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" No less frequently priests and sorcerers who fail in performing miracles save their reputation by accusing other persons of having, by secret necromancies, frustrated their endeavours. Among the aborigines of New South Wales, " although the operations... "
The Origin of Priesthood - Side 133
af Gunnar Landtman - 1905 - 217 sider
Fuld visning - Om denne bog

Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and ..., Bind 14

...it is perhaps fortunate for these gentlemen that the plan of remuneration is not payment by results. Although the operations of the rainmaker so often...success to the counteracting influence of an enemy. In the Ta-ta-thi tribe the rainmaker uses a piece of transparent quartz, which he wraps up in emu feathers,...
Fuld visning - Om denne bog

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