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21 The horse is prepared understanding, counsel against the day of battle: but against the Lord. safety is of the Lord.

26 Put them in fear, O Lord: 22 Cease ye from man, whose that the nations may know thembreath is in his nostrils : for selves to be but men. wherein is he to be accounted 27 Thou carriest them away of ?

as with a flood; they are as a 23 Vain man would be wise, sleep: in the morning they are though man be born like a wild like

grass which groweth up : ass's colt.

28 In the morning it flourish24 Who is able to stand be- eth, and groweth up; in the fore this holy Lord God? evening it is cut down, and

25 There is no wisdom, nor withereth.



8 But man dieth and wast.

eth away : yea, man giveth up Man that is born of a woman, the ghost, and where is he? is of few days, and full of trou- 9 As the waters fail from ble.

the sea, and the flood decayeth, 2 He cometh forth like a

and drieth up: flower, and is cut down: he 10 So man lieth down, and fleeth also as a shadow, and riseth not: till the heavens be no continueth not.

more they shall not awake, nor 3 Seeing his days are de- be raised out of their sleep. termined, the number of his 11 O that thou wouldest months are with thee; thou hast hide me in the grave, that thou appointed his bounds that he wouldest keep me secret, until cannot pass.

thy wrath be past, that thou 4 Turn from him that he may wouldest appoint me a set time, rest, till he shall accomplish as and remember me! an hireling his day.

12 If a man die, shall he live 5 For there is hope of a tree again? all the days of my apif it be cut down that it will pointed time will I wait, till sprout again, and that the ten- my change come. der branch thereof will not 13 Remember how short my

time is : my days are swifter 6 Though the root there than a weaver's shuttle, and of wax old in the earth, and are spent without hope. the stock thereof die in the 14 O remember that my

life ground:

is wind : mine eye shall no 7 Yet through the scent of more see good. water it will bud, and bring 15 The eye of him that hath forth boughs like a plant. seen me shall see me no more ;




my sister.

thine eyes are upon me, and I 3 One' dieth in his full am not.

strength, being wholly at ease 16 My days are swifter than and quiet., a post: they flee away; they 4 And another dieth in the see no good.

bitterness of his soul, and never 17 They are passed away, eateth with pleasure. as the swift ships; as the eagle 5 They shall lie down alike that hasteth to the prey.

in the dust, and the worms 18 My days are passed, my shall cover them. purposes are broken off, even 6 There the wicked cease the thoughts of my heart. from troubling; and there the

19 They change the night weary be at rest. into day : the light is short be- 7 There the prisoners rest cause of darkness.

together; they hear not the 20 If I wait, the grave


voice of the oppressor. house : I have made


bed in 8 The small and great are the darkness.

there ; and the servant is free 21 I have said to corruption, from his master. Thou art my father : to the 9 They shall go down to the worm, Thou art my mother and bars of the pit, when our rest

together is in the dust. 22 And where is now my 10 All go unto one place, all hope ? as for my hope who shall ?

are of the dust, and all turn to

dust again. 23 When a few years are

11 Our bones are scattered come, then I shall go the way at the grave's mouth, as when whence I shall not return. one cutteth and cleaveth wood

24 Are not my days few? Be- upon the earth. hold, I go whence I shall not re- 12 And surely the moun. turn, even unto the land of tain falling cometh to naught: darkness, and the shadow of and the rock is removed out of death.

his place. 25 A land of darkness, as 13 The waters wear the darkness itself, and of the sha- stones: thou washest away the dow of death without any order, things which grow out of the and where the light is as dark- dust of the earth, and thou de

stroyest the hope of man. LESSON CXXI.

14 Thou prevailest for ever

against him, and he passeth : Is there not an appointed time thou changest his countenance to man upon earth ? are not his and sendest him away. days also like the days of an 15 His sons come to honour, hireling?

and he knoweth it not; and 2 Ai flesh shall perish to- they are brought low, but he gether, and man shall turn perceiveth it not of them. again unto dust.

16 For what pleasure hath

see it?


he in his house after him, when morning; and their beauty shall the number of his months is consume in the grave, from their cut off in the midst ?

dwelling. 17 As the cloud is consumed, T 29 Be not thou afraid when and vanisheth away; so he that one is made rich, when the goeth down to the grave shall glory of his house is income up no more.

creased. 18 He shall return no more 30 For when he dieth, he to his house, neither shall his shall carry nothing away : his place know him any more. glory shall not descend after

19 He shall be brought to him. the grave, and shall remain in 31 Though whilst he lived, the tomb.

he blessed his soul; and men 20 The clods of the valley will praise thee, when thou shall be sweet unto him, and doest well to thyself. every man shall draw after him, 32 He shall go to the geneas there are innumerable before ration of his fathers; they shall him.

never see light. 21 They that trust in their 33 Man that is in honour, wealth, and boast themselves and understandeth not, is like in the multitude of their riches; the beasts that perish.

22 None of them can by any 34 But God will redeem my means redeem his brother, nor soul from the power of the give to God a ransom for him : grave: for he shall receive me.

23 That he should still live for ever, and not see corruption.

LESSON CXXII. 24 For he seeth that wise men die, likewise the fool and I said in the cutting off of my the brutish person perish, and days, I shall go to the gates of leave their wealth to others. the grave: I am deprived of

25 Their inward thought is, the residue of my years. that their houses shall continue 2 I said, I shall not see the for ever, and their dwelling- Lord, even the Lord in the land places to all generations : they of the living: I shall behold call their lands after their own man no more with the inhabi

tants of the world. 26 Nevertheless, man being 3 Mine age is departed, and in honour, abideth not: he is is removed from me as a sheplike the beasts that perish. herd's tent: I have cut off, like

27 This their way is their a weaver, my life: he will cut folly: yet their posterity ap- me off with pining sickness"; prove their sayings.

from day even to night wilt thou 28 Like sheep they are laid make an end of me. in the grave; death shall feed 4 I reckoned till morning, on them; and the upright shall that, as a lion, so will he break have dominion over them in the all my bones : from day even


of me.

that go

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to night wilt thou make an end have they any more a reward ;

for the memory of them is for5 Like a crane or a swallow, gotten. so did I chatter : I did mourn 15 Also their love and their as a dove; mine eyes fail with hatred and their envy is now looking upward : O Lord, I am perished; neither have they any oppressed; undertake for me. more a portion for ever in any

6 What shall I say? he hath thing that is under the sun. both spoken unto me, and him. 16 The dead praise not the self hath done it: I shall go Lord, neither any

down softly all my years in the bit- into silence. terness of my soul.

17 For in death there is 7 O Lord, by these things no remembrance of thee : in men live, and in all these things the grave who shall give thee is the life of my spirit: so wilt thanks ? thou recover me, and make me to live.

LESSON CXXIII. 8 Behold, for peace I had great bitterness : but thou hast The Lord saith, Son of man, in love to my soul delivered it behold I take away from thee from the pit of corruption : for the desire of thine eyes with a thou hast cast all my sins be- stroke ; hind thy back.

2 Yet neither shalt thou 9 For the grave cannot praise mourn nor weep, neither shall thee, death cannot celebrate thy tears run down. thee : they that go down into 3 Forbear to cry; make no the pit cannot hope for thy mourning for the dead. truth.

4 The righteous perisheth, 10 Wilt thou shew wonders and no man layeth it to heart ; to the dead ? shall the dead and merciful men are taken arise and praise thee?

away, none considering that 11 Shall thy loving-kind- the righteous is taken away ness be declared in the grave ? from the evil to come. or thy faithfulness in destruc- 5 They shall enter into peace: tion ?

they shall rest in their beds, 12 Shall thy wonders be each one walking in his uprightknown in the dark? and thy ness. righteousness in the land of 6 I will ransom them from forgetfulness?

the power of the grave : I will 13 The living, the living, he redeem them from death. shall praise thee, as I do this 17 Precious in the sight of day : the father to the children the Lord is the death of his shall make known thy truth. saints.

14 For the living know that 8 And many of them that they shall die: but the dead sleep in the dust of the earth know not any thing; neither shall awake, some to everlast

ing life, and some to shame deemer liveth, and that he shall and everlasting contempt.

stand at the latter day upon the 9 And they that be wise earth : shall shine as the brightness of 12 And though after my skin the firmament; and they that worms destroy this body, yet turn many to righteousness, as in my

flesh shall I see God: the stars for ever and ever.

13 Whom I shall see for 10 Let me die the death of myself, and mine eyes shall bethe righteous, and let my last hold, and not another, though end be like his.

my reins be consumed within 111 For I know that




Book III.—Lyrical and Prophetical Pieces.

Section 1.-Psalms of Praise.


T8 O Lord, our Lord, how

excellent is thy name in all the O LORD, our Lord, how excel- earth! lent is thy name in all the 9 Be thou exalted, O God, earth! who hast set thy glory above the heavens ; let thy above the heavens.

glory he above all the earth. 2 When I consider the hea- 10 I will declare thy name vens, the work of thy fingers: unto my brethren : in the midst the moon and the stars which of the congregation will I praise thou hast ordained;

thee. 3 What is man, that thou 11 Ye that fear the Lord, art mindful of him ? and the praise him : all ye the seed of son of man, that thou visitest Jacob, glorify him; and fear him?

him, all ye the seed of Israel. 4 For thou hast made him a 12 For he hath not despised little lower than the angels, nor abhorred the affliction of and hast crowned him with the afflicted ; neither hath he glory and honour.

hid his face from him : but 5 Thou madest him to have when he cried unto him, be dominion over the works of thy heard. hands; thou hast put all things 13 My praise shall be of thee under his feet:

in the great congregation: I 6 All sheep and oxen, yea, will pay my vows before them and the beasts of the field; that fear him.

7 The fowl of the air, and 14 The meek shall eat, and the fish of the sea, and whatso- be satisfied: they shall praise ever passeth through the paths the Lord that seek him : their of the seas.

heart shall live for ever.

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