Tales of Wonder, Bind 1


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Side 19 - A warrior so bold and a virgin so bright Conversed as they sat on the green ; They gazed on each other with tender delight ; Alonzo the Brave was the name of the knight, The maid's was the fair Imogine. "And oh !" said the youth, "since to-morrow I go To fight in a far distant land, Your tears for my absence soon ceasing to flow, Some other will court you, and you will bestow On a wealthier suitor your hand." " Oh ! hush these suspicions...
Side 135 - He turned him around and grimly he frowned; Then he laughed right scornfully — 'He who says the mass-rite for the soul of that knight May as well say mass for me: • " 'At the lone midnight hour when bad spirits have power In thy chamber will I be.' — With that he was gone and my lady left alone, And no more did I see.
Side 137 - The worms around him creep, and his bloody grave is deep .... It cannot give up the dead ! " It was near the ringing of matin-bell...
Side 25 - Oh! hush these suspicions," Fair Imogine said, " Offensive to love and to me ; For, if you be living, or if you be dead, I swear by the Virgin that none in your stead Shall husband of Imogine be.
Side 132 - Come thou hither, my little foot-page, Come hither to my knee ; Though thou art young, and tender of age, I think thou art true to me. " Come, tell me all that thou hast seen, And look thou tell me true! Since I from Smaylho'me tower have been, What did thy lady do...
Side 20 - If e'er I, by lust or by wealth led aside, Forget my Alonzo the Brave, God grant, that to punish my falsehood and pride Your ghost at the marriage may sit by my side, May tax me with perjury, claim me as bride, And bear me away to the grave!
Side 116 - They see the gliding ghosts unbodied troop. Or, if in sports, or on the festive green, Their destined glance some fated youth descry, Who now, perhaps, in lusty vigour seen, And rosy health, shall soon lamented die. For them the viewless forms of air obey; Their bidding heed, and at their beck repair: They know what spirit brews the stormful day, And, heartless, oft like moody madness, stare To see the phantom train their secret work prepare.
Side 22 - The worms they crept in, and the worms they crept out. And sported his eyes and his temples about. While the spectre addressed Imogine. "Behold me, thou false one! behold me!
Side 136 - Yet hear but my word, my noble lord! For I heard her name his name; And that lady bright, she called the knight Sir Richard of Coldinghame.
Side 158 - I have nointed myself with infant's fat, And feasted on rifled graves. And the Devil will fetch me now in fire My witchcrafts to atone, And I who have rifled the dead man's grave Shall never have rest in my own.

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