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Hymns for Sunday Schools, and Noble's Plenary Inspiration of the

for Children

690 Scriptures, &c. ....


Le Cras' Theological Contrast 405 Pilkington's Investigation of “Re-

Life after Death, On the nature marks on a.Compliance with an

of the

517 Inquirer's Request",


Noble's Praises of the Lord



America, the New Jerusalem Ordinations Mr. D. Howarth .... 415
Missionary, &c. published there 57

Mr. F. Madeley, juo. 706
Journal of Sixth Gene-

Mr. J. Gilbert ......

ral Convention, and Intelli-

Mr. W. Mason

gence respecting the state and

Owen, Mr., of New Lanark, Re-

progress of the New Church ... 58

ligious Sentiments of ......... 247

Aylesbury, Formation of a Society Persecutions at St. Helier's and
516 Weymouth


Carll, Rev. Mr., his visit to En- Place of Worship, Opening of, at


162 Chelaston

Conferences, General, Minutes



64, 413



Germany and Switzerland, Pro- Printing Society, Manchester, Re-

pagation of the Doctrines of the

240, 609

New Church in ...


London, Reports

Hindmarsh, Rev. R., resigns his

.....67, 329, 701

situation as Minister at Salford 163


Testimony of respect of .



246 School Society, Reports of .. 329, 701

Infant-School at Chelmsford 517

Meeting of


Jones, Rev. R., Tribute of re- Sibly, Rev, M., Tribute of re.

spect to


spect to


Missionary and Tract Society, Sweden, Communication from 331

London, Reports of....69, 324, 697 Swedenborg, Publication of Writ-

Meeting of 610 ings of, in French,


Missionary Society, Manchester, Tafel, Dr., of Tubingen, Leiters

Reports of

326, 703


244, 692

Noble's Lectures at Albion Hall 78 | Thayer, Mrs., ber Poem on the
Visit to Norwich, and death of Mr. Boyle

Answer to Beaumont ..

612 Theological Seminary on the Con-

Opponents of New Church, Illiber- tinent, Reception of the Doc.

ality of

165 trines of the New Church in 604

Ordination of Mr. J. Pownall.. 246 Tunes to the New Hymn-book.. 517

Mr. T. Pilkington 415 | Warwick Meeting, Reports of 411,701


Beazeley, Mrs. E..

166 Gaudin, Mrs.


Bowles, Mrs. L.
249 Hodson, Mrs. H.

Bowker, Mr. C.
518 1 Jones, Miss A.


Boyle, Rev. T....

81 Manton, Mrs. A.


Clarke, Wm. Esq.
333 Mather, Dr. J.

Clover, Jos. Esq.
250 Talmage, Mrs.

Darwin, Mr. J......
169 Waterman, Miss E.

Anatomy, Discovery in, anticipa- Gases, Condensibility of into Li-
ted by Swedenborg
170 quids.


Ancient History in Asia, On Au- Gold Mines in North Carolina ... 618

thevticity of

417 Songs of Birds, Correspondence

Fossil Bones, Fresh Discoveries of 418 between, &c.

Affliction, Lines written in 340 Death of a Lady, Lines on the ... 519
Bowles, Mrs., Lines occasioned by God Incarnate


the Decease of...

252 Missionary Lectures, On.


Consolation, The

171 'Nativity, On the..




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Tue Periodical Work entitled The INTELLECTUAL REPOSITORY FOR THE New Cuurch, has now been established for twelve

years, and has obtained as much support, as, in the yet infant state of the Church whose cause it is designed to promote, could reasonably be expected. The usefulness of such a publication is too generally acknowledged to require pointing out : and were it not that the Conductors feel averse from imitating the method usually adopted, of quoting, in favour of a work which it is wished to recommend, every testimony which can be adduced, they could offer such as would evince, not only that the Intellectual Repository is held in much esteem among the Members of the New Church, but that it is allowed, by competent judges, to occupy a very respectable station among the Periodical Publications of the day:

The Work having thus „far succeeded, and answered the objects of use for which it was commenced, the desire of the Conductors is increased, to render it productive of still farther use, and to make it still more worthy of general patronage. One proposal, indeed, #hich has been made to them with this view, they have not adopted; because, beside other reasons, it would render the duty of conduct ing such a publication heavier than they could undertake to discharge. It has been suggested, that the usefulness of the Work would be increased, by publishing it in Monthly instead of Quarterly Numbers, at a low price, That a Monthly Publication at a low price would possess many advantages, is certain ; and the Conductors of the Intellectual Repository would rejoice to see such & Work established and well supported. But a Publication of a more respectable, and still not expensive form, also has ad vantages which it might not be prudent to forego. And the Intellectual Repository having obtained an establishment founded on the approbation of the Friendsof the New Church, and the respect of others, under its present mode of publication, it is thought best that this should be continued.



But a real improvement would certainly be effected, could the Intellectual Repository be rendesed q cheaper Work; and the sale having latterly increased, and there being no wish to obtain from it any pecuniary, emolument, this may down the price, or

. The mode of doing it may be, either by reducing the price, or increasing the quantity of paper and print: but a Quarterly Publication at a lower price than that for which the Intellectual Repository has hitherto been sold, would appear insignificant; wherefore the latter alteration will be adopted. Originally each Number consisted of seven, half sheets, or 56 pages with the third toleme this quantity was increased to eight half sheets or 64 pages; latterly, nine half sheets have been more frequently given than eight: but in future it is intended that each Number shall contain not less than tøq half-sheets, making 80 pages; the form of the page and type to be the same as before, except that the partial use of the smaller type will be discontinued. It will be necessary also to use # less expensive though good paper.

As the alterations will be altogether considerable, and as it will not much longer be possible to complete sets of the work from the commencement (there being but a few copies of some of the pumbers remaining on hand); it is intended, in a matiner, to .com, menee anew; wherefore

On the First of January, 1821, will be Published,
Price Is. 68. (To be continued Quarterly.)


Each Number to contain 80 pages in 8vo. of neatly executed Letter Press.

The Work will consist of six departments :
; I. Original Papers on Spiritual Subjects, and Elucidations of
Scripture. I

Tį *. II. Review of Publications relating to the Doctrines of the New Church,

I!!. Intelligence respecting the Formation and State of Societies of the New Church, and the progress of the New Church in general, - IV. Obituary of Members of the New Church, and when sufli. ciently eminent and exemplary,' & shontibiographical sketch.

V. Varieties, Literary and Philosophicht. Hei: sty:, i ';
VI. Poetry

13. *

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The Conductors beg to return their grateful thanks to the valua, ble Correspondents to whom so much of he estimation in which the work has hitherto been held is due, and to solicit their sup. port for the New Series. The assistance of other intelligent friends is also earnestly requested. As the quantity of pages will be increased, greater exertions will be required to fill them with acceptable matter.

And as it is hoped that the Work will now become more then ever useful 4s a medium of connecting the members of the church with each other, of contributing to their improvement and gratification, of assisting to introduce others to the knowledge of our heavenly doctrines, and of conducing in various ways to the increase of the Lord's true church, the New Jerusalem ; it is respect, fully offered to the patronage of all who have the sacred cause of that church at heart,

Persons disposed to become Subscribers to the work are requested to signify it to either of the Publishers in London, or to the usual channels through whịch Church New Publications are cir. culated in the country. The work may also be had by giving orders for it to any bookseller, eịther in town or country.

Communications to be addressed (post paid) to the Editors, 15, Cross Street, Hatton Garden, London.

Printed and Published by H. C. Hodson, 15, Cross Street, Hatton Garden : and Sold by W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stationers' Hall Court, Ludgate Street: T. Goyder, 415, Strand; W. Clark, Manchester; and may be had of all Booksellers in Town and Country.

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H. C. Hodson, Printer, 15, Cross Street, Hatton Garden.

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