Transactions of The Indiana State Medical Association, Oplag 38

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Side 212 - THE PRESIDENT. — We will now hear the report of the Committee on Resolutions, Dr.
Side 155 - PREGNANCY 455 there be a large single cyst, tapping will afford immediate relief to distension at a very slight risk to the mother, and lead to the natural termination of pregnancy in the birth of a living child, if proper precautions be taken to prevent the escape of ovarian fluid into the peritoneal cavity, and the entrance of air into this cavity, and into the cavity of the cyst.
Side 225 - Sec. 3. The deliberations of this Association shall be governed by parliamentary usage as contained in Roberts' Rules of Order, when not in conflict with this Constitution and By-Laws.
Side 220 - ARTICLE VI. DUTIES OF OFFICERS. SECTION 1. The President shall preside over the meetings, preserve •order, call meetings, when in his judgment the interest of the profession may require it, and perform such other duties as custom and parliamentary usage may require. SEC. 2. The Vice-President shall assist the President in the performance of his duties, and, in his absence, preside over the meetings.
Side 220 - Each local society shall have the privilege of sending to the Association one delegate for every ten of its regular resident members, and one for every additional fraction of more than half this number. " The Faculty of every regularly constituted Medical College or chartered school of medicine, shall have the privilege of sending two delegates. The professional staff...
Side 219 - ... for cultivating and advancing medical knowledge; for elevating the standard of medical education; for promoting the usefulness, honor, and interests of the medical profession; for enlightening and directing public opinion in regard to the duties> responsibilities, and requirements of medical men ; for exciting and encouraging emulation and concert of action in the profession, and for facilitating and fostering friendly intercourse between those who are engaged in it...
Side 139 - I have had, and of which Professor Byford speaks in such strong terms, is really leading astray those whose opportunities have not been as my own, into the belief that the work is easy, simple, easily acquired and free from risk. It is not so, and unless those who practice it choose to follow me in the rigid precautions and immense care which I give, not only to the mere performance of the operation, but to the surroundings of my patients and to every detail in connection with them, they will not...
Side 10 - ... alleviating pain and other symptoms, and by soothing mental anguish. To decline attendance, under such circumstances, would be sacrificing to fanciful delicacy, and mistaken liberality, that moral duty, which is independent of, and far superior to, all pecuniary consideration. 6. Consultations should be promoted in difficult or protracted cases, as they give rise to confidence, energy, and more enlarged views in practice.
Side 221 - ... suitable rooms and accommodations for the meeting, and in all matters, not otherwise provided for, superintend and protect the general interests of the Society. SEC. 2. The Committee on Credentials shall examine and report upon the validity of the credentials of the delegates from the county societies.
Side 155 - In cases of multilocular cyst, tapping can be of little use ; the rule, therefore, should be to remove the tumour in an early period of pregnancy ; and if an ovarian cyst should burst during pregnancy at any period, removal of the cyst, and complete cleansing of the peritoneal cavity, may save the life of the mother, and pregnancy may go on to the full term.

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