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Side 192 - The principles upon which this discovery is based have been described in a treatise on "The Digestion and Assimilation of Fats in the Human Body,
Side 181 - One fid. drachm, represents ^ gr, morphia in anodyne principle. IODIA. A combination of active principles of Stillingia, Helonias, Saxifraga, Menispermum and Aromatics. Each fid. dr. contains 5 grs. lod. Potas. and 3 grs. Phos. Iron. Dose— One or two fid. drachms as indicated. CHEMISTS
Side 209 - ... most accessible to procure. The cholera patient may be convalescent inside of the first few days, or if not convalescent and not dead, the case goes into the typhoid state, after which convalescence may be deferred for several weeks, or death may be the conclusion. The temperature prior to the fifth day is generally subnormal or a little above, but on the fifth day marked exacerbation and elevation of temperature indicates the typhoid condition.
Side 187 - Physicians will find WYETH'S BEEF JUICE of great value as a strengthening diet in cases of convalescence, consumption, nervous prostration;, and similar diseases; also, in typhoid fever, debility, etc.
Side 220 - One on general medicine, one on general surgery, and one on obstetrics and gynaecology; the last mentioned having been added since the last meeting. The indications at present are that, for genuine scientific work, this will be one of the best meetings in the history of the association. The attendance will probably be unusually large, as many physicians expect to make their visit to the World's Fair at this time. Chicago is but a few hours...
Side 208 - ... by the terrible strain before the required evacuation of the bowels is completed. A large irrigation of hot water, made soapy preferably by neutral liquid soap, introduced into the colon through a suitable rubber tube, is the simplest, and I am prepared to say further that it is a more satisfactory way of treating cholera than any other with which I am acquainted. The time to begin the irrigation is at the very earliest possible moment. Save the blood every single moment of infection by immediate...

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