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character–His serious and melancholy pooms

His conception of inward love.

I His style-His masters, Petrarch and Virgil-His

progress, power, precocious perfection—Birth of

art-Weaknesses, imitation, research-Art in-


IV. Growth and completion of art-Euphues and fashion

-Style and spirit of the Renaissance-Copious-
ness and irregularity-How manners, style, and
spirit correspond-Sir Philip Sydney-His edu-
cation, life, character — His learning, gravity,
generosity, forcible expression—The Arcadia
Exaggeration and mannerism of sentiments and
style-Defence of Poesie—Eloquence and energy-
His sonnets Wherein the body and the passions
of the Renaissance differ from those of the

moderns-Sensual love-Mystical love
V. Pastoral poetry—The great number of poets—Spirit

and force of the poetry-State of mind which
produces it-Love of the country-Reappearance
of the ancient gods-Enthusiasm for beauty-
Picture of ingenuous and happy love-Shaks-
peare, Jonson, Fletcher, Drayton, Marlowe,
Warner, Breton, Lodge, Greene—How the trans-

formation of the people transforms art

VL. Ideal poetry-Spenser-His life—His character

His platonism-His Hymns of love and beauty,

Copiousness of his imagination—How far it was

suited for the epic—Wherein it was allied to the

"faérie”-His tentatives—Shepherd's Calendar-

His short poems—His masterpiece—The Faërie

Queene—His epic is allegorical and yet life-lika

It embraces Christian chivalry and the Pagan

Olympus-How it combines these .

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Medici~His ideas, curiosity, and doubts belong

to the age of the Renaissance-Pseudodoxia

Effects of this activity and this direction of the

public mind.

Francis Bacon-His talent-His originality-Con-

centration and brightness of his style—Compari-
sons and aphorisms—The Essays—His style not
argumentative, but intuitive—His practical good
sense— Turning-point of his philosophy, The
object of science is the amelioration of the
condition of man-New Atlantis The idea is in
accordance with the state of affairs and the spirit
of the times-- It completes the Renaissance It
introduces a new method - - The Organum
Where Bacon stopped-Limits of the spirit of
the age-How the conception of the world,
which had been poetic, became mechanical-
How the Renaissance ended in the establishment
of positive science.


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The public-The stage

Manners of the sixteenth century–Violent and

complete expansion of nature .

English manners—Expansion of the energetic and

gloomy character

The poets_General harmony between the character

of a poet and that of his age-Nash, Decker,
Kyd, Peele, Lodge, Greene-Their condition and
life-Marlowe His life-His works—Tambur


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