Don Quixote, which was a Dream

Grove Press, 1986 - 207 sider

Kathy Acker's Don Quixote is an indomitable woman on a formidable quest: to become a knight and defeat the evil enchanters of modern America by pursuing "the most insane idea that any woman can think of. Which is to love."

In this visionary world, Don Quixote journeys through American history to the final days of the Nixon administration, passing on the way through a New York reminiscent of pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg and a brutally defamiliarized contemporary London. Here transvestites who might play at being Nazis and beautiful she-males enact the rituals of courtly love. Presiding over this late-twentieth-century Leviathan is Thomas Hobbes-the Angel of Death.

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LibraryThing Review

Brugeranmeldelse  - melaniemaksin - LibraryThing

I'd been curious about Kathy Acker; I knew of her work by reputation only, but she once did an interview with Alasdair Gray that I found interesting and insightful, so I guess I was already favorably ... Læs hele anmeldelsen

LibraryThing Review

Brugeranmeldelse  - M.Campanella - LibraryThing

I would not for any reason say this book is bad, but I think by reading it I have established the upper limit of what I can stomach as far as experimental writing goes. It felt like just a bit to much for me. Læs hele anmeldelsen

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