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sensible Mhock of an earthquake, which boxing, having publicly agreed on : continued a full minute. It commenced battle this month, and privately conwith a rumbling noise, to which suc- sented, and that very prope: lv, to cajalt ceeded two loud reports, and ended the public, the scene of action was with a faint sort of musical sound. chofen at Stilton; to which place all the Happily little mischief ensued. amateurs set off on the 6th, and amongit

the rest Ward, one of these inglo.icas SUICIDE.

adherents. Stopping at Epping, ad Mr. James Perry, brewer, of Shepcon Mailet, had long been'in a de pute arose between this fellow and a

poor (mith of the neighbourhood, and sponding way, had made several

attempts between whom blows commenced, which on his life, and at length drowned him- terminated of course in favour of Ward, felf in a large calk of beer. One Shep- who had the necessary advantage of herd, a cloth worker, in atteinpting to science on his fide. By the provocations fave him, unfortunately shared the fame of Ward, however, the fame of d:fate. The verdict of the coroner's jury cord broke out once inore, and he struck on the former was Lunacy; on the lat. his competitor so violently as to beat ter, Accidental Death.

in the lower ribs, which injured the JUSTICE.

kidnies, and occafioned instant death. Ac a court-martial lately held at The public resentment was very grea, Vienna, a soldier was condemned to and equally just, on the occasion: thi lose his head and hand. He had killed cruel distributor of death being appie his comrade, and had formerly affaili. hended, the jury were divided in their Dated his own father.

opinions, seven being for declaring it

wilful murder, and nine manslaughter. ACCIDENTS.

Of course he was convicted of the lat. On the 6th instant the city of Tef- ter, and conmitted to take his trial a chen, the capital of the dutchy of that the Old Bailey accordingly. name in Silesia, was reduced to alhes This is the second death at leaf by fire; the Lutheran church and castle which has occurred in consequence of only excepted.

this disreputable practice, when it is The observatory at Malta took fire considered in the light of gaming and

lightning; and that superb building amusement. was entirely consumed, with all the

RIOTING. astronomical instruments. What is

An alarming insurrection took place most to be regretted, as irrecoverably last week in Paris, in consequence cí loft, are the altronomical observations fome inconsiderate expressions used by of the Chevalier d'Argos, and other the proprietor of a large manufactory learned altronomers, the fruit of twenty, in that city, respecting the price of fix years labour, which all perished in labour, if certain taxes were aboli hed. the fames.

The manufacturers taking fire at the

words spoken, a dreadful conflict eAt Dublin, in his eightieth year, sued between them and the military, ir lately died, the Rt. Hon. James Hewitt, which more than one hundred and Lord Viscount Lifford, Lord High Chan- seventy-two persons were killed, and cellor of Ireland. He was in apparent one hundred and fifty-seven wounded good health the most part of the preced- on the spot. Some of the rioters batt ing week, and on April 23 gave a sump- been profecuted to the utmost rigos: tuous entertainment to a number of his of the law. Two were hanged on the friends. The whole of his illness, which 2d instant, in the morning, and with c:• did not amount to quite five days, arose cumstances extremely peculiar. Neser from a cold he had received in the was an execution of the common order House of Lords. He was worth of people conducted with such poso, 1150,000l.

All the streets and bridges were lined

with cavalry from the Chatelet te be MANSLAUGHTER.

gate of St. Anthony. The disadi Humphries and Mendoza, the two icene was in the Fauxbourg de su chiefs of the present falhionable art of Antoine.





had shared. Her own feelings were

all the could relate the said and OCCASIONED BY AN ERUPTION OF

those confusedly. “You see that MOUNT VESUVIUS. [Related by Mrs. Piozzi, during her stay at about seven or eight years old, who

girl there," pointing to a child Naples.]

stood listening to the harpsichord : E met at the house of the escaped! I ,

W Evelina minifer, Monfieur foul, guers?how, for we were not

André, uncle to the lamented officer together at the time.”_Where who perished in our sovereign's ser- were you, madam, at the moment vice in America ; and while the rest of the fatal accident ?"-" Who? of the company were entertaining me?" and her eyes lighted up with themselves with cards and music, I recollected terror : “I was in the began laughing in myself at hearing nursery with my maid, employed the gentleman and lady who fat in taking stains out of some Bruffels next ine, called by others Don lace upon a brazier; two babies, Raphael and Donna Camilla, be- neither of the four years old, cause thofe two names bring Gil playing in the room. The eldest Blas into one's head. Their agree. boy, dear lad! had just left us; and able and interesting conversation was in his father's country-house. however soon gave my mind a more The day grew so dark all on a serious turn when discoursing on the sudden, and the brazier--Oh, Lord liberal premiums now offered by the Jesus ! I felt the brazier slide from King of Naples to those who are me, and saw it run down the long willing to rebuild and repeople room on its three legs. The maid Meflina. Donna Camilla politely screamed, and I put my eyes and introduced me to a very fick but knelt at a chair. We thought all pleasing-looking lady, who she faid over; but my husband came, and was going to return thither : at snatching me up, cried, Run, run! which the, starting, cried, “Oh -I know not how nor where, but all God forbid, my dear friend!" in amongst falling houses it was, and an accent that made me think the people shrieked so, and there was had already suffered something froin such a noise! My poor fon! he was the concussions that overwhelmed fifteen years old; he tried to hold that city in the year 1783. Her me fast in the crowd. I remeinber inviting manner, her soft and in- kissing him: Dear lad, dear lad! I teresting eyes, whose languid glances said. I could speak just then : but

seemed to thew beauty funk in for the throng at the gate! Oh that ? row, and spirit oppresled by cala- gate! Thousands at once! ay, thou.

mity, engaged my utmost attention, lands! thousands at once: and my while Don Raphael pressed her to poor old confeffor too! I knew him: indulge the foreigner's curiosity with I threw my arms about his aged fome particulars of the distresses the neck. Padre mio! said I-Padre



mio! Down he dropt, a great stone

DISTRESSED VIRTUE. struck his shoulder; I saw it coming, and my boy pulled me: he saved [An Anecdote related by Mrs. Piozzi in

her Tour through Italy, ] my life, dear, dear lad! But the crash of the gate, the screams of HE Lucrezia Padovana has the people, the heat-Oh such a a monument erected to her heat! I felt no more on't though; memory in the Justice Hall at Padua, I saw no more on't; I waked in and she is the only instance of felta bed, this girl by me, and her father murder I have been told yet; and giving me cordials. We were on her’s was a very glorious one, and Ihipboard, they told me, coming to necessary to the preservation of her Napies to my brother's house here. honour, which was endangered by And do you think I'll ever go back the magistrate, who made that the there again? No, no; that's a curst barter for her husband's life, in de place; I lost my fon in it. Never, fence of which she was pleading. never will I see it more! All my This lady, whole family name I friends try to persuade me, but the have forgotten, ftabbed herself in fight of it would do my business. the presence of the monster sho If my poor boy were alive indeed! reduced her to such neceffity, and but he! ah, poor dear lad! he loved by that means preserved her hu: his mother; he held me faft-No, band's life, by suddenly converting no, I'll never see that place again : the heart of her hateful lover, who God has cursed it now; I am sure from that dreadful day devoted hinhe has."

self to penitence and prayer. A narrative so melancholy, so tender, and so true, could not fail

ORIGIN of its effect.



[Mentioned by Mrs. Piozzi, in her om PREJUDICE OF CUSTOM.

fervations, &c.] [Related by Mrs. Piozzi, during her stay at

R. Johnson once told me Padua.]

(says this lady) that St. Paul Lent a lady at some place, I quoted in his Epifties a comedy of

remember, my maid, to thew Menander; and I got the librarian her how the operation of clear. at Venice to fhew me the paffage starching was performed; but, as marked as a quotation in one of the soon as it began, she laughed at old editions. It is then a fair inthe superfluous fatigue, as the called ference enough that the apostle could it ; and her fervants crossed them- never have prohibited to his tol. selves in every corner of the room, lowers the sight of plays, when he with wonder that such nicciies should cited them himself; they were inbe required. Well they might! for deed more innocent than any other I caught a great tall fellow ironing liew of the days he lived in; and, his lady's beft neck-handkerchief if well managed, may be always with the warming-pan at Padua made subservient to the great causes very quietly; and the was a woman

of religion and virtue. The paffage

cited was this: of quality too, and looked as lovely, when the toilette was once per. Evilcommunication corrupts good manners. formed, as if much more attention This could not be meant as de. had been bestowed upon it. rision, by St. Paul.







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