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in every place incense shall be

offered unto my name, and a PRAISE ye the Lord : praise, O pure offering : for my name ye servants of the Lord, praise shall be great among the heathe name of the Lord.

then, saith the Lord of hosts. 2 Blessed be the name of the (12 O magnify the Lord with Lord, from this time forth and me, and let us exalt his name tofor evermore.

gether. 3 From the rising of the sun 13 He is the Lord our God, unto the going down of the his judgements are in all the same, the Lord's name is to be earth. praised.

14 Not unto us, O Lord, not 4 The Lord is high above all unto us, but unto thy name give nations, and his glory above the glory, for thy mercy, and for thy

, heavens.

truth's sake. 5 Praise the Lord with harp: 15 Be thou exalted, Lord, in sing unto him with the psaltery thine own strength : so will we and an instrument of ten strings. sing and praise thy power.

6 Sing unto him a new song; 16 Save us, O God of our play skilfully with a loud noise. salvation, that we may give

ñ Sing unto the Lord a new thanks to thy holy name, and song, and his praise from the glory in thy praise. end of the earth; ye that go 17 Blessed be the Lord for down to the sea, and all that ever and ever; he hath made his is therein; the isles, and the in- wonderful works to be rememhabitants thereof.

bered: the Lord is gracious and 8 Let the wilderness and the full of compassion. cities thereof lift up their voice, the villages that Kedar doth in

LESSON CXXIX. habit: let the inhabitants of the rock sing ; let them shout from O GIVE thanks unto the Lord ; the top of the mountains. for he is good : for his mercy 9 Let them give glory unto

endureth for ever. the Lord, and declare his praise 2 O give thanks unto the in the islands.

God of gods: for his mercy en10 Sing, Oye heavens; shout,

dureth for ever. ye lower parts of the earth : 3 O give thanks to the Lord break forth into singing, ye of lords : for his mercy

endureth mountains; O forest, and every for ever: tree therein : for the Lord hath 4 To him who alone doeth redeemed Jacob, and glorified great wonders; to him that by himself in Israel.

wisdom made the heavens; to 11 For from the rising of the him that stretched out the earth sun even unto the going-down above the waters : of the same my name shall be 5 To him that made great great among the Gentiles: and lights; the sun to rule by day;

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the moon and stars to rule by 9 To him which smote great night:

kings; and slew famous kings; 6 To him that smote Egypt and gave their land for an heriin their first-born ; and brought tage, even an heritage unto Isout Israel from among them; rael his servant : with a strong hand, and with a 10 Who remembered us in stretched-out arm :

our low estate ; and hath re7 To him which divided the deemed us from our enemies : Red sea into parts; and made 11 Who giveth food to all Israel to pass through the midst flesh: of it; but overthrew Pharaoh 12 O give thanks unto the and his host in the Red sea : God of heaven: for his mercy

8 To him which led his peo- endureth for ever. ple through the widerness:

SECTION II.-Historical Poems and Orations.

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9 Which covenant he made

with Abraham, and his oath O GIVE thanks unto the Lord; unto Isaac; call upon his name : make 10 And confirmed the same known his deeds among the unto Jacob for a law, and to people.

Israel for an everlasting cove2 Sing unto him, sing psalms nant; unto him : talk ye of all his 11 Saying, Unto thee will I wondrous works.

give the land of Canaan, the lot 3. Glory ye in his holy name: of your inheritance ; let the heart of them rejoice 12 When they were but a that seek the Lord.

few men in number; yea, very 4 Seek the Lord, and his few, and strangers in it. strength: seek his face ever- 13. When they went from

one nation to another, from one 5 Remember his marvellous kingdom to another people : works that he hath done;

14 He suffered no man to do wonders, and the judgements them wrong: yea, he reproved of his mouth.

kings for their sakes; 6. O ye seed of Abraham his 15 Saying, Touch not mine servant, ye children of Jacob anointed, and do my prophets his chosen.

no harm. 7 He is the Lord our God: his 16 Moreover, he called for a judgements are in all the earth. famine upon the land : he brake

8 He hath remembered his the whole staff of bread. covenant for ever, the word 17 He sent a man before which he commanded to a thou- them, even Joseph, who was sand generations :

sold for a servant :



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18 Whose feet they hurt with 34 He spake, and the locusts fetters : he was laid in iron. came, and caterpillars, and that

19 Until the time that his without number, word came :

the word of the 35 And did eat up all the Lord tried him.

herbs in their land, and devour20 The king sent and loosed ed the fruit of their ground. him; even the ruler of the peo- 36 He smote also all the firstple, and let him go free. born in their land, the chief of

21 He made him lord of his all their strength. house, and ruler of all his sub- 37 He brought them forth stance :

also with silver and gold : and 22 To bind his princes at his there was not one feeble person pleasure; and teach his sena

among their tribes. tors wisdom.

38 Egypt. was glad when 23 Israel also came into they departed: for the fear of Egypt; and Jacob sojourned them fell upon

them. in the land of Ham.

39 He spread a cloud for a 24 And he increased his peo- covering: and fire, to give light ple greatly; and made them in the night. stronger than their enemies. 40 The people asked, and he

25 He turned their heart to brought quails; and satisfied hate his people, to deal sub- them with the bread of heaven. tilely with his servants.

41 He opened the rock, and 26 He sent Moses his ser- the waters gushed out; they yant; and Aaron whom he had ran in the dry places like a chosen :

river. 27 They shewed his signs 42 For he remembered his among them, and wonders in holy promise, and Abraham his the land of Ham.

servant. 28 He sent darkness, and 43 And he brought forth his made it dark; and they rebelled people with joy, and his chosen not against his word.

with gladness : 29 He turned their waters 44 And gave them the lands into blood, and slew their fish. of the heathen: and they inhe

30 Their land brought forth rited the labour of the people ; frogs in abundance, in the cham, 45 That they might observe bers of their kings.

his statutes, and keep his laws, 31 He spake, and there came Praise ye the Lord. divers sorts of flies, and lice in all their coasts.

LESSON CXXXI. 32 He gave them hail for rain, and faming fire in their Praise ye the Lord. O give land.

thanks unto the Lord; for he 33 He smote their vines also, is good: for his

mercy endureth and their fig-trees; and brake for ever. the trees of their coasts,

2 Who can utter the mighty

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acts of the Lord? who can shew 15 And he gave them their forth all his praise?

request; but sent leanness into 3 Blessed are they that keep their soul. judgement, and he that doeth 16 They envied Moses also righteousness at all times. in the camp, and Aaron the

4 Remember me, O Lord, saint of the Lord. with the favour that thou bear- 17 The earth opened, and est unto thy people : 0 visit swallowed up Dathan, and come with thy salvation : vered the company of Abiram.

5 That I may see the good 18 And a fire was kindled of thy chosen; that I may re- in their company; the flame joice in the gladness of thy na- burnt up the wicked. tion; that I may glory with 19 They made a calf in Hothine inheritance.

reb, and worshiped the molten 6 We have sinned with our image. fathers : we have committed 20 Thus they changed their iniquity, we have done wick Glory into the similitude of an edly.

ox that eateth grass. 7 Our fathers understood not 21 They forgat God their thy wonders in Egypt, they re

Saviour, which had done great membered not the multitude of things in Egypt; thy mercies; but provoked him 22 Wondrous works in the at the sea, even at the Red sea. land of Ham, and terrible things

8 Nevertheless, he saved them by the Red sea. for his name's sake, that he 23 Therefore he said that he might make his mighty power would destroy them, had not to be known.

Moses, his chosen, stood before 9 He rebuked the Red sea

him in the breach, to turn away also, and it was dried up: so his wrath lest he should destroy he led them through the depths them. as through the wilderness. 24 Yea, they despised the

10 And he saved them from pleasant land : they believed the hand of him that hated them, not his word: and redeemed them from the 25 But murmured in their hand of the enemy.

tents, and hearkened not unto 11 And the waters covered the voice of the Lord. their enemies : there was not 26 Therefore he lifted up one of them left.

his hand against them, to over12 Then believed they his throw them in the wilderness ; words; they sang his praise. 27 To overthrow their seed

13 They soon forgat his also among the nations, and to works; they waited not for his scatter them in the lands. counsel :

28 They joined themselves 14 But lusted exceedingly in also unto Baal-peor, and ate the the wilderness, and tempted sacrifices of the dead. God in the desert.

29 Thus they provoked him to anger with their inventions : 42 Many times did he deand the plague brake in upon liver them; but they provoked them.

him with their counsel; and 30 Then stood


Phinehas, were brought low for their iniand executed judgement: and quity. so the plague was stayed.

43 Nevertheless, he regard31 And that was counted un- ed their affliction when he heard to him for righteousness unto their cry. all generations for evermore. 44 And he remembered for

32 They angered him also at them his covenant, and repentthe waters of strife, so that it ed according to the multitude went ill with Moses for their of his mercies. sakes :

45 He made them also to be 33 Because they provoked pitied of all those that carried his spirit, so that he spake un- them captives. advisedly with his lips.

46 Save us, O Lord our God, 34 They did not destroy the and gather us from among the nations, concerning whom the heathen, to give thanks unto Lord commanded them : thy holy name, and to triumph

35 But were mingled among in thy praise. the heathen, and learned their 47 Blessed be the Lord God works.

of Israel from everlasting to 36 And they served their everlasting :

and let all the idols : which were a snare unto people say, Amen. Praise ye them.

the Lord. 37 Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto LESSON CXXXII. devils,

38 And shed innocent blood, Give ear, O my people, to my even the blood of their sons and law; incline your ears to the of their daughters, whom they words of my mouth. sacrificed unto the idols of Ca- 2 I will open my mouth in naan: and the land was pol- a parable : I will utter dark luted with blood.

sayings of old : 39 Therefore was the wrath 3 Which we have heard and of the Lord kindled against his known, and our fathers have people, insomuch that he ab- told us. horred his own inheritance. 4 We will not hide them

40 And he gave them into from their children, shewing the hand of the heathen; and to the generation to come the they that hated them ruled over praises of the Lord, and his them.

strength, and his wonderful 41 Their enemies also op- works that he hath done. pressed them, and they were 5 For he established a testibrought into subjection under mony in Jacob, and appointed their hand.

a law in Israel, which he com


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