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and others; but this was no sooner served a better fate. The life of Fero known in the camp, thay rumours of nando de Castro was spared on account treachery were privately circulated. Be of his long attachinent and fidelity to that as it may, the unfortunate king, his sovereign. reduced to the last extremity, scarce any “ The governor of Montiel immewater left, his army defeated, himtelf diately surrendered the castle to Henry, deserted by his friends, and the few left who took him into favour, as he did all unable to assist him, in a fit of despair, others who submitted to him, rewarding finally resolved to go the tent of De generously his friends, as well foreignGuesclin. After a few words had paf. ers as his countrymen"; and with the sed, Peter suspecting his danger said, title of Henry the Second and the “ It is time to be gone ;” and was go. Bountiful, began his reign as King of ing to mount, when he was abruptly Caftile and Leon. told to stop. Suddenly Henry appeared, A violent opposition arose from armed at ‘all points, and came close to abroad ; the right of Henry to succeed, King Peter, who did not know him as a bastard, being ftrongly called in again, not having seen him for a long question : and many Castilians wens time; though some one said, “Sir, take into voluntary exile rather than submit care; your enemy is coming." Henry to him. on his part exclai ed, “ Where is that “The king of Portugal claimed the Jew who calls himself King of Caftile?” crown of Castile, as great grandson te Atthis the undaunted Peter, routed with King Sancho by Beatrix his daughter, indignation, instantly replied, “ Thou and fent a challenge to Henry: The art a traitor; I am Peter, King of Cal- kings of Navarre and Arragon likewise tile, lawful fon of King Alfonto!” and endeavoured to recover those places at the same moment grappled with Hen- which they thought they had a right Ty, and being the Itrongest threw him tod but the greatest storm seemed to be down; then laying his hand on his sword, from England, where John of Gaunty would certainly have killed him, had duke of Lancaster, ftiled himself King not at that moment the Viscount Roca- of Caftile; and not only demanded that berti (fome day it was De Guesclin) crown in right of Constance his wife, seized King Peier by the leg, and turn- daughter to Peter, but embarked for ing him on one side, gave an opportu- Spain, and headed an army to subltau-, nity to Henry to get uppermost ; who tiate his claim. drawing out a long poignard, plunged “ The late Peter, king of Canile, it into the boom of Peter, and, with was handsome in person, and of a fair the assistance of those present, immedi- complexion. He'had a night impediately killed him.

ment in his speech, and rather dam« Thus, by the hands of his bastard mered. What is fingular, the same debrother Henry, was miserably murder- feat is attributed to his cotemporary ed on the 23d of March 1369, in the Peter, king of Portugal. His consti36th year of his age, and 19th of his tution was robuft, and free from infirreign, the unfortunate Peter, king of mities, enduring alt manner of fatigue Caitile, the last malé heir of his line, without the least inconvenience. Like deseended from Rayinond, count of his father, he was fond of the chace, Burgundy, who, about the year 1100, which was the reigning passion of the maricd Urraca, daughter of Alfonso age. He was of an amorous dispoka VI. king of Castile.

tion, and extremely inclined to the fair “ The body of Peter was left for fex: suspicious, covetous, and fan. three days unburied, expoled to the peo- guine ; valiant wi:hal in the field, in ple, out of policy, that all ranks might contradiction to the general habits of be certain he was no more. With this those vices. Historians have said that unfortunate monarch there also fell two he was a strict dispenser of justice ; that gallant Englishmen, who were Nain for the country was free from robbers dur. having drawn their livords in his de. ing his reign; that evil-doers ttood in fence when grappling with Henry. These dread of him, and many quitted the were Sir Ralph Holmes and James kingdom ; for which his countrymer Rowland, whole fpirit and bravery de- ought to have acknowledged some obli

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gation in that ferocious age, when rob- furs, to be obtained in this uncultivated. bery and plunder were to common in part of the globe; and two vefleis, (the Europe, and scarcely considered as of King George and Queen Charlotte, to fences ; particularly in England, where be commanded by captains Dixon and they role to such a height, that it was as Portlock,) were purchased for carrying dangerous to travel there as among the the plan inco immediate execution. The Arahs ; in fomuch that Peter, king of furs were to be disposed of in China ; Cypruś and Jerusalem, who visited subject, however, io tlie controul of England abr.ut this time, viz. in 1363, the East India Company's supercargoes ; had been barbarously robbed on the in consequence of this consignment, highway, and itripped of his money both the thips were to be freighted home and baggage.

on the Company's account. The im. " King Peter is generally branded portance and practicabiliry of this trade with the cpithet of Cruel. Foreign was fuggested, during Caprain Cool's writers fèt no bounds to their acrimony lait voyage to the Pacitic Ocean; whesi and abuse. Marineo Vallini, an Italian furs were obtained at Cook's River, writer, calls Peter," a cruel and healt. Prince William's and King George's Jy king, whofe royal mind confitted of Sounds. This induced many foreign the most cruel tyranny; a perverse, in- adventurers to visit these places, in the toxicated monarch, the tyrant of Spain, hopes of valuable traffic: the present unworthy the name of a king." Yet voyage lias proved that this branch of after the passions of men were cooled, commerce is not ilolly confined to the and those were no more, who deprived Three hai bours pointed out by Captain him of his kingdom, and were inie. Cook, but extends equally to several rested in blackening his fame, he was other parts of the coast. In Cock's called El Justiciero. The same was River, Captain Dixon collected near also observed with resp:ct to Pett, fixty prime otter skins, about the same king of Portugal, of whom the Portu- quantity of an inferior kind, riventy gueze historians say, that he was by fine marmot cloaks, with jacoons, lume called The Cruel, by others Exé foxes, &c. fufficient to fill three puncutor of Justice; wisich latt title, they cheons. Captain Portlock collected add, more properly belonged to him. nearly the same quantity. The fare of both these king's was re When these ships had left Norfolk markable: the former was deprived of Sound, and were proceeding along the the realm of Cartile, and of his life, coalt, they met with a good and conveby his baftard brother Henry: and the nient harbuur; and, observing fome bastard son of the latter got possefliun Indians on the fore, they calt their of the kingdom of Portugal.

anchors, wiih a view 10 open a correfpondence with the inhabicants. We

will extract the author's account of A VOYAGE ROUND THE WORLD ; their success at this place. BUT MORE PARTICULARLY TO " A lcene now commenced, which

absolutely beggars all description, and AMERICA: PERFORMED IN 1785, with which we were so overjoyed, that 1786, 1787, AND 1788, IN THE we could scarcely believe the evidence KING GEORGE AND QUEEN CHAR

of our senses. There were ten canoes LOTTE,

about the thip, which contained, as BY CAPT. GEORGE nearly as I could estimate, 120 people ; DIXON. GOULDING. Il. ss. 1789. many of these brought mot hcautiful

beaver cloaks; others excelent skins, THIS voyage was undertaken and, in hort, none came empty-handed,

with a view to establish a fur aid the rapidity with which they sold trade on the North-West Coast of them, was a circumftance additionally America : in the spring of 1785, a fet p!efing;n they fairly quarrelled with af gentlemen procured a charter from each other abont which should sell his the South Sea Company (to whom the cloak firft; and fome actually threw exclusive privilege of trading to the Nor- 'their furs on board, if nobody was ac thera Pacific Ocean belongs) for the hand to receive them : but we took par. soke right of carry ing on the traffic of ticular care to let none go from the vef








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fel unpaid. Toes were almost the only mouth, where they constantly wear a article we bartered with on this occa- thick piece of wood; this custom is pefion, and indeed they were taken so very culiar to the women here and at Cape eagerly, that there was not ihe lealt Mulgrave, and is a mark of dillin Etion. occasion to offer any thing else. In less One of inele lip-pieces appearing to be than half an hour we purchafed near pecularly ornamented, Captain Dixon 300 beaver skins, of an excellent quali. wished to purchase it, and offered the ty; a circumstance which greatly raised old woman to whom it belonged a our spirits, and the more, as both the hatchet; but this the refused with cope plenty of fine furs, and the avidity of tempt : toes, basons, and several other the natives in parting with them, were articles were afterwards Mewn to her, convincing proofs, that no traffic and as cunftantly rejected. Our captain, whatever had recently been carried on begin now to delpair of making his near this place, and consequently we wilhed-tor purchase, and had cearly might expect a continuation of this given it up, when one of our people plentiful commerce. That thou mayest happening to liew the ld lady a few form fome idea of the cloaks we pur• buttons, which looked reinas kably chased here, I shall just observe, i hat bright, the eagerlv en braced the effer, they generally contain three goud sea- and was now altogether as ready to otter skins, one of which is cut in two part with her wooden ornament, a bepieces, afterwards they are neatly lewed fore she was desirous of keeping it. together, so as to form a square, and This curious lip piece measured three are loosely tied about the moulders and seven-eighth inches long, and twa with small leather strings fastened on and five-eighth inches in the wideft each fide,

part : it was inlaid wish a small pearly “ Next day several canoes came thell, round which was a sim of copper." alongside, but we knew them to be This pilt of the correspondence is · our friends whom we had traded with dated off Qu'en Charlerte's Islands,

the day before, and found that they in July 1987. Some days after the 'were stripped of every thing worth pur- occurrences above extracted, our voschafing.

agers being off another island on the Leaving this place, we failed along fame coatt, again met with the chief the coast for about thirty miles : a few whom they had presented with the car, days after, being off Queen's Charlotte's The account is as follows. Ilands, five canoes came alongside, “ Carly in the afternoon we law fe. containing about thirty-eight o forty veral canoes coming from More, and people, from wl om we purchased tome by three o'clock we had no less than very good clo ks, and a few good eighteen alongside, containing more fins : tin kettles and pewter balons than 200 people, chiefly men : this was were the articles which these Indians pot only ihe greatest concourse of travalued moft. In one of the canoes was ders we had seen, but what rendered an old man, who appeared to have some the circumstance additionally pleasing, authority over the rest, though he had was the quantity of excellent furs they nothing to dispose of: he gave us to brought us, our trade now being equal, understand, that in another part of these if not superior to that we had previo islands, (pointing to the eastward) he ously met with, boulin number of skins, could procure plenty of furs for us, on and the facility with which the natives which Captain Dixon gave him a light- traded, so that all of us were busily horseman's cap: this present added employed, and our articles of traffic greatly to his consequence, and pro- exhibiied in the greatest variety; toes, cured him ihe envy of his companions hatchets, howels, tin kettles, pewie in the other canoes, who beheld the cap basons, brals pans, buckles, knives, with a longing eye, and seemed to wish rings, &c. being preferred by turns, it in their poffeffion,

according to the fancy of our numerous “ There were likewise a few women vifitants. amongst them, who all seemed pretty “ Amongst these traders was the old well advanced in years ; their underchief, whom we had seen on the other lips were distorted, by an aperture made fide these islands, and who now appear. in them in a linç parallel with the ing to be a person of the fisit cons


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quence, Captain Dixon permitted him apparently strong and muscular; his to come on board. The moment he got eyes were large and gogling, and seem. on the quarter deck he began to tell a ed ready to start out of their sockets ; long story, the purport of which was, his forehead deeply wrinkled, not merethat he had lost in battle the cap which ly by age, but from a continual frown: we had given him; and to convince us all this, joined to a long visage, hollow how true this story was, he shewed us cheeks, high elevated cheekbones, and several wounds he had received in de. a natural ferocity of temper, formed a fending his property : notwithstanding countenance not easily beheld withouc this, he begged for another cap, inti- fome degree of emotion : however, he mating at the same time, that he would proved very useful in conducting our never lose it but with his life. Our

trafic with his people, and the intellicaptain, willing to gratify his ambition, gence he gave us, and the methods he made him a present of another cap, and took to make himself understood, shewed we presently found it was not beltowed him to possess a strong natural capacity. in vain, for he became extremely use. “ Besides the large quantity of fure ful to us in our traffic; whenever any we got from this party, (at least 350 dispute or mistake arose in the unavoid. skins) they brought several racoon able hurry occasioned by so great a cloaks, each cloak conffting of seven number of traders, they always refer racoon kins, neatly fewed together : red the matter to him, and were con- they had also a good quantity of oil in Kantly fatisfied with his determination, bladders of various sizes, from a pint

“ On oor pointing to the całtward, to near a gallon, which we purchased and asking the old man whether we for rings and buttons; this oil appear fhould meet with any furs there, he ed to be of a mof excellent kind for gave us to understand, that it was a the lamp, was perfectly sweet, and different nation from his, and that he chiefly collected from the fat of anidid nor even understand their langu.ige,

mals.” but was always at war with them ; that The author's account of the disposal he had killed great numbers, and had of the whole cargo at China, will point many of their heads in his poffesfion. out the success of the voyage, with re" The old fellow seemed to take par spect to the commercial part

of it. ticular pleasure in relating these cir. “ At the time our voyage was first cumstances, and cook uncommon pains set on foot, China was the market fixed to make us comprehend his meaning i on for the disposal of whatever furs we he closed his relation with advising us might procure ; and at the same time it not to come near that part of the coast, was judged of no small contequence to for that the inhabitants would certainly procure a freight from thence. An destroy us. I endeavourcd to learn how agreement with the East India Comthey disposed of the bodies of their ene pany was accordingly made ; our furs mies who were flain in battle; and were to be sold to their supercargoes at though I could not underltand the a fair price, or left in their hands for chief clearly enough positively to assert, them to dispose of at a future opportuthat they are fealted on by the vic- nity, and they were to have a certain tors; yet there is too much reason to per centage on whatever suin of money fear, that this horrid custoin is practised they might fetch. on this part of the coast: the heads are "No sooner were the skins landed at always preserved as standing trophies our factory, than a particular account of vi&tory

of them was taken by a set of merchants “Of all the Indians we had seen, belonging to the Customs, and who (I this chief had the most favage aspect, understand) give security to the empeand his whole appearance fufficiently ror for the duty being paid : another marked him as a proper person to lead account was lakin by people employed a tribe of capnibals. His stature was by Mr. Browne for that purpose. above the common fize; his body fpare “ Our skins being properly assorted, and thin, and though at first light he the quantity fixed on to be disposed of appeared lank and emaciated, yet his by Mr. Browne was 2,552 sea-otter fapp was bold and firm, and his limbs kins, 434 cub, and 34 fox skins.

“ The

" The remainder of our carço, which must close with the paltry offers which consisted of 1,080 beaver tails, fundry the Hong-Merchants had made to the in different pieces of beaver skins and supercargoes, or be under the necesity cloaks, 110 fur seals, about 150 land of leaving our furs in their hands una beaver, 6c fine cloaks of the earless disposed of; this both parties knew we marn ot'; together with sundry racoon, willed to avoid, if possible. Mean fox, lynx, &c. were left to be disposed while, some of the refufe which they of by our captains in the best manner had left for 11s to dispose of, sold to they were able; probably for no other confiderable advantage; the 1,080 tails rezion than to furnilli them with money fold for two dollars each; the fur feals for their current expences, and no doubt for five dollars each, and a small par. expedling what they had left would be cel of rubbish for fifty-five dollars. barely fufficient for that purpose. “ On the 26th, our principal furs,

" In regard to the sale of our furs, viz, the 2,552 olter ; 434 cub, and 34 I should first observe, that there is at fox, were told and delivered to the East Canton a company of wealthy, mer

India Company's supercar goes, for chants, called 'the Hong-Merchants, 50,000 dollars." with whom our East India Company The writer of these letters has are transact all their business, and purchase tempted to delineate the character and from them the whole of the tea and manners of the various people which he chinaware sent to Great Britain. To had an opportunity of obferving in these peopleour furs were offered, with the progress of this voyage. His dean expectation of their immediately, scription of the customs of the inhabi. taking them off our hands at an advan tants of some of the Sandwich Ilands, tageous price; but here we were woe- will afford much entertainment. fully disappointed, and we found, to In a bay called by the natives our cost, the sad mistake of our owners, Whitette Bay, we were supplied with in appointing the supercargoes to have hogs and vegetables in tolerable plenty; the fole disposal of their property; for but no women were suffered to come the moment these Hong-Merchants had on board the ships : the realon was, a looked the skins over, and fixed a value woman had been detected eating pork on them, no other merchant durft in on board one of the vessels. It seems terfere in the purchase : indeed, as the the women are always tattooed for eatquantity above-mentioned was not suf- ing pork on thore; and breaking through fered to be divided, there were not ma restrictions of this fort is reckoned a ny people except these Hong- Merchants crime of the first magnitude: nay, we who had it in their power to buy so were assured that the poor wreich had large a parcel, and advance the money fallen a viction to the laws of her counimmediately: add to this, the duty on try, and had actually been offered as a merchandize in the port of Canton facrifice, to appease, I suppose, the feems not to be regulated by any fixed wrath of their gods, for so heinous a rule, but rests in a great measure in the criine. breasts of those appointed by the Hoppo " At Atoui, one of the Sandwich to lay it on, and who fix it higlier or Inands, which we visited two fucceeding lower at pleasure. With these people years, we had cultivated the efteer of the the Hong-Merchants have great influ king, and the chiefs of the island : ence; fo that had any indifferent person among these was one whom we nick. been at liberty to purchase our rains, named Longshanks, on account of the an I dispused to give us an advantageous peculiarity of his person. This man price for them, the fear of having an being naturally curious and inquisitive, enorinous duty to pay, would at once he now took an oppo tunity of going deter hin from any attempt of the amongst the tailors to ask a number of kind; this we found furielly verified questions about the voyage. On going more than once.

down between decks, he met with the “ In this poor situation were we with carpenter, who had been troubled with a respect to the fale of our cargo, during lingering disorder for a considerable time, the month of December, and the great and at present was very weak and poósa eit past of Januery 1758; either we ly. His pale countenance and emaciated

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