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Prepared only for the Medical Profession. All authorities agree that the best preparation of iron is the albuminate, as it is easily assimilated, does not constipate or interfere with the stomach, but it has never been made to keep, in fact it commences to deteriorate as soon as made. Thousands of dollars have been spent by chemists to solve this problem.

Feralboid is an Albuminate

of Iron which will keep. The dose is small, only one-third of a grain.

Feralbold is put up in tablets as follows: Feralbold plain, feralboid with quinine, feralbold with quinine and strychnia and feralboid with manganese. One hundred of these sugar coated tablets, twenty-five of each kind, will be sent to any address, carriage prepaid, on receipt of one dollar.

THE ARGOL COMPANY, Chemists, Literature on application.




A Perfect Antiseptic Ointment

for Surgical Uses. Prepared Only for the Medical Profession. FORMULA: Hydrargyri Bi- A one pound jar will be sent, carriage prepaid, chloridi, Oleum Eucalyptus, Formalin and Benzo-Boracic

on receipt of one dollar, to any part Acid, combined with a per

of the United States. fectly STERILIZED Petroleum base.

THE ARGOL COMPANY, Chemists, Literature on application.




Prepared only for the Medical Profession.

A Therapeutic Recourse of Wide Application. Indications: Gout and all of those diseases arising from a gouty condi

tion of the system, rheumatism and all of those diseases arising from a general rheumatic condition, chronic constipation, hepatic torpor and obesity. In all cases where there is a pronounced leaning to corpulency, it reduces to a minimum the always present tendency to apoplexy. In malaria because of its wonderful action on the liver, increasing twofold the power of quinine.

NOTE. If you cannot procure thialion of your druggist we will, on receipt of one dollar, send a bottle containing four ounces to any part of the United States, carriage prepaid. Literature on application.



Passing the Catheter.-Occasionally in cases in which much difficulty is experienced in passing a catheter (International Journal of Surgery) the surgeon will find that he will best succeed by causing the patient to lie down across the bed, with his legs hanging down, while the operator stands between the legs.

Adrenalin Chlorid as a Analgesic.—Solis-Cohen advocates the local application of a 1:5000 to 1:500 solution for any pain due to distention of accessible blood channels, as in conunctivitis, the nasal and sinus engorgements of hay fever or grip, the headache of chronic ear disease and some forms of painful swelling of the urethra.

How to Avoid Prickly Heat.—Major R. H. Moore (quoted in Medical Record) attributes the affection to irritation of the skin by a constant bath of perspiration. Nature's protective coat should be preserved by avoiding soap and, after the bath, anointing the body, with pure cocoanut oil, put on by hand, any excess being removed with a towel.

Alopecia and Dental Lesions.—M. Jacquet (quoted in New York Medical Journal) found in 40 persons suffering from alopecia, 6 with mediocre teeth, 31 with defective teeth, 3 only with perfect teeth. He concludes that there is a close relation between baldness and bad teeth, both indicating a lack of some of the essential mineral salts.

Minnesota Leads.--Says the Southern Medical Journal: “Unless the governor fails to sign the bill, Minnesota will soon have a law which requires a physical and mental examination of all candidates for matrimony. We have no doubt but that the effects of this law will be anxiously watched, and if found to be of good results, other states will soon enact similar laws.”

The Soft Palate in La Grippe.-Louis Kolipinski (Medical News, June 1) believes that the appearance of the soft palate is a pathognomonic sign of epidemic influenza. This appearance consists of small, raised, pearly white or transparent areas, the size of a grain of sand, upon the mucous meinbrane. They may be few and sparsely scattered or abundant and thickly set.

Treatment of Seborrheal Dermatitis of the Scalp.-When dandruff is due to this disease, Geo. Thos. Jackson (Journal of Cutaneous and Genito-Urinary Diseases) recommends a sulphur cream made of 372 drams of white wax, 27/2 ounces of oil of petrolatum, 1 ounce of rose water, 15 grains of borax and 3% drams of precipitated sulphur. It should be applied once or twice a week.

Pain of Laryngeal Tuberculosis. For the relief of this pain, SolisCohen prescribes 4 grain orthoform in lozenges made up with marshmallow or fruit jelly. The patient is instructed to allow one to dissolve on the back of the tongue about five minutes before each meal. For insufflation he employs a powder composed of equal parts of orthoform, iodoform and adrenal extract.

Treatment of Ringworm.-In all kinds of tinea, George Thomas Jackson (Journal of Cutaneous and Genito-Urinary Diseases) has used half a dram to a dram of crystals of iodine rubbed up in an ounce of goose grease. He directs that the ointment be thoroughly worked into the patches by means of a stencil or stiff paint brush. The treatment has been very satisfactory in many cases.

Treatment of Lumbago.— For the immediate relief of severe lumbago or of wry-neck, says Solis-Cohen, (Merck's Archives) nothing else equals the intramuscular injection of atropine (1-60 grain) and morphine (1-6 graim), followed by the internal use of colchicine (1.100 grain) and methyl salicylate (3 to 5 m.) in capsule, with water, every hour for eight or ten hours the first day, and in diminishing number on succeeding days.

Appendicular and Tubo-Ovarian Disease. --- Albert L. Beahan (American Gynecology and Obstetric Journal) concludes that the following signs and symptoms are practically certain evidence of a diseased appendix, requiring removal: Fever during painful, retarded menstruation; pain in right lower segment of abdomen; tender, swollen appendix; intestinal flatulence and obstinate constipation; loss of flesh; pallid or muddy complexion; exaggerated irritability and exhaustion.

A Cod-Liver-Creosote Combination. — Merck's Archives mentions an anti-tubercular mixture composed of 4 drams guaiacol, 2 drams creosote, i pint cod-liver oil and 10 to 30 minims of oil of bitter orange. A teaspoonful of the formula is given three times a day for the first week, two teaspoonfuls during second week, three during third week, and four during fourth week. The latter dose is continued if the stomach will tolerate, otherwise it is reduced by half.

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OL. SANTAL-MIDY. For gonorrhoea and all forms of urethritis. It replaces copaiba, cubebs, and other remedies, without producing eructations, offensive odor or diarrhæa. The discharge is reduced to a slight oozing in forty-eight hours.

It cures the most obstinate cases of cystitis and inflammation of the neck of the bladder.

Dr. Posner stated before the Berlin Medical Society: “The best form was the French preparation known as Santal-Midy.-Medical Record.

Dose: 6 to 12 capsules daily. Original bottles contain 40 capsules.


CEREVISINE Succeeds admirably in the treatment of furuncles, urticaria, acne and boils which promptly subside and disappear under its influence.

CEREVISINE Is indicated in cases of psoriasis, herpes and eczema; its effects being associated with corresponding improvement in the general health.

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