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who was murdered near Somers' Place, pistol to his mouth, that it had blown and that he was alniost certain that the off the back part of his head, and that body he saw was that of his wife's own his brains lay on the floor, about a yard fifter, and that his wife was of the fame from him, quite perfect in one lump. opinion; that her maiden name was About the same period, a clerk Martha Malton; that she was born at to Richardson and Goodluck, cut his Hackleton ; that the cohabited with throat with a razor, at a house in PortSamuel Baker, a man of very bad cha- land Street, Soho. He cut through all racler, about forty years of age; that the blood-vessels. A surgeon in the they had worked at hay-making at Tots neighbourhood was sent for, but the tenham lait lummer, and other villages man was dead before he could rcach about; and that the last time he heard of the house. them was about July or Auguft.--Here The arth, Samuel Reeve, of Caius the affair rests at present.

College, Cambridge, B.A. 1760, M.A. Mr. Lordon, of Elex Street, Strand, 1764, len. proctor of the University 1785, in a fit of insanity, stabbed his wife was found, after a long search, hanging about Nov. 21, in the neck, of which in one of the lofts of the college. He the died a few days afterwards. At disappeared on the att of July laft. He the same time he thrust the knife thrice had some time before attempted his life into the lower part of his body; but by drowning, going out one day very the wounds did not prove fatal. well drest, and returning presently after SUICIDES.

so completely wet, as to make it necefThe following are the particulars of fary to change all his cloaths; from the manner in which a gentleman put which time he was never seen more till a period to his existence, the beginning he was found as above. Disappoint, of November, in Charlotte Street, Porta ment in his views of preferment, and land Chapel. The day preceding the an attachment to a lady whom he was affair, he ordered his chariot, and de to have married, had he obtained the fired to be drove about; and when the living, worth four hundred pounds per coachman asked him where he was to annum, in the gift of his college, which go, he only beckoned to him with his he expected, but which never came to hand, not giving him any particular his turn, is said to have occasioned this direction. He came home at night, and catatrophe, which has had a further leemed sensible of the fate of mind in unfortunate effect, that of depriving the which he was, and sent for an apothe- lady of her reason. cary, whoin he asked if lie could give The son of Mr. Holcroft, a gentle. him any thing to relieve hiin; upon man well known for the number of his being aniwered in the negative, he de- translations,eloped from his father about fired to consult Dr. Monro; but the the middle of November, and Aed to. parties not knowing where he lived, Dover. A milunderstanding between put it off till next morning. He went him and his father occafioned this young to bed that night before the family; man to take a pasage secretly, in hopes and soon after, the servant, who uled of getting off to the East Indies. Mr. : sleep in the room with bim, observ- Holcroft, hearing of his embarkation, og him out of bed in his shirt, asked pursued him, and went on board with him if any thing was the matter, and a friend, in order to bring him back was answered there was not. He then from his purpose. The young man beasked hișn, if he should get him fome ing informed that two persons on deck tea or coffee; to which he replied, wilhed to speak to him, asked their apthat he might get some tea. They both pearance, adding, “ If it is a stranger got up, and went down into the draw- come to take me, I will noot him if ing room, where he took some tea. it is my father, I will foot myself.He then sent his servant to see if all the Being informed it was his father, he doors were fast, during which time he took from his pocket a pistol, put it in went to liis own room, and was no his mouth, fired it, and inftantly exsooner there, than the servant heard pired. the report of a pistol, and running up

The 28th, in Duke Street, Bath, hairs, found his males had placed a Baron Newman put a period to his ex

3 X 3


iftencé.' It is well known that an im- when the gentleman complaining of it. goderate use of brandy frequently pro nels, desired forne water; but a hose

duced in him a fort of frenzy. In such time afterward, a second report berg a moment he may have committed the heard, the waiter again entered, a dreadful deed. Distress of circum- found that his guest had fhot bimsel stances, and insults from the populace, palt the poslibility of recovery. A faare also supposed motives for destroying rourite daughter of Mr. Joachim, hiinfelf. This man had been in his feets, had admitted the addrelses of a time very successful in the pursuit of lover, whom her father dilapprering, his honourable occupation [that of a the match was probibited. The par gamester); but had, like moft of his girl, preferring her duty to her patioa, fraternity, experienced the vicissitudes fuffered grief to prey on her lo nech, of fortune, though with more than usual that the died in confequence. The pa. feverity. He was accustomed to polite rent not conside:ed himiel the case life, and, by the polished affability of of the sudden end of his child; he we's his manners, rendered himself as agree not bear the reflexion ; and at once te able as a person of his known profession minated his troubles and his life. could be'; and though very ugly, by the same courteous attention was able

DUELLING. to obtain many admirers among the A duel was fougbe on the 14th ladies. The zenith of his prosperity May by Captain Thomas Baker, and was during the life Beau Nah, and to. Jacob Brown, Esq. of Camden, So wards the decline of that memorable Carolina. They fired together, *** 'fovereign of Bath. The principal in- distance of ten ́ yards, and both feli cident ihat raised the baron into notice, Captain Baker was toe through was an unlucky circumstance, which body, and expired in the field in 33.! happened at the game of picquet. A twelve minutes. Mr. Brows was le gentleman with whom he was playing, in the lower part of his belly, and the fufpeeling that the baron had concealed ball was cut out of his left side, but no 2 card under his hand, which was ex• died twenty hours after. After the tended on the table, seized a forte that gentlemen had fallen, they convers! happened to lie ncar, and thrusting it calmly together, and exchanged for at once through the baron's tiand, which giveness. he fastened to the table, he exclaimed, Mr. Stewart, a young gentleer, “ Monsieur Baron, if you have no card son to one of the king's tradeloen, under your hand, I beg your pardon." in a duel, the beginning of Decembe: On releasing the hand, a card was really with Mr. Lefie, an officer on half pastry found; and this event was so disgrace. A roman of loose chara&e occaiced ful to the poor baron, that nothing but the unfortunate difference which ended his extraordinary address could have so fatally on the part of Mr. Stewart furmounted such a weight of ignominy. whó, however, was by no means The baron after this, generally wore : ficient in that courage which cases muff

. However censurable his life disgrace any profession. A fexr este might be as to the mode by which it before this event, Mr. Stewat het was supported, it is certain that in one obtained a confiderable appointment respect he set an example to the tribe of Africa, and was to have failed Biack-legs, which very few of them are the first trip for that part of the mode indeed disposed to imitate, for he always rigidly discharged whatever debis he

ENTHUSIASM. contrácted, as long as he had any mo Mr. Reynolds, coroner forike Scudo ney remaining, He was about leventy ern Diftri&t af Devon, was called sites years of age.

the middle of December to take an The beginning of December, Mr, quisition on the body of a man en Joachim, of the Jewish persuasion, went Caleb Elliot, who was found in the to the Savage Inn, called for a loft near Medbury, in she agences bottle of wine, and ordered a bed, death, and speechless. With great Next morning, the waiter hearing the ficulty, he was carried to Medbo report of a pistol, wept into the room, when he immediately expired. ?

jury brought in a verdict, “ That the even fuspected her fidelity. The defendlaid Caleb Elliot died for want of the ant, having accomplished his purpose, neceffaries of life.”

boaited publicly of the splendor of his . This poor man ha for fome months triumph, and declared himself ready to past wandered about the country in a fight either the already injured husband, wild enthntiastic manner, faying he was or his brother-in-law. All these fals inspired; and very frequently preached appearing unequivocally evident to the in Medbury, and at Plymouth, aksays jury--and Lord Kenyon making some declariog he was fent from God to save admirable observations on the baseness mankind, and fuch other nonsense ! of the defendant's conduct--they gave About three weeks prior to his death, a verdi&t in favour of the plaintif, for he told his hearers after a long ferinon; the whole amount which he had stated shat he was commiffioned to iaft fortye as damages: and proper measures, by days and forty nights to expiate the fins. order of the court, have been taken to of the world. He then walked away, prevent the defendant from leaving the and was feen jult fixteen days before kingdom. he was found in the barn. He was be

REPUDIATION. conie a perfect skeleton-lo worn away The beginning of December a curious to skin and bone, that his acquaintances divorce took place at Oxford. Richard fcarcely recognized his perfon.

Hawkins, a workman, fold his wife Mr. Joseph Maxley, a person of fuani. publicly to a mason named Gibbs, for Jar description, died about the same pe five shillings, three in ready-money and riod at Hoxton :, he was of a good fa- two on credit. The old husband very mily in LincolnMire, and rendered deliberately pulled out a penny flip, himself conspicuous some years fince, and tied round the waist of his wife, by ftrenuously afferring the doctrine of keeping the end fait till he had pock the Millennium, which was to come erted the firlt payment; when he quietly mence, according to him, in 1780.

took French leave. The woman then DEPRAVITÝ.

called for her second wedding-ring; The gth of December was heard, in her new spnose, with whom the shortly

which being put on, the eagerly kissed the Court of King's Bench, before Lord

decamped, leaving a numerous fet of Kenyon and a special

. jury, an action spectators in the utmost astonifiment at brought by Mr. Parlloc againft Captain what they had seen. Sykes, for seducing, debauching, and carrying away his wife. The damages

LONGEVITY. were climated at ten thousand pounds, Lately died at Galfton, in Scotland, The plaintiff and defendant were bro. Marian Gibson, aged 100. About ten ther officers, in the same regiment. years ago, the received a set of new Mrs. Parfloe was distinguished for per- reeth; and her eyelight was so clear, Tonal beauty, and was greatly loved by that the could read the fmallest print. her husband. Sykes was the only son There is now living in Minnigaff, of a gentleman who had returned from Scotland, William Marchal, a tinker, India with an immense fortune : when aged 110 years. When 108, he also he saw his friend's wife he declared to received a new set of teeth; and his fome of his brother officers that it would eyesight had returned with new force, give him great pleasure to debauch her. He walks about, takes his glass, and Accordingly he contrived to ingratiate fings the song of Old Robin Gray, with himself into her favour, and eloped with great glee. His landlord lias feriled on her from the house of Mr. Parlloc, una him ten pounds per annum, and allows der pretence of taking an airing: they hjin the occasional ule of a horse. Rept ac Thetford the first night; from thence he brought her to Ofborne's Ho

ACCIDENT. tel in the Adelphi; and afterwards they A Mocking accident happened lately cohabited together in lodgings near St. near Mudwroiln, in the county of Care James's Street.-When acquainted with digan, to a child about nine months These circumttances, Mr. P. appeared to old, who, being left asleep in a cradle, be in a fate of dịftraction, as he had never in the absence of the family, and the


door of the house not being properly Smith, in a very advanced age. She was tecured, was dreadfully mangled by a the wife of one of the iaft remaining to pig, which entered the room, and would lations of the unfortunate Admiral Ho. probably have proceeded to farther vio. fer. Her death was occafioned by grief, lence, had not a servant fortunately re- and her difappointment in an applicata turned. The left hand of the child is to go to the new fettlement with a pstfaid to be entirely gone.

fon whom the lately cohabired with, and DEATHS.

whom after cahing for tranfportation At his apartments in Dirty Lane, for robbing her (at a public house ine Hoxton, William Haran, remarkable, fately kept at Limehouse), he had made w all who knew him, for his fingular away with all her property to support, good fortune, eccentricity of conduct, though he is not above thirty years of and a penurious disposition. He had age. This woman, who from a genteel used to boast that he had saved ten address and education became io:ally pounds that were given him occahon- depraved, had experienced fuch a variety ally for pocket-money, before he was of fortunes as seldom occur to an intwelve years of age ; and when at a dividual, being sent to the East Indies great school in this city, increased the in her gouch, where she was an intimate Eune by saving a baltpenny out of a' and companion with Yorick's celebrated penny per morning, that was allowed Eliza, and in keeping with feveral of him for his breakfast. He afterwards ficers, till returning to England with an engaged in the watch bufiness, and was impaired conftitution, she took up with partaker of a ten thousand pound prize a mountebank doctor, and afterwards in the lottery, in the last year of his ap- became a strolling player, in which he prenticeship. He likewise became pose was noted for her performance of Polls, kelled of a considerable legacy by the and from which the became habitually death of a person in the West Indies, attached to low company, and was kept who willed it to the first person of the by a perfon who was executed at Stal fame name who should make application ford for a highway robbery. She after. for it. Into the apartment in which he wards kept a house of ill. fame at Waphad lived for leveral years previous to ping, and another a Portsmouth, daring bis decease, not any person was ever the war, when she was married to the admitted to clean it, or on any other perfon whose name the lately bore, and occasion, though two of his relatives who was then an armourer in the lived in the fame houte.-The principal Tower; him the used to contine in a part of his property is willed to a dif- room, and at length treated as a servan, iant relation, with a particular charge while the took another person jato her to take care of a lurcher, with whicla house, &c. From encouraging feveral he used to pass whole nights in the riots with tailors, in which a Portuguese fields.

was killed, the lost her licence and became The 15th, at Hampstead, Mrs. Le a procurcfs, and afterwards a fortunes titia Cromwell, fourib and youngest seller; in this capacity she was fined and daughter of Richard, fifth fun of Major imprisoned, for prejudicing a lady by Henry, and grandson of Oliver's son intriguing with her servants : through Henry, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. This affair, her circumstantes were 18 Her eldest sister, Elizabeth, is the only deranged, that with a few straw beds Survivor of this branch of the protector's the opened a twopenny lodging-houle family.

in Shoreditch, where he became pofLately, at Derby, from a fall down felled of a considerable sum of money a pair of liaire, Mr. Jonathan Thatcher. that was quilted in the pericoat of an He was ebe first person who, when the old woman who died in her house about horfe-lax was enforced, rode to market three years ago; with this, as a pubupon his cow to fave the duty. His iican, it is well known Me was again wife, a thort time fince, was killed by enabled to gratify her penchant for lot a full from her horfe.

company, and from which arose her December 27, in her ludgings at a upaccountable attachment to the unfor. house byJames's Stairs, Wapping, which tunate character that involved her in the dlig formerly owned, Mrs. Henrietta ruin that followed.



COURT LIST S. SOVEREIGNS OF EUROPE. the Queen of the two Sicilies; the

Queen of France; the wife of the un

cle of the Elector of Saxony; and G

EORGE HI. King of Great Prince Ferdinand, born : June 1754.

Britain, France and Ireland, and Archduke of Austria, married 1778, Elector of Hanover, born 4 June 1738. the only daughter and heisefs of the Succeeded his grandfather K. George Duke of Modena; by whom he has II. on 25 O&t. 1760. Married 8 Sept. issue two sons and two daughters : 1761, to the Princess Charlotte of Adolphus Frederick IV. Duke of Mecklenburgh Strelitz, born 16 May Mecklenburgh Strelitz, born 5 May 3744, crowned 22 Sept. 1761, by whom 1738, brother to the Queen of Great he tras issue;

Britain. George Prince of Wales, born 12 Charles William Ferdinand, Duke August 1762.

of Brunswic Lunenburg, and General 2. Frederick Duke of York, Bishop in the King of Prufiia's service, born of Olmaburgh, 16 August 1763. 9 Oct. 1735. Married 16 Jan. 1764

3. Willian Henry, Duke of Cla. to the Princess Augufia of England, rence, 21 August 1765.

born 12 Aug. 1937, and has illue three 4. Princess Royal, Charlotta Aug. fons and three daughters. Matilda, 29 September 1766. 5. Edward, 2 November 1767.

FRANCE. 6. Augufta Sophia, 8 Nov. 1768. LEWIS XVI. King of France arat 3. Elizabeth, 22 May 1770.

Navarre, born 23 Aug. 1754. Mar8. Ernelt Auguftus, ş June 1771.

ried 19 April 1770, to Maria Antoni9. Augustus Frederick, 27 January, etta, the emperor's Gifter, born : Not. 1773

1755 10. Adolphus Frederick, 24 Feb. Their iffue a Princefs, Maria Teresa 1774.

Charlotta, born 19 Dec. 1778; the 1. Mary, 25 April 1776.

Dauphin, born 27 March 1785. 12. Sophia, 3 November 1777.

SPAIN, 13. Amelia, 7 August 1783. The King's brothers and fifters are,

CHARLES IV. King of Spain, 1. Augufta, Duches of Brunswick. born 11 Nov. 1748, fucceeded his faSee Germany.

ther, Charles III. in December 2788; 2. William Henry, Duke of Glou, married 4 September 1765, to Princess cester, Earl of Connaught, 25 Nov. Louisa. of Parma, born 9 Dec. 1752 2743 : married 6 Sept. 1776, Maria, and has had issue fix children. Countess Dowager of Waldegrave, The surviving issue are, daughter of Sir Edward Walpole, K.B. Ferdinand fintony, present King of by whom he has had one fon, and two Naples. : daughters.

Antony Pascal, born 31 Dec. 1755. 3. Henry Frederick, Duke of Cum The other surviving issue of the late berland, Earl of Dublin, 7 Nov. 1745; king is, Maria Louisa. See Tuscany, married in Nov. 1771, Anne Luttrell, filter to Henry Earl of Carhampton in

PORTUGAL Ireland, widow of Christ. Horton, Esq.

Maria Frances Isabella, Queen of

Portugal, born 17 Dec. 1734. MarGERMANY.

ried 6 June 1760, to the late king her JOSEPH 11. Emperor of Germany, uncle, by whom she has iffue ; born a; March 1741, crowned King of John-Maria-Jofeph-Lewis, Prince af the Romans, 3 April 2764. Hath no Brazil, born 13 May 1767, married to issue, though twice married.

Charlotte Joaquina, daughter of the The Emperor has living two sisters Prince of Asturias, born 25 April 1775. and one brother unmarried, Thore Marianna Victoria, born 15 Dec. married are the Grand Duke of Tuf- 7768; married to Gabriel Anthony, cany, his heir ; the Princess of Palina; third Con to the King of Spain.

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