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but none goeth to the battle: crimes, and the city is full of for my wrath is upon all the violence. multitude thereof.

21 There is a conspiracy of 13 The sword is without, her prophets in the midst thereand the pestilence and the fa- of, like a roaring lion ravening mine within : he that is in the the prey; they have devoured field shall die with the sword; souls ; they have taken the and he that is in the city, fa- treasure and precious things; mine and pestilence shall de- they have made her many vour him.

widows in the midst thereof. 4 14 But they that escape

of 22 Her priests have violated them shall escape, and shall be my law and have profaned mine on the mountains like doves of holy things. the valleys, all of them mourn- 23 Her princes in the midst ing, every one for his iniquity. thereof are like wolves ravening

15 All hands shall be feeble, the prey, to shed blood and to and all knees shall be weak as destroy souls, to get dishonest water.

gain. 16 They shall also gird them- 24 And her prophets have selves with sackcloth, and hor- daubed them with untempered ror shall cover them; and shame mortar, seeing vanity and divishall be upon all faces, and bald- ning lies unto them, saying, ness upon all their heads. Thus saith the Lord God, when

17 They shall cast their sil- the Lord hath not spoken. ver in the streets, and their gold 25 The people of the land shall be removed: their silver have used oppression, and exand their gold shall not be able ercised robbery, and have vexed to deliver them in the day of the poor and needy: yea, they the wrath of the Lord : they have oppressed the stranger shall not satisfy their souls, wrongfully. neither fill their bowels : be- 26 And I sought for a man cause it is the stumbling-block among them, that should make of their iniquity.

up the hedge, and stand in the | 18 As for the beauty of gap before me for the land, that his ornament, he set it in I should not destroy it : but I majesty: but they made the found none. images of their abominations 27 Wherefore I will bring and of their detestable things the worst of the heathen, and therein : therefore have I set it they shall possess their houses : far from them.

I will also make the pomp of 19 And I will give it into the strong to cease ; and their the hands of the strangers for holy places shall be defiled. a prey, and to the wicked of 28 Destruction cometh; and the earth for a spoil; and they they shall seek peace and there shall pollute it.

shall he none. 20 The land is full of bloody

29 Mischief shall come upon


mischief, and rumour shall be 6 The Lord shall cause thée upon rumour; then shall they to be smitten before thine eneseek a vision of the prophet; mies : thou shalt go out one but the law shall perish from way against them, and flee seven the priest, and counsel from ways before them : and shalt the ancients.

be removed into all the king30 The king shall mourn,

doms of the earth. and the prince shall be clothed 7 And thy carcase shall be with desolation, and the hands meat unto all fowls of the air, of the people of the land shall and unto the beasts of the earth, be troubled : I will do unto and no man shall fray them them after their way, and ac- away. cording to their deserts will I 8 The Lord shall smite thee judge them; and they shall with madness, and blindness, know that I am the Lord. and astonishment of heart :

9 And thou shalt grope at LESSON CLXIV.

noon-day, as the blind gropeth

in darkness, and thou shalt not And it shall come to pass, if prosper in thy ways: and thou thou wilt not hearken unto the shalt be only oppressed and voice of the Lord thy God, to spoiled evermore, and no man observe to do all his command- shall save thee. ments and his statutes;

10 Thy sons and thy daugh2 That the Lord shall send ters shall be given unto another upon thee cursing, vexation, and people, and thine eyes shall rebuke, in all that thou settest look, and fail with longing for thine hand unto for to do, until them all the day long : and thou be destroyed, and until there shall be no might in thine thou perish quickly ; because hand. of the wickedness of thy doings, 11 The fruit of thy land, and whereby thou hast forsaken all thy labours, shall a nation

which thou knowest not eat 3 The Lord shall make the up: and thou shalt be only oppestilence cleave unto thee, un- pressed and crushed alway : til he have consumed thee from 12 So that thou shalt be mad off the land, whither thou goest for the sight of thine to possess it.

thou shalt see. 4 And thy heaven that is over 13 The Lord shall bring thy head shall be brass, and the thee, and thy king which thou earth that is under thee shall shalt set over thee, unto a nabe iron.

tion which neither thou nor thy 5 The Lord shall make the fathers have known; and there rain of thy land powder and shalt thou serve other gods, dust: from heaven shall it come wood and stone. down upon thee until thou be 14 And thou shalt become destroyed.

an astonishment, a proverb, and


eyes which

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a by-word among all nations, heart, for the abundance of all whither the Lord shall lead thee. things;

15 Thou shalt carry much 25 Therefore shalt thou serve seed out into the field, and shalt thine enemies which the Lord gather but little in; for the shall send against thee, in hunlocust shall consume it. ger, and in thirst, and in naked

16 Thou shalt plant vine- ness, and in want of all things: yards, and dress them, but shalt and he shall put a yoke of iron neither drink of the wine, nor upon thy neck, until he have gather the grapes; for the worm destroyed thee. shall eat them.

126 The Lord shall bring a 17 Thou shalt have olive- nation against thee from far, trees throughout all thy coasts, from the end of the earth, as but thou shalt not anoint thy- swift as the eagle flieth ; a naself with the oil; for thine tion whose tongue thou shalt olive shall cast his fruit.

not understand ; 18 Thou shalt beget sons and 27 A nation of fierce coundaughters, but thou shalt not tenance, which shall not regard enjoy them: for they shall go the person of the old, nor shew into captivity.

favour to the young : 19 All thy trees and fruit of 28 And he shall eat the fruit thy land shall the locust con- of thy cattle, and the fruit of sume.

thy land, until thou be de20 The stranger that is with stroyed : which also shall not in thee shall get up above thee leave thee either corn, wine, or very high; and thou shalt come oil, or the increase of thy kine, down very low.

or flocks of thy sheep, until he 21 He shall lend to thee, and have destroyed thee. thou shalt not lend to him : he 29 And he shall besiege shall be the head, and thou shalt thee in all thy gates, until thy be the tail.

high and fenced walls come 22 Moreover all these curses down, wherein thou trustedst, shall come upon thee, and shall throughout all thy land: and pursue thee, and overtake thee, he shall besiege thee in all thy till thou be destroyed; because gates throughout all thy land, thou hearkenedst not unto the which the Lord thy God hath voice of the Lord thy God, to given thee. keep his commandments and 30 And thou shalt eat the his statutes which he com- fruit of thine own body, the manded thee :

flesh of thy sons and of thy 23 And they shall be upon daughters, which the Lord thy thee for a sign and for a won- God hath given thee, in the der, and upon thy seed for ever. siege, and in the straitness,

24 Because thou servedst not wherewith thine enemies shall the Lord thy God with joy. distress thee : fulness, and with gladness of 31 So that the man that is



tender among you, and very Egypt, which thou wast afraid delicate, his eye shall be evil of; and they shall cleave unto toward his brother, and toward thee. the wife of his bosom, and to- 38 Also every sickness, and ward the remnant of his chil- every plague which is not writdren which he shall leave : ten in the book of this law, them

32 So that he will not give will the Lord bring upon thee, to any of them of the flesh of until thou be destroyed. his children whom he shall eat: 39 And ye shall be left few because he hath nothing left him in number, whereas ye were in the siege, and in the strait- as the stars of heaven for mul. ness, wherewith thine enemies titude; because thou wouldest shall distress thee in all thy not obey the voice of the Lord gates.

thy God. 33 The tender and delicate 40 And the Lord shall scatter

among you, which thee among all people, from the would not adventure to set the one end of the earth even unto sole of her foot upon the ground the other; and there thou shalt for delicateness and tenderness, serve other gods, which neither her eye shall be evil toward thou nor thy fathers have the husband of her bosom, and known, even wood and stone. toward her son, and toward her 41 And among these nations daughter,

shalt thou find no ease, neither 34 And toward her young shall the sole of thy foot have one that cometh out from be- . rest : but the Lord shall give tween her feet, and toward her thee there a trembling heart, children which she shall bear : and failing of eyes, and sorrow for she shall eat them for want of mind : of all things secretly in the 42 And thy life shall hang siege and straitness, wherewith in doubt before thee; and thou thine enemy shall distress thee shalt fear day and night, and in thy gates.

shalt have none assurance of (35 If thou wilt not observe thy life: to do all the words of this law 43 In the morning thou shalt that are written in this book, say, Would God it were even! that thou mayest fear this glo- and at even thou shalt say, rious and fearful name, The Would God it were morning! LORD THY GOD;

for the fear of thine heart where. 36 Then the Lord will make with thou shalt fear, and for thy plagues wonderful, and the the sight of thine eyes which plagues of thy seed, even great thou shalt see. plagues, and of long continu- 44 And the Lord shall bring ance, and sore sicknesses, and thee into Egypt again with of long continuance.

ships, by the way whereof I 37 Moreover he will bring spake unto thee, Thou shalt see upon thee all the diseases of it no more again : and there ye



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shall be sold unto your enemies 7 Jerusalem remembered in for bond-men and bond-women, the days of her affliction and and no man shall buy you.

of her miseries all her pleasant

things that she had in the days LESSON CLXV. of old, when her people fell into

the hand of the enemy, and Lament over Jerusalem.

none did help her : the adverHow doth the city sit solitary, saries saw her, and did mock at that was full of people! how is her sabbaths. she become as a widow ! she 8 Jerusalem hath grievously that was great among the na- sinned ; therefore she is remotions, and princess among the ved : all that honoured her deprovinces, how is she become spise her, she remembereth not tributary!

her last end; therefore she came 2 She weepeth sore in the down wonderfully: she had no night, and her tears are on her comforter. O Lord, behold my cheeks : among all her lovers affliction ; for the enemy hath she hath none to comfort her: magnified himself! all her friends have dealt trea- 9 The adversary hath spread cherously with her, they are out his hand upon all her plea, become her enemies.

sant things : for she hath seen 3 Judah is gone into capti- that the heathen entered into vity, because of affliction, and her sanctuary, whom thou didst because of great servitude: she command that they should not dwelleth among the heathen, enter into thy congregation. she findeth no rest : all her per- 10 All her people sigh, they secutors overtook her between seek bread; they have given the straits.

their pleasant things for meat 4 The ways of Zion do to relieve the soul : see, O mourn, because none come to Lord, and consider; for I am the solemn feasts ; all her gates become vile ! are desolate : her priests sigh, 11 Is it nothing to you, her virgins are afflicted, and all ye that pass by? behold, she is in bitterness.

and see if there be any sorrow 5 Her adversaries are the like unto my sorrow, which is chief, her enemies prosper; for done unto me, wherewith the the Lord hath afflicted her for Lord hath afflicted me in the the multitude of her transgres- day of his fierce anger. sions : her children are gone 12 Fronı above hath he sent into captivity before the enemy. fire into my bones, and it pre

6 And from the daughter of vaileth against them: he hath Zion all her beauty is departed : spread a net for my feet, he her princes are become like hath turned me back : he hath harts that find no pasture, and made me desolate and faint all they are gone without strength the day. before the pursuer.

13 The yoke of my trans

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