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take my passage on board a Swedina INTERESTING CIRCUMSTANCES

vessel. *BARON TREN CK.

Abramson, at four o'clock in the

afternoon, told me that the Swed:fi (Continued from Page 363.]

captain had assured him that he "HE people of Vienna con- thould not fail till the following

cerned in my cousin's effects, day; that, this being the cafe, he by several base schemes, and false infifted, that as he expected cominfinuations, endeavoured to get me pany at his house, that I muft ab again into the hands of the Prussians, folutely pass the evening with bin. that they mighe quietly enjoy that. This prevented my returning to my fortune which was justly my due. inn till eleven o'clock : I had jui

My brothers and lister came to me got into bed, and was reading, when at Dantzick, in May. We passed a 1 heard a knock at my door. It fortnight together, and shared my was not locked, and in a moment mother's fortune. My filter cleared two commiffaries of the town, and herself of all blame, as to the bad cwenty grenadiers, entered my apartreception she had been compelled to ment, and surrounded my bed with give me in 1746; and before we fo much promptitude, that I had parted, we vowed unalterable. af: not time to take my arms in my tection.

defence. My three foormen were The only acquaintance I made at likewise taken into custody, and it Dantzick, was with Mr. Abramson, was signified to me; “ that being the Austrian resident, for whom accused of a crime, the worshiptul I had letters of recommendation. magistrate thought himselt under He was intimately acquainted with the necessity of surrendering me to the Pruffian resident; and proved, his majesty the King of Pruffia." on this occasion, the contriver of I was taken in filence to the prio my misfortune. Abramson found son of Dantzick, where I remained means to detain me eight days longer (wenty-four hours. The Refident than I intended, under various pre- Abramson came to see me about texts, that he might have time, in noon ; expressed much affected cooconjunction with Reimer, to prepare cern at my mistortune ; and told me the Inare, with which he intended to that he had just protetted, in strong entrap me. The King of Prussia terms, againit the illegality of thele applied to the magistracy of Dant. proceedings ; that he found it was zick to deliver me up; but an action impossible to refuse attention to the to contrary to the laws of all na. menaces of the King of Pruffa, tions was not thought advisable, who was determined, at all events, without the previous consent of the to get me into his power. He adcourt of Vienna ; as I belonged to vised me to put my papers, and any the Imperial service in quality of valuable effects I might have, irto Captain of Cavalry: I had, besides, his hands, as otherwise I should run a letter of leave, and a patsport from the riik- of losing them. He knew the board of war.

that I had received from my family, The day fixed for my departure a bill of exchange for seven thou. at length arrived; and l'intended to sand florins. I gave it him; but


kept my ring, worth four thousand, aware in time of the generous inand about fixty Louis d'ors, which I tention of this nobleman, who evihad in my purse. He embraced me, dently fought to give me an opporand assured me, that he would do tunity of inaking my escape. His every thing in his power to procure greatness of soul would perhaps have me a speedy deliverance. He then made him support a reprimand from left me, fhedding a torrent of cro- the king without regret, to have the codile tears.

pleasure of saving an innocent man. The following night two com- In several places, the road we took missaries of the town came to my was not more than two or three prifon, with Reimer the refident, a miles from the frontiers; and noPruffian officer, and several ferjeants thing would have been more easy, and corporals. They put me into than to have effected my escape: but the hands of the non-commissioned the fame Trenck, who, at Glatz, officers, and in a moment the pil- had dared to attack thirty men, and lage began. Reimer snatched my who was never acquainted with such ring from my finger, took my a sentiment as fear, was four days watch, my fnuff-box, and every without being able to take a reloother article I had about me. In lution on this occasion. Indeed, for Mort, they left me nothing but a several days, I had the fairelt op coat and a fhirt, and then Mut me portunity of escaping; and I beup in a coach, in the midst of lieve my conductors thought me dethree Prufliuns, with the blinds ficient in common senfe, as they drawn up. A detachment of Dant- appeared much furprized at finding zick militia guarded the carriage me prefent, when I might, witit to the gate of the town. Here great ease, have pursued my own they were relieved by dragoons of course. But I was fatally misled by the fame city, who escorted me to an idea, that the king meant to Lavenburg in Pomerania. Thirty question me himself; and even to huffars, commanded by a lieutenant, atk my opinion on the war, then relieved the detachment of dragoons about breaking out. But, alas ! my at Lavenburg; and in this manner hopes were of short duration ; and I was carried from garrison to gar- were changed to despair, when, after rison, as far as Berlin, travelling a journey of four days, I quitted two, three, and sometimes five Ger. the province commanded by the man miles a day. The fourth day Duke of Wirtemberg, and was dewe arrived at where the Duke livered over, at Boellin, to the first of Wirtemberg, father of the Grand garrison of infantry. From that Duchess of Rullia, commanded, and moment, I was conducted to Berlin where his regiment was then quar- by a trong escort; and on my artered. He desired to see ine; was rival, I was delivered over to the much affected by my fory; and main guard; I had two fentinels made me stay with him the whole constantly in my room, and a third day. He even carried his kindness at the door. The king was then at so far, as to give orders to let me Potzdam. I remained two days in reft the whole of the next day, this situation. On the third, levewhich I passed likewise at his house. ral officers of the city in ade their apThe third day I fet off on my jour- pearance ; feated themselves round ney in an open carriage, without a table, and asked me several quefany escort; being only accompanied tions, with the tendency of which by a lieutenant of the duke's regi. I was not then acquainted. ift, ment. Unfortunately, I was not What I was doing at Dantzick?

2d, if I knew Mr. Goltz, the and near the stove, a box, fixed again king's ambassador at Petersburgh... the wall, and intended to serve me 3d, The names of the persons who for a seat. I was not permitted to were concerned in the Dantzick have any instrument of iron; and plot, &c. &c. But to these ques- my allowance, for four and twenty tions I refused any answer; recapitu- hours, was a pound and a half of lating however my former hard- ammunition bread, and a jog of Ships. But all I could


availed water. nothing; and after my visitors had .. I was obliged to throw away half written two hours, upon what sub- my bread, it was so exceedingly ject I know not, a carriage drove mouldy: this proceeded from the up to the door. Strict search was major's avarice, who derived a promade to see whether I had any fit from this article. arins concealed ; thirteen or four : Judge, rcader, of what I suffered teen ducats, that I had still in my from hunger the eleven long months poffeffion, were taken from me, and that I lived on this involuntary re. 1 was carried under a strong guard gimen! for I should have required through Spandaw to Magdeburg ; at least fix pounds of bread a day to the town major of which place con- fatisfy my appetite. I had no fooner ducted me immediately to a prepared received and devoured my allow. dungeon. Then, and not till then, ance, than I felt again the attacks a ininiature picture of my female of hunger. I was, however, obliged friend at Petersburg, set round with to wait the revolution of the twenty. diamonds, which I had hitherto se: four hours, before I could hope for creted under my shirt, was taken relief. How willingly would I have from me.

given a bill of exchange for a thouThe dungeon was built in a case, fand ducats, on my money at Vienna, mate, ten feet long and fix broad. to satisfy my appetite for once with

Two doors shut clofe on each other; dry bread! Hunger seldom permitand there was a third at the entrance ted me to sleep; and, when it did, I of the casemate. The light came inftantly dreamed that I was fitting through a window, at the opening at a table covered with the most of the arch of the vaulted roof, and delicious viands, and that I was went through a wall seven feet thick. devouring them with the greatest Though it gave light enough, it was voracity. My hunger failed not placed in such a manner that I could constantly to increase; and the neither see heaven nor earth; I firmness with which I supported this could only perceive the roof of the kind of fortune so many months, magazine. On the inside and out- is, in my opinion, the greatest proof side of this window were bars of of fortitude I ever gave in my life. iron, and in the subítance of the The three doors were fhut, and wall between them a grate of wire, I was left to myself. My bread and worked so close together, that it was water was brought me every day impossible to distinguish any object about noon : but, after two months either within or without. Belides experience, finding that my dunall this, the window was guarded geon was regularly opened once a with pallisades on the outside, to week, for the purpose of inspection, prevent the sentinels from approach. I began a work which I did not find ing, and giving me any assistance. impracticable. A part of the floor My furniture in this horrible abode, was paved with brick, and exterded consisted of a bedstead, fastened to from the fill of the door and the the floor; a mattraís; a small stove; ftove, to the wall that separated my



my bed.


prison from the neighbouring case- the bricks I had taken up, drying mate, which fortunately was unin. them with the heat of my body. habited. As there was a sentinel The iron work was also replaced before my window, I foon found in such a manner that it was imtwo worthy fellows, who, notwith- possible to perceive the smallest al. 1tanding their orders to the contrary, teration. The rubbish I hid under contented to speak to me, and made me acquainted with the situation of

It is difficult to conceive tho my wretched abode.

trouble I met with, when I had 'I judged from thence that it would once worked two feet into the stone not be difficult to escape, if I could wall. The iron work that I had make my way into the casemate, taken from the step of the door, the door of which was open. No- and from my beditead, composed thing would then remain but to pass my only tools ; except, indeed, an the Ælbe, and make for the frontiers old ramrod, and a little knife with of Saxony, which were only at a, a wooden haft, which were given mile's distance.

me by a charitable sentinel, and I began by loosening the iron bars which did me good service. It was that held down the fill of the door; not till after fix months incessant they were near eighteen inches long, labour, that I found means and were nailed to the box witu pierce the wall, and open a paso three nails, which I drew out, and lage to the adjoining casemate. of which I preserved the heads, that During this time I had opportuI might put them in their places, at nities of speaking to several fenthe stated times, when my prison tivels; among whom was an old was visited.

grenadier of the name of Gefhard, Having thus obtained the means from whom I learned the exact of making a breach, I took up the fituation of my dungeon, and the bricks of the floor, and found earth measures proper to be taken. underneath. I then determined to All that I was now in want of, penetrate through the wall behind was money to buy a small boat, that the box, where it was seven feet I might be able to cross the Elbe to thick. The first lining was brick, Saxony, with Gefhard, who offered but I came afterwards to large hewn to be the companion of my flight, ftones. I counted the number of For this purpose, he procured ine, bricks I had removed both from the the assistance of a Jewels, whose floor and the wall, that I might re- father had been ten years in prison. place them, so as to avoid suspicion; This worthy girl gained over two and when I was fure of succeeding, other grenadiers; with whom, when continued my work. The evening on duty, I entered into conversabefore the visit of my prison, every tion. I made with shavings, tied thing was in its place.

to one another, a stick long enough I had already demolisied a por- to reach beyond the pallisades, that tion of the wall, a foot in height; surrounded my window, and by but I took care to place the bricks this means procured paper, a second as they were before, and to fill the knife, and a file. interstices with the dust of the more I then, wrote to my fister, who tar, which I wetted for that pur. lived about fourteen miles from pose. I scraped the walls that had Berlin, and begged her to give the perhaps been whitewashed an hun. Jewess three hundred crowns, to dred times ; made a brush of my further my escape from prison. I hair, and employed it to whiten inclosed a lecter for Count Paebla,


the Austrian minister at Berlin, Mr. Weingarten was a traitor, which contained a bill of exchange in whom Count Puebla place à to for a thousand florins, payable out much confidence. He was in the of the money I had at Vienna, pay of Prussia, and served that court with my request to him to give the as a spy. He betrayed me, that he amount to the Jewels, having pro- might appropriate to his own uke mised her this sum as a reward for the thoufand forins, arising from her fidelity.

the bill of exchange drawn on As soon as Esther received my pack- Vienna ; for it appears, by a reet, Me set off for Berlin, to the Count, ceipt bearing date the 24th of May who took my letter, and the bill of 1755, that the amount was paid out exchange that accompanied it, and of my effects to Count Puebla ; and, ordered her to go and speak to Mr. fince my deliverance, it has been Weingarten, secretary of the em- charged to my account. bafly. This man giving her a good Thus, Weingarten, to steal a thosreception, the disclosed to him the sand florins with impunity, planged whole of her business, unfortunately me into an abyss of misfortunes; orfor herself and several others. He casioned the premature death of my gave her two ducats, and promised to fifter, and was the cause of one of obtain the amount of the bill by the grenadiers being hanged, and the time she could return from my of the other's running the gantlet fifter.

on three successive days. More than Esther arrived at Hammer, and a hundred blows were given with found my fifter, who was then a a stick to the poor father of the widow; and being no longer, as in Jewels, to compel him to reveal 1746, afraid of incurring her hus- what he knew of the pior, as well band's difpleasure, was overjoyed as the place of his daughter's reto hear I was alive ; and imme. treat. He died in the midst of his diately produced the three hundred punishment, crying out, in vain, crowns. Efther returned expediti- for mercy. My unfortunate filer oully to Berlin, with a letter to me was forced to build, at her own exfrom my sister ; but first shewed pence, a horrid dungeon in Fort the whole to Mr. Weingarten, in Etoile, where I was confined nine the full confidence of his friend- years like a favage beaft. She was thip. He read the letter; asked the condemned to pay an enormous names of the two grenadiers ; told fine, her fortune was reduced to her that the thousand forins from nothing, her children were beso Vienna were not yet come to hand; gared, and the died broken-hearted, gave her twelve ducats, and defired at thirty-three years of age. her to haften to Magdeburg, and I was several days without know. carry me the good news she had to ing what had happened. Soon after, communicate. Either accordingly however, Gef.hard mounting guard came itraight to the citadel, but over my prison, found means to fortunately met at the gate the wife make me acquainted with the fare of one of the grenadiers in our fe- of his two comrades. cret ; who told her, that her hus. The king, shortly after, ordered a band and his comrade had been new dungeon to be built on purpose confined and fettered the evening for me, and prescribed the form of betore: Esther immediately conjec. the chains I was to wear. The wor tured that we had been betrayed; thy Gefhard informed me, however, and, turning instantly back, went that it could not be ready before the to Deflau.

end of the month : I therefore se


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