The Spraying of Plants: A Succinct Account of the History, Principles and Practice of the Application of Liquids and Powders to Plants for the Purpose of Destroying Insects and Fungi

Macmillan, 1897 - 399 sider
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Side 376 - ... moth, or other insects that are destructive to trees, and praying that a Commission be appointed by them, whose duty it shall be to supervise their destruction, as herein provided, the Board of Supervisors shall, within twenty days thereafter, select three Commissioners for the county, to be known as a County Board of Horticultural Commissioners.
Side 379 - ... fruit boxes and packages, and other material or transportable articles dangerous to orchards, fruit or fruit trees, said Board may make regulations for the quarantining, inspection, and disinfection thereof, which said regulations shall be circulated by the Board in printed form among the fruit growers and fruit dealers of the State, shall be published at least four successive times in some daily or weekly paper in each county in the State, before the same shall be in force therein, and shall...
Side 84 - Heat the solution of soap and add it boiling hot to the kerosene. Churn the mixture by means of a force-pump and spray-nozzle for five or ten minutes. The emulsion, if perfect, forms a cream, which thickens on cooling, and should adhere without oiliness to the surface of glass. Dilute, before using, one part of the emulsion with nine parts of cold water. The above formula gives three gallons of emulsion, and makes, when diluted, thirty gallons of wash.
Side 378 - ... or both, in the discretion of the court; and any justice of the peace of the township where such fruit is sold, shipped, or disposed of, as aforesaid, shall have jurisdiction thereof.
Side 375 - SECTION 1. Whenever a petition is presented to the Board of Supervisors of any county, and signed by twenty-five or more persons, each of whom is a...
Side 104 - Bordeaux mixture. — Dissolve 6 pounds of sulphate of copper in 16 gallons of water; in another vessel slake 4 pounds of lime in 6 gallons of water. When the latter mixture has cooled pour it slowly into the copper solution, care being taken to mix the fluids thoroughly by constant stirring.
Side 377 - Porthetria. vide and carry into execution all possible and reasonable measures to prevent the spreading and to secure the extermination of the ocneria dispar or gypsy moth in this Commonwealth...
Side 380 - The expense thereof shall be a county charge, and the county court shall allow and pay the same out of the general fund of the county. Any and all sums so paid shall be and become a lien on the property and premises from which said nuisance...
Side 375 - ... possessors of an orchard, or both, stating that certain or all orchards or nurseries, or trees of any variety are infested with scale insects of any kind injurious to fruit...
Side 379 - For the purpose of preventing the spread of contagious disease among fruit and fruit trees, and for the prevention, treatment, cure, and extirpation of fruit pests and the diseases of fruit...

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