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in his ways.


feareth the Lord; that walketh Lord : and he shall give thee

the desires of thine heart. 20 For thou shalt eat the 6 Commit thy way unto the labour of thine hands : happy Lord; trust also in him; and shalt thou be, and it shall be he shall bring it to pass. well with thee.

7 And he shall bring forth 21 Thy wife shall be as a thy righteousness as the light, fruitful vine by the sides of thine and thy judgement as the noonhouse : thy children like olive- day. plants round about thy table. 8 Rest in the Lord, and wait

22 Behold, that thus shall the patiently for him : fret not thymau be blessed that feareth the self because of him who prosLord.

pereth in his way, because of 23 He that followeth after the man who bringeth wicked righteousness and mercy, findeth

devices to pass. life, righteousness, and honour. 9 For evil-doers shall be cut

24 The righteous shall flou- off: but those that wait upon rish like the palm-tree: he shall the Lord, they shall inherit the grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

earth. 25 Those that be planted in 10 For yet a little while and the house of the Lord, shall the wicked shall not be : yea, flourish in the courts of our God. thou shalt diligently consider

26 They shall still bring forth his place, and it shall not be. fruit in old age : they shall be 911 Be not thou envious fat and flourishing :

against evil men, neither desire 27 To shew that the Lord is to be with them : upright: he is their rock, and 12 For their heart studieth there is no unrighteousness in destruction, and their lips talk him.

of mischief.

13 The wicked plotteth against LESSON LXXVIII.

the just, and gnasheth upon him

with his teeth. FRET not thyself because of evil- 14 The Lord shall laugh at doers, neither be thou envious him : for he seeth that his day against the workers of iniquity. is coming.

2 For they shall soon be cut 15 The wicked have drawn down like the grass, and wither out the sword, and have bent as the green herb.

their bow to cast down the poor 3 They shall be as an oak and needy, and to slay such as that fadeth, and as a garden be of upright conversation. that hath no water.

16 Their sword shall enter 4. Trust in the Lord, and do into their own heart, and their good ; so shalt thou dwell in the bows shall be broken. land, and verily thou shalt be 17 The Lord knoweth the fed.

days of the upright: and their 5 Delight thyself also in the inheritance shall be for ever.


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18 They shall not be ashamed and his commandments and his in the evil time: in the days of judgements and his testimonies, famine they shall be satisfied. that thou mayest prosper in all

919 The steps of a good man that thou doest, and whitherare ordered by the Lord: and soever thou turnest thyself. he delighteth in his way.

32 Wait on the Lord, and 20 Though he fall, he shall keep his way, and he shall exalt not be utterly cast down : for thee to inherit the land : when the Lord upholdeth him with the wicked are cut off, thou his hand.

shalt see it. 21 And the afflicted he will T33 I have seen the wicked save: but his eyes are upon the in great power; and spreading haughty, that he may bring them himself like a green bay-tree: down.

34 Yet he passed away, and 22 I have been young, and lo, he was not : yea, I sought now am old: yet have I not him, but he could not be found. seen the righteous forsaken, nor 35 Mark the perfect. man, his seed begging bread. and behold the upright; for the

23 He is ever merciful and end of that man is peace. lendeth: and his seed is blessed. 36 But the transgressors shall

24 The righteous shall in- be destroyed together, the end herit the land, and dwell therein of the wicked shall be cut off. for ever.

37 But the salvation of the 25 The mouth of the righte- righteous is of the Lord, he is ous speaketh wisdom; and his their strength in the time of tongue talketh of judgement. trouble.

26 The law of his God is in 38 And the Lord shall help his heart, none of his steps shall them, and deliver them: he shall slide.

deliver them from the wicked, 27 The wicked watcheth the and save them because they righteous, and seeketh to slay trust in him. him. 28 The Lord will not leave

LESSON LXXIX. him in his hand, nor condemn him when he is judged. TRULY God is good to Israel,

29 For the Lord loveth judge- even to such as are of a clean ment, and forsaketh not his heart. saints, they are preserved for 2 But as for me, my feet were ever: but the seed of the wick- almost gone; my steps had welled shall be cut off.

nigh slipped. 30 Depart from evil, and do 3 For I was envious at the good : and dwell for evermore. foolish, when I saw the pros

31 Be strong, and shew thy- perity of the wicked. self a man; and keep the charge 4 For there are no bands in of the Lord thy God, to walk their death : but their strength in his ways, to keep his statutes is firm.



for ever:

5 They are not in trouble as awakest, thou shalt despise their other men; neither are they image. plagued like other men.

20 Thus my heart was griev6 Therefore pride compass- ed, and I was pricked in my reins. eth them about as a chain; vio- 21 Nevertheless I am lence covereth them as a gar- tinually with thee: thou hast ment,

holden me by my right hand. 7 Their eyes stand out with | 22 O Lord, how great are fatness : they have more than thy works! and thy thoughts heart could wish.

are very deep. 8 They are corrupt, and speak 23 A brutish man knoweth wickedly concerningoppression; not; neither doth a fool underthey speak loftily.

stand this. 9. They set their mouth 24 When the wicked spring against the heavens, and their

as the grass, and when all the tongue walketh through the workers of iniquity do flourish; earth.

it is that they shall be destroyed 10 Therefore his people return hither : and waters of a 25 But thou, Lord, art most full cup are wrung out to them. high for evermore.

1) And they say, How doth 26 Do good, O Lord, unto God know ? and is there know- those that be good : and unto ledge in the Most High? them that are upright in their

12 Behold, these are the un- hearts. godly, who prosper in the world, 27 As for such as turn aside they increase in riches.

unto their crooked ways, the 13 Verily, I have cleansed Lord shall lead them forth with my heart in vain, and washed the workers of iniquity. my hands in innocency.

28 For thou art not a God 14 For all the day long have that hath pleasure in wickedI been plagued, and chastened ness : neither shall evil dwell every morning.

with thee. 15 When I thought to know this, it was too painful for me;

LESSON LXXX. 16 Until I went into the sanctuary of God : then under- Behold, all ye that kindle a fire, stood I their end.

that compass yourselves about 17 Surely thou didst set them with sparks : walk in the light in slippery places; thou castedst of your fire, and in the sparks them down into destruction, that ye have kindled. This

18 How are they brought into shall ye have of mine hand; ye desolation, as in a moment! shall lie down in sorrow. they are utterly consumed with 2 Why boastest thou thyself terrors.

in mischief, O mighty man? the 19 As a dream when one goodness of God endureth conawaketh; so, O Lord, when thou tinually.


3 Thou lovest evil more than soweth righteousness shall be à good: and lying rather than to sure reward. speak righteousness.

7 As righteousness tendeth 4 Thou lovest all devouring to life: so he that pursueth evil, words, O thou deceitful tongue. pursueth it to his own death.

5 God shall likewise destroy 8 Though hand join in hand, thee for ever, he shall take thee the wicked shall not be unaway, and pluck thee out of thy punished: but the seed of the dwelling-place, and root thee righteous shall be delivered. out of the land of the living. 9 The wicked are overthrown,

6 The righteous also shall see, and are not: but the house of and fear, and shall laugh at him. the righteous shall stand.

7 Lo, this is the man that 10 The fear of the wicked, made not God his strength : but it shall come upon him : but trusted in the abundance of his the desire of the righteous shall riches, and strengthened himself be granted. in his wickedness.

11 As the whirlwind passeth, 8 But I am like

a green

olive- so is the wicked no more: but tree in the house of God: I trust the righteous is an everlasting in the mercy of God for ever foundation. and ever.

12 The wicked desireth the 9 I will praise thee for ever, net of evil men: but the root because thou hast done it : and of the righteous yieldeth fruit.. I will wait on thy name, for it 13 The wicked is snared by is good before thy saints. the transgression of his lips :

but the just shall come out of LESSON LXXXI.


14 A good man obtaineth faThe fear of the Lord prolongeth vour of the Lord: but a man of days: but the years of the wicked wicked devices will he condemn. shall be shortened.

15 A man shall not be esta2 The hope of the righteous blished by wickedness : but the shall be gladness: but the expec- root of the righteous shall not tation of the wicked shall perish. be moved.

3 The way of the Lord is 16 Evil pursueth sinners: but strength to the upright: but de- to the righteous good shall be struction shall be to the work- repaid. ers of iniquity:

17 A good man leaveth an 4 The righteous shall never inheritance to his children's be removed: but the wicked children: and the wealth of the shall not inhabit the earth. sinner is laid up for the just.

5 He that walketh uprightly 18 The evil bow before the walketh surely: but he that per- good; and the wicked at the verteth his ways shall be known. gates of the righteous.

6 The wicked worketh a de- 19 The house of the wicked ceitful work: but to him that shall be overthrown : but the

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tabernacle of the upright shall famish : but he casteth away flourish.

the substance of the wicked. 20 The light of the righteous 32 The desire of the righterejoiceth: but the lamp of the ous is only good: but the expecwicked shall be put out.

tation of the wicked is wrath. 21 The righteous is more ex- 33 He that diligently seeketh cellent than his neighbour: but good procureth favour : but he the way

of the wicked seduceth that seeketh mischief, it shall them.

come unto him. 22 Righteousness keepeth 34 He that trusteth in his him that is upright in the way: riches shall fall: but the rightebut wickedness overthroweth ous shall flourish as a branch. the sinner.

35 He that troubleth his own 23 The wicked is driven house shall inherit the wind : away in his wickedness : but and the fool shall be servant to the righteous hath hope in his the wise of heart. death.

36 The fruit of the righteous 24 In the way of righteous- is a tree of life: and he that ness is life, and in the path-way winneth souls is wise. thereof there is no death.

37 Behold, the righteous shall 25 The Lord is far from the be recompensed in the earth : wicked : but he heareth the much more the wicked and the prayer of the righteous.

sinner. 26 The sacrifice of the wicked 38 The integrity of the upis an abomination to the Lord: right shall guide them : but the but the prayer of the upright is perverseness of transgressors his delight.

shall destroy them. 27 The way of the wicked is 39 They that forsake the law an abomination unto the Lord: praise the wicked: but such as but he loveth him that follow- keep the law contend with them. eth after righteousness.

40 He that walketh in his 28 The Lord will destroy the uprightness feareth the Lord : house of the proud: but he will but he that is perverse in his establish the border of the wi- ways despiseth him. dow.

41 The righteousness of the 29 The thoughts of the wicked perfect shall direct his way: are an abomination to the Lord: but the wicked shall fall by his but the words of the pure are own wickedness. pleasant words.

42 The righteousness of the 30 The hand of our God is upright shall deliver them: but upon all them for good that transgressors shall be taken in seek him: but his power and their own naughtiness. his wrath is against all them 43 When a wicked man dieth, that forsake him.

his expectation shall perish: and 31 The Lord will not suffer the hope of unjust men perishthe soul of the righteous to eth.

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