Lord Byrons Mazeppa: Eine studie von dr. D. Englaender

Mayer & Müller, 1897 - 96 sider

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Side 90 - And I have felt the winter's spray Wash through the bars when winds were high And wanton in the happy sky; And then the very rock hath rock'd, And I have felt it shake unshock'd, Because I could have smiled to see The death that would have set me free.
Side 81 - gan stir, With a short uneasy motion Backwards and forwards half her length With a short uneasy motion. Then, like a pawing horse let go, She made a sudden bound: It flung the blood into my head, And I fell down in a swound.
Side 59 - Tis vain to struggle — let me perish young — Live as I lived, and love as I have loved ; To dust if I return, from dust I sprung, And then, at least, my heart can ne'er be moved.
Side 89 - Tiberis lavit: cedes, et exstructis in ahum divitiis potietur heres. divesne prisco natus ab Inacho nil interest an pauper et infima de gente sub divo moreris, victima nil miserantis Orci: omnes eodem cogimur, omnium versatur urna serius ocius sors exitura et nos in aeternum exilium impositura cumbae.
Side 91 - I took that hand which lay so still — Alas! my own was full as chill; I had not strength to stir, or strive, But felt that I was still alive — A frantic feeling, when we know That what we love shall ne'er be so. I know not why I could not die, I had no earthly hope, — but faith, And that forbade a selfish death.
Side 81 - I looked to Heaven, and tried to pray; But or ever a prayer had gusht, A wicked whisper came, and made My heart as dry as dust.
Side 41 - For all behind was dark and drear, And all before was night and fear. How many hours of night or day In those suspended pangs I lay, I could not tell ; I scarcely knew If this were human breath I drew.
Side 81 - How long in that same fit I lay, I have not to declare; But ere my living life returned, I heard and in my soul discerned Two voices in the air. "Is it he?
Side 77 - The ice was here, the ice was there, The ice was all around: It cracked and growled, and roared and howled, Like noises in a swound...

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