Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York, Bind 5;Bind 100,Oplag 5

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Side 105 - And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth : and it was so.
Side 99 - When I view all beings not as special creations, but as the lineal descendants of some few beings which lived long before the first bed of the Cambrian system was deposited, they seem to me to become ennobled.
Side 7 - The Legislature shall provide for filling vacancies in office, and in case of elective officers, no person appointed to fill a vacancy shall hold his office by virtue of such appointment longer than the commencement of the political year next succeeding the first annual election after the happening of the vacancy.
Side 241 - Whatever, in connection with my professional practice, or not in connection with it, I see or hear, in the life of men, which ought not to be spoken of abroad, I will not divulge, as reckoning that all such should be kept secret. While I continue to keep this Oath unviolated, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and the practice of the art, respected by all men, in all times. But should I trespass and violate this Oath, may the reverse be my lot.
Side 82 - Canst thou not minister to a mind diseas'd, Pluck from the memory a rooted sorrow, Raze out the written troubles of the brain, And with some sweet oblivious antidote Cleanse the stuff 'd bosom of that perilous stuff, Which weighs upon the heart ? Doct.
Side 104 - In fact the whole process of evolution is the manifestation of a Power absolutely inscrutable to the intellect of man. As little in our day as in the days of Job can man by searching find this Power out.
Side 306 - At the annual meeting of the Eclectic Medical Society of the State of New York...
Side 161 - I am constrained by a sense of public duty to call the attention of the Legislature to the importance of providing some proper agency for the management of the State loans already authorized or hereafter to be authorized by the State. At present the exclusive and unrestricted negotiation and management of loans as well as the sale of all...
Side 12 - Laws shall be made for ascertaining, by proper proofs, the citizens who shall be entitled to the right of suffrage hereby established, and for the registration of voters; which registration shall be completed at least ten days before each election.
Side 348 - CLASS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED COMPETENT FOR, THEIR DUTIES TILL THEY HAVE GIVEN PROOF OF POSSESSING A GENERAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONS OF THE HUMAN BODY, AND OF THE LAWS OF HEALTH. Were proof required of all teachers that they possessed such knowledge, before they were intrusted with the care and education of youth, schools of all classes would be driven to make Physiology a part of their regular course of instruction. Within the last few years, Physiology, in...

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