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On the 26th, her Majesty had a moft Stratford, in company with another fplendid drawing-room at St. James's; perlon, upon their return hon ewa.ds, where there was an assemblage of all ine tradelman lingering behind his that is brave, great, and beautiful in companion, said, ihaut he would ky this country, paying nomage to the best duwa upon the bench of an alchouie of Queens on the best of all possible oc. door, for which, however, he had milcafions. Such were the numbers that taken a trough for the walering of prefed forward to the seat of rovalty, huiles; and throwing himself into this that many hundreds of the first faihion, upon his back, he was found, about could not get beyond the outer doo., . twenty minutes after, by his compaand many ladies actually fainted. nion, to all appearance dead ; nor was

he recovered. EARTHQUAKE.

A very melancholy circumstance hapOn the 7th of February, Upper Cala- pened lately at a meeting-house in Edis. bria felt three thocks of an earthquake burgh. A child, waiting for bapulm, as strong as those of the 5th of February being rather fretful, the woman wbo 1783. On the first mock all the inha, had the care of it, wrapped it up in bitants Aed: the other two destroyed her cloak; and when given to the fa. most of the houses rebuilt since the late ther to hold up to be baptized, it was, ravages. Monie Leoni, Reggio, and shocking to mention, absolutely dead! the environs, have suffered moit.

The directors of the gunpowder ma

nufactories at Essone in France haring SHIPWRECK.

learned that Mr. Berthollet had discoThe Alexander, of London, ladlen vered a falt proper for making gunwith rice, tobacco, indigo, and some powder, much. ftionger than the powder fpecie, was totally loft on the western- royal, which is the best known, they most rocks of Scilly, this monih, and thought it their duty to make a trial of iininediately went to picces. . The cap. this lubitance. Having received orders tain, named Curling, thirteen hands, from the Minilier of the Finances to with Mrs. Riley, a widow, who was try an experiment with this new salt, passenger, all perished. Joseph Tuttle, they caused fome of it to be made in carpenter, only, ivas faved, by being mi- their own manufactories, under the inraculously calt on the rocks of Cribbe spection of Mr. Berthollet himself, who Widden, where he remained two days was pleased to comın unicate his secret and nights, great part of the time lathed to Administration, and they procured to cliffs. When raken up, he was much a quantity sufficient to make trial of its bruited, the middle finger of both his effects. "The directors, Mr. Lavoisier hands being torn from the roots. and Mr. Letors, accompanied by Mr.

Berthollet, went to the manufactory of MISFORTUNES.

Essone, where Ms. Letors had ordered Sunday the Sih inftant a melancholy a finali hand. mill to be constructed in accident happened at West Row, Mil. the open air, and in a deràched place, denhall, Bury St. Edmund's: As two furnished with one wooden peftle, and men were coming out of a barber's

a lever palling through a number of shop, one of them with a gun on his planks well secured, behind which the Shoulder, by some means the trigger work men appointed to move the bane ftruck againft the lock of the door, dle, and the directors were to be when the man who was following him placed, in o: der to guard against any had the contents of the gun lodged in accident. When every thing was thus his body; his hand was also not to prepared, and they had proceeded to pieces : notwithstanding which, he was the proof for several days with the alive on Monday night; but little hopis greatest hopes of success, by foge acwere entertained of his recovery. cident in the process, the macbine blew

A tradesman in Whitechapel was up with a mult dreadful explofion, and drowned in the following extraordinary the infortunate Mr: Letors, with Mamanner, in that neighbourhood, late on demoiselle de Chevraud (who was ac Saturday night the 7th instant.

It customed to be present) were both fcums, fter drinking very freely at thrown to the distance of thirty feet,


and dashed against a wall. One leg of from whence the carried off all the call, the former was carried away, his right and some valuable dresses. Unsuccessarin and one of his thighs were broken, ful, after all, at the lottery-office, she, vne of his eyes was forced from its in a fit of despondency, committed the fucket, and the ikin of the upper part shocking crime of suicide. of his head was entirely stripped off. Another young woman, on a similar Mademoilekle de Chevraud was dread. conduct and disappointment, threw fully mangled alto, and expired before herself into the Serpentine River, and hun. The collection of planks, be was drowned. hind which the workmen were placed, At half past nine o'clock, on the fiad refitted the explofion; the people evening of the 26th, a gentleman in experienced a violent Mock, but none Queen Street, Westminster, put an end of thein were wounded.

to his existence in the Birdcage Walk, POISON.

by means of a pocket-piftol. He was

found by two gentlemen accidentally Some time this inonth seven young pafling, but too late to answer any purheifers got into a gentleman's garderi pore. He had fold, the 2 zft, a onein the country by night, where there eighth share of the ticket which was was an old yew hedge. In the morning five were found dead, and one died thoufand pounds.

drawn, on the 24th, a prize of thirty soon after ; the other recovered in a

The unhappy French gentleman who few days. A handful of green yew lately committed fuicide at Greenwich, was fuüird in their ttomachs. Their was buried at the fole charge of Sir Hugh hearts were hid, and their lungs and Palliser, who gave a double coffin, and livers were covered with coagulated ordered that a plate of glafs should be blood. By this it seems as if the yew introduced into the interior one, over had a power to destroy the motion of the face of the deceased, with a view the hcart, by which the blood circu

to his being known, if potīble, by any bates. Perhaps nothing occafons a of his friends who may enquire after more sudden death than the yew. An him. antidote to the poison of it would be

Early one morning in this month, very valuable. The heifers were worth

one Jean Baird, a fervant at Kilmarabout thirty pounds. It has been nock in Scotland, role and dreffed heroften obferved, chat dry or withered felf, rook á fimalt bundle of cloaths, yew was fatal to caitle, but this in and a Bible, and went down to Fairly Itance proves that green yew is equally Bridge, which is over the water of Irpernicious.

vine, about two miles from the town, SUICIDE.

ü here the diowned herfelf. When The English lottery of 1789, has been taken up, tivo half crowns, and a bill remarkably productive of bad confe- for fixty pounds derling, (being money quences. Besides the ruin of many the had earned as a fervant) were found families and individuals, among the in her pocket. No one could account lower orders of people, several suicides for her rathness. have been cominitted: the natural con

DUELLING. fequences of insuring on one hand, and

A duel has happened at Nantes, beche depredations of office-keepers on

tween one of the Order of Noblelle, and the other. Friday the 27th instant, a fine young lence of ten witnefes, five of each or

a Commoner. They fought in the prewoman in Westminster, who lived with

der. The former was run through the a female friend, put an end to her exiftence. She had been induced, by the body, and was supposed to be irreco

verable. usual motives, to buy some parts of a lottery-ticket, and to venture from lefs to more in infuring, till the not only diary, is a much more fashionable mode

Suicide, according to this month's spent all her own money and cloths, of getting rid of existence than duel. but was tempted by the demon of gam- ling. Which is the most heinous and bling to break open her friend's bureau, diigraceful?


marry again, during the life of both. CRUELTY.

Her ladyship, by a favourable decree The case of a person found dead in in Chancery, is once more in pofleffion Goswell Street, London, this month, of her family eftates. was peculiarly ciftrefsing. It appears, that having been ill for some time pait,

JUSTICE. he was, from being unable to pay his

The pine following malefactors were landlord, obliged to quit his lodging executed before the debtors door as the evening of the preceding day, but Newgate, on the 38th, pursuant to their that, meeting with a former acquaint. sentence, viz. Hugh Murphy and Chrifance, he was permitted to take part of tian Murphy, alias Bowman, for coinhis bed that night ; however, on account of the uneasiness of his friend's Pocock, William Collard, and Joha

ing; Charles Messenger and Tredway wife, as the hand of Death was visibly Norrington, for burglary; James Grace upon him, was again obliged to ex

and Joleph Walker, for coining; and change his retreat for the Areet, by fixe William Craddick, for a robbery: the next morning. From the falfe fup: They were brought upon the scaffold position, that in whatever house a dif- about half an hour after seven, and treffed object may die, the perlons liv. turned off about a quas ter past eight. ing there are obliged to bury them, They behaved in a decent manner, this unfortunate person was again hur- and feemed fully fenfible of their un. ried out of a public-louse into the happy situation. The woman for coinftreet, not an hour before his decease, ing was brought out after the rest were where he was found dead.

turned off, and fixed to a ftake and A most horrid and wanton act of burnt, being

firft ftrangled by the ftool cruelty was, the beginning of this

being taken from under her. month, perpetrated on the person of a poor wretch, who, for some time past, victed at Maiditone, this aifizes, was

Among the prisoners capitally con. endeavoured at earning a livelihood at Joseph Pafimore, for wilfully setting Carlow in Ireland, by pretending to

fire to the dwelling house of William tell fortunes. Going into a house on Mainwaring, hipwright, in St. Nicho. the Dublin road, a fellow of the name las, Deptford. The fact was fully of Perry, refident therein, insisted on

proved. He first set fire to a little her describing his future fate, not in house belonging to an infant whole her usual mode, the being to appearance mother he had married, having first dumb, but by speaking, which he not insured it for two hundred pounds, immediately doing, and opening her though before insured for fixty' pounds mouth for the purpose of proving her only; this let fire to the houses on want of rongue, and consequent inca- each side, which, with the house be pability of speech, the wretch thrult a

called his own, were burnt down,
red-hot poker down her throat, which
burnt her so dreadfully, that her life is

despaired of. The villain has fince ab.

His majesty's frec pardon arrived at
The 3d of this month, as a very Portsmouth on the 15th, for Mr. Waid.
genteel woman was walking along the robe, late surgeon on board the Phaeton,
Štrand, a man, seemingly in great agi- who some months ago was tried by a
tation, ran after ; and, pulling a razor court martial on board the Edgar, and
out of his pocket, drew her back, and received fentence of death for Atriking
cut her throat. He was committed to his superior officei.

When the Recorder of London made The beginning of this month, Lady the first report of the capital convicts Strathmore obtained a divorce from in Newgate to the King, after his re. Mr. Bowes, the charges of cruelty and covery, there were a great number for adultery being proved against that gen. execution. Byt a few only were conHeman. Neither of the parties are to figned to their fate; and in ordering


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even those, his Majesty felt a great un

DISCOVERY. ealiness.

The workmen employed in new pav. PHÆNOMENA.

ing the choir of St. George's chapel at The 10th instant, a hog, the pro- Windfor, discovered a decay in the perty of Mr. James Carter, was killed tone which clofed up the entrance to at Rowner Mill, near Lewis, which the vault where Edward IV. had been was about thirty-nine weeks old: the deposited. Two of the canons and the carcale and all the loose fat belonging furveyor entering the vault, viewed the to it, weighed just thirty-two itone, royal body inclosed in a leaden and a (eight pounds io the stone) out of wooden coffin, reduced to a skeleton, which the kidney-fat weighed twenty the ikull reclined to the left or north

which measured fix feet three inches : pounds; and astonishing as it may ap. pear, the bare liver, only, weighed fide, with a quantity of long brown upwards of thirty-five pounds aver

hair which had fallen off it, but no dupoise. This hog had been shut up traces of envelope or cerecloth, nor in a pound to farten fince the 8th of any rings or other insignia. A liquor November last, and had been princi- covered the bottom of the inner coffin pally fed on ground corn.

On be to the depth of about four inches, which ginning to open him, very confi- on examination was found to be only derable quantity of water issued out

the moisture which had drained from of the abdomen, a:d the Aeth of his the body. On the king's coffin lay kidnies, instead of the natural red, another of wood, only much decayed, was of a white colour, and his liver which contained the skeleton of a wowas full of coarse, hard, and whitish man: who from the marks of age knobs.

about the skull, was supposed to be It is a fa&t known to hundreds of that of his queen, Elizabeth Widville, the inkabitants of Hackney, that the who died three years after him in connightingale has already been heard fe. finement at Bermondsey Abbey, and veral times in that neighbourhood. was probably buried with less pomp. The song of this bird fo early, and in The body of his fifth daughter Mary, so cold-a spring, is considered as very the only person of his family buried at

who died the year before him, and was uncommon. Perhaps a similar instance is not in the memory of man.

Windsor, was not in this vault, which A remarkable instance of fuperfeta. from various circumstances appeared tion has latelv occurred about a mile to have been opened and plundered at beyond Leixflip, Dublin : An ewe on

some former period. On the walls of the 15th of February last yeaned two the vault was written in chalk, in ablambs, and on the sth of this month, breviated characters of the time, Ed. eighteen days after, brought forth two

ward or Edwardus IV. and several more, all perfect.

names of workmen or asliftants at the At Newmarket, this month, has funeral. been taken in a trap, a very large kite,

Edward IV. died April 9, 1482, and on whose leg was a brass ring, inscribed was buried the 18th following in this Colonel Thornton, Thoinville, mana

chapel, whose foundation himself had ger of the confederate biwks of 1788.

laid. This kite had been then taken, and as is DEATHS OF EMINENT AND SINGU. the custom when an hawk affords great sport, was ringed and turned off; and Lately died at Paris, Madame de it is further held a duty, that if the Zuckmandes, a woman, whore inatersame kite should be taken by other fal- nal love no instance in history can equal. coners, they should put on him their She once had a son, whom the idolized, ring, and turn hin off likewise. and who leemed worthy of her tenderelt Some years ago an heron was ringed affection. Arrived at the age of rwenty in this way, which by a ring the years, and led away by companions of on hin, was proved to have been po great delicacy of chara&ter, he ac. taken before at Alicant.

companied them in their parties of dea



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bauch, of which he soon became the He was a very great friend of the vi&tim; he contracted a dreadful ma- late Dr. Moniey, of Chelsea Collezi, lady. The mother, alarmed at the with whom he had long been in the ftate of her son, attended him night stricteft intimacy. and day; but the medicines admini The circumstance to which the fa. fered to him, being given in doses too mily of the Duke of Leeds owed its strong for his habit of body, his blood consequence, is fully related in our reffels (welled, and burit in such a Review of the Life of Dr. Monicy, manner, that in a few minutes he was

page 134 drowned in his own blood : he stretched Admiral Sir Charles Douglas fel! out his arms, embraced his mother ten- down the latter end of this month in a derly, and gave up the ghost. Madame fit of apoplexy, as he was entering the Zuckmandes did not weep, nor did the Assembly-Room, at Edinburgh. "The consume ibe time in vain lamentations; purpuse of his journey to Scotland, wa the sent instantly for an able painter, to take leave of his friends, previous and made him draw the portrait of her to his departure for the Halifax ftation, fon, in the state in which he then was, in America ; to which the Lords of stretched upon the bed, his visage pale, the Admiralty had appointed him. He his eyes extinguihed, his body bathed was descended from an ancient and rein blood, and his arms extended to.' fpectable family in the county of Fife, wards his mother. When the painting and was originally in the Dutch service; was finished, the caused it to be placed nor was it without difficulty that he obin her bed-chamber, opposite to her tained rank in the English navy; His bed, and behind a curtain, which con. services are well known to all who are cealed it. She then took the linen that acquainted with the Naval History of was tinged with her fon's blood, and Great Britain. He had a conspicuous covered with it the sides of her cham. Share in many of the most brilliant ber, where the passed every moment of actions of the two Jalt wars. In the her life, that was not employed in the beginning of May 1776, when the care of her affairs. In this manner, River St. Laurence was frozen up, be this rare example of maternal tender. forced his way in the Ilis man of war, ness lived, for the space of eleven years. for fifty or fixty leagues, through thick At last, the wretched mother fell a vic fields of ice, and relieved Quebec, then tim to a grief that had preyed so long besieged by the Americans. By this upon her heart. At that moment in wonderful exertion, executed under ciwhich the was ready to breathe her cumstances of the most imminent danger, lalt, the collected all her strength, and and which would have appalled a mind said to those about her, · Draw the cur of less vigour and enterprize, the protain that is before me.' This was im vince of Canada was saved. For this mediately done, and the bleeding image great service, Captain Douglas was of her son appeared in view, to whom, created a Baronet of Great Britain. stretching out her arms, the cried, 0 But the most important benefit he dit my fon! O my beloved son! I follow his country, was, in the celebrated thee! I shall rejoin thee again !' and, battle on the 12th of April 1782, when in uttering these words, the tender mo- Admiral Rodney defeated the French ther breathed her last figh!

fleet in the Wcít Indies. Sir Charles The 23d died, at his house in St. Douglas ačied as first captain on board James's Square, in his seventy-sixth the admiral's ship; and the victory on year, his Grace the Most Noble Thomas that glorious day was, in a great mea

. Osborne, Duke of Leeds, Marquis of fure, attributed to his conduct and Caermarthen, Earl of Danby, Viscount skill. In 1787, Sir Charles was created Larimer and Dumblaine, Baron Osborne a rear admiral of the blue, with a of Kiveton, Knight of the Most Noble view to command a fleet, which was Order of the Garter, and one of His to have been sent to the coast of Hol. Majesty's Molt Honourable Privy. land, if war had then broke out with Council,


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