Chen Duxiu's Last Articles and Letters, 1937-1942

Gregor Benton
Routledge, 18. sep. 2018 - 180 sider

This book, first pubished in 1998, collects the final letters and articles of Chen Duxiu (1879-1942). He founded the Chinese Communist Party in 1921, after a revolutionary career in the movement that overthrew the Manchus and brought in the Republic. Between 1915 and 1919, he had led the New Culture Movement that electrified student youth and laid the intellectual foundations for modern China, and he also helped found the Chinese Trotskyist Opposition, which he then led. Between his release from prison in 1937 and his death in 1942, he wrote the pieces collected here.


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Foreword by Wang Fanxi
Editors Introduction
A Note on the Texts and on Recent Studies of Chen Duxiu
Letter to Leon Trotsky
Letter to Xiliu
Letter to
Zheng Chaolin Chen Duxiu Had No Wish to Rejoin the Chinese Communist Party on Leaving Prison
Leon Trotsky Letter to Frank Glass 3 Chen Duxiu My Feelings on the Death of Mr Cai Jiemin 4 Gao Yuhan Oration at the Funeral of Mr Chen Duxiu...
Xiao Ke Preface to the Collected Poems of Chen Duxiu Glossary

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