Harold and Louis; Fear and love; and other stories

T. Nelson and Sons, 1853 - 144 sider
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Side 126 - So the little moments. Humble though they be, Make the mighty ages Of eternity. So our little errors Lead the soul away From the path of virtue, Far in sin to stray.
Side 124 - There came to my window, One morning in spring, A sweet little robin, She came there to sing; And the tune that she sung Was prettier far Than ever I heard On the flute or guitar.
Side 126 - Little deeds of kindness, Little words of love, Make our earth an Eden, Like the heaven above.
Side 123 - Oh, I love to go to church, And learn my Maker's will. THE FLOWERS. How lovely are the flowers, That in the valley smile ; They seem like forms of angels, Pure, and free from guile. But one thing mars their beauty — It does not always last ; They droop, and fade, and wither, Long ere the summer 's past. And I am like the flower That blooms in fragrant May, When days of sickness find me, Then I shall fade away. Then let me seek the beauty That God alone can give ; For when this life is over, That...
Side 2 - By •C the Right Rev. BISHOP RUSSELL, of St. John's College, Oxford. Post 8vo, with beautiful Steel Frontispiece and Vignette, price 4s. 6d. Gilt leaves, 5s. Morocco elegant, lls. 6d.
Side 122 - I love to think of Him who made These pleasant things for me ; Who gave me life, and health, and strength, And eyes that I might see. I love the holy Sabbath-day, So peaceful, calm, and still ; And oh! I love to go to church, And learn my INlaker's will. ANOU. FRIEDLI, OB, THE CATS
Side 2 - RUSJILL, of St John's College, Oxford. With a narrative of the Visits and Researches of recent Travellers, including an Account of the late American Expedition to the Dead Sea and the River Jordan, ,fcc.
Side 4 - Foolscap 8vo, price 2s. Gilt leaves, 2s. 6d. Morocco elegant, 6s. LIFE OF SARAH B. JUDSON. By FAKXY FORESTER.
Side 12 - Kilt cover. Life of DanieL By Mrs. Hooker. Life of David. By Mrs. Hooker. Todd's Lectures to Children. Anecdotes of the Bible. The Dairyman's Daughter. The Negro Servant HOME LIBRARY FOR LITTLE READERS. Price 6d. each, with beautiful gilt cover. Or 9<L each, fancy cloth, gilt leaves.

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