War: What is it Good For? : the Role of Conflict in Civilisation, from Primates to Robots

Profile Books, 2015 - 495 sider
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Introduction: Friend to the undertaker -- The wasteland? : war and peace in ancient Rome -- The barbarians strike back : the counterproductive way of war, A.D. 1-1415 -- The five hundred years' war : Europe (almost) conquers the world, 1415-1914 -- Storm of steel : the war for Europe, 1914-1980s -- Red in tooth and claw : why the chimps of Gombe went to war -- The last best hope of Earth : American empire, 1989-?

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Om forfatteren (2015)

Ian Morris is Willard Professor of Classics, Professor of History and a fellow of the Archaeology Centre at Stanford University. He is the bestselling author of Why the West Rules - For Now and has appeared on a number of television networks, including the History Network and PBS.

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