- 20 He shall be stayed upon stood her great experience ? her, and shall not be moved ;

8 There is one wise and and shall rely upon her, and greatly to be feared; the Lord shall not be confounded. sitting upon his throne.

21 She shall exalt him above 9 He created her, and saw his neighbours, and in the midst her, and numbered her, and of the congregation shall she poured her out upon all his open his mouth. works.

22 He shall find joy and a 10 She is with all flesh ac- crown of gladness, and she shall cording to his gift, and he hath cause him to inherit an evergiven her to them that love him. lasting name.

11 She hath built an ever- 23 But foolish men shall not ląsting foundation with men, attain unto her, and sinners and she shall continue with shall not see her. their seed.

24 For she is far from pride, 12 To fear the Lord is ful- and men that are liars .cannot ness of wisdom, and filleth men remember her. with their fruits.

( 25 Praise is not seemly in 13 She filleth all their house the mouth of a sinner, for it with things desirable, and the was not sent him of the Lord. garners with her increase.

26 For praise shall be uttered

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in wisdom, and the Lord will of the Most High, and covered prosper it.

the earth as a cloud. | 27 Wisdom exalteth her 4 I dwelt in high places, and children, and layeth hold of my throne is in a cloudy pillar. them that seek her.

5 I alone compassed the cir28 He that loveth her loveth cuit of heaven, and walked in life ; and they that seek to her the bottom of the deep. early shall be filled with joy. 6 In the waves of the sea,

29 He that holdeth her fast and in all the earth, and in shall inherit glory; and where- every people and nation, I got soever she entereth, the Lord a possession. will bless.

7 With all these I sought 30 They that serve her shall rest: and in whose inheritance minister to the Holy One: and shall I abide ? them that love her the Lord 8 He created me from the doth love.

beginning before the world, and 31 Whoso giveth ear unto I shall never fail. her shall judge the nations : 9 In the holy tabernacle I and he that attendeth unto her served before him; and so was shall dwell securely.

I established in Sion. 32 If a man commit himself 10 Likewise in the beloved unto her, he shall inherit her ; city he gave me rest, and in and his generation shall hold Jerusalem was my power. her in possession.

11 I was exalted like a cedar 33 For at the first she will in Libanus, and as a cypress tree walk with him by crooked ways, upon the mountains of Herand bring fear and dread upon him, and torment him with her 12 I was exalted like a palm discipline; until she may trust tree in Engaddi, and as a rose his soul, and try him by her plant in Jericho, as a fair olive laws.

tree in a pleasant field, and 34 Then will she return the grew up as a plane tree by the straight way unto him, and com- water. fort him, and shew him her se

sweet smell like crets.

cinnamon and aspalathus, and

I yielded a pleasant odour like LESSON XXXVIII.

the best myrrh, as galbanum,

and onyx, and sweet storax, Wisdom shall praise herself, and and as the fume of frankincense shall glory in the midst of her in the tabernacle. people.

14 As the turpentine tree I 2 In the congregation of the stretched out my branches, and Most High shall she open her my branches are the branches mouth, and triumph before his of honour and

grace. power.

15 As the vine brought I 13 I came out of the mouth forth pleasant savour, and



13 I gave


flowers are the fruit of honour from a river, and as a conduit and riches.

into a garden. 16 I am the mother of fair 28 ì said, I will water my love, and fear, and knowledge, best garden, and will water and holy hope : I therefore, be abundantly my garden bed : ing eternal, am given to all my and, lo, my brook became a children which are named of river, and my river became a him.

(17 Come unto me, all ye 29 I will yet make doctrine to that be desirous of me, and fill shine as the morning, and will yourselves with my fruits. send forth her light afar off.

18 For my memorial is sweet. 30 I will yet pour out docer than honey, and mine inherit- trine as prophecy, and leave it ance than the honeycomb. to all ages for ever.

19 They that eat me shall 31 Behold that I have not yet be hungry, and they that laboured for myself only, but drink me shall yet be thirsty. for all them that seek wisdom.

20 He that obeyeth me shall never be confounded, and they

LESSON XXXIX. that work by me shall not do amiss.

LEARN where is wisdom, where 21 Faint not to be strong in is strength, where is understandthe Lord; that he may confirm ing; that thou mayest know also you, cleave unto him : for the where is length of days, and life, Lord Almighty is God alone, where is the light of the eyes, and and beside him there is no other

peace. saviour,

2 Who hath found out her 22 He filleth all things with place? or who hath come into his wisdom, as Phison and as her treasures? Tigris in the time of the new 3 Where are the princes of fruits.

the heathen become, and such 23 He maketh the under- as ruled the beasts upon the standing to abound like Eu earth; phrates, and as Jordan in the 4 They that had their pastime of the harvest.

time with the fowls of the air, 24 He maketh the doctrine and they that hoarded up

silver of knowledge appear as the and gold, wherein men trust, light, and as Geon in the time and made no end of their getof vintage.

ting? 25 The first man knew her 5 For they that wrought in not perfectly: no more shall silver, and were so careful, and the last find her out.

whose works are unsearchable, 26 For her thoughts are more 6 They are vanished and gone than the sea, and her counsels down to the grave, and others profounder than the great deep. are come up in their steads.

27 I also came out as a brook 7 Young men have seen light,


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