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intended for the service of the church, and the honour of that religion which you profess. For these, Madam, are the ends to which his whole endeavours and studies were directed; and if he had not all the success therein which he himself might desire, he had at least the satisfaction of having done whatever was in his power towards the promotion of them.

But I must not farther enlarge on this subject, how pleasing soever it may be to me, as being conscious to myself that I am in many other respects than that of relation unqualified for the discharge of it. An abler pen has undertaken it, (I mean that worthy gentleman's, to whose great care and pains in this edition I am so much indebted,) and will in the Life do justice to it.

I shall therefore no longer detain you from the entertainment you will meet with in that and the following Sermons and other Discourses, than while I write myself,


Your most obedient servant,

And most obliged kinsman,



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