Flora; or, Self-deception, by A.L.O.E.


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Side 174 - Like the vase, in which roses have once been distilled — You may break, you may shatter the vase if you will. But the scent of the roses will hang round it still.
Side 126 - For what knowest thou, 0 wife, whether thou shalt save thy husband ? or how knowest thou, 0 man, whether thou shalt save thy wife...
Side 1 - A Fault Confessed is Half Redressed." By MARY and ELIZABETH KIRBY. With Coloured Frontispiece and i7 Engravings.
Side 47 - The Law — convinces of Sin. — You see not the motes in the air, though numerous as the leaves of the forest, till the glowing ray reveals them to the eye. The river seems to flow stainless and clear till the wondrous microscope displays to the view a hundred loathsome reptiles enclosed in every drop that glitters beneath the sun.
Side 109 - For modes of faith let senseless zealots fight ; He can't be wrong whose life is in the right...
Side 132 - ... affection which had grown with her growth and strengthened with her strength ; she...

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