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of round spots about an inch and a quarter in diameter. After this the gnatoo is exposed one night to the dew, and the next day being dried in the sun, it is packed up in bales, to be used when required. When gnatoo is not printed or stained, it is called tapa,

Mr. Mariner's work contains many other particulars of considerable interest respecting the habits of the people, their kind treatment of the weaker sex, the modesty of the women, their care of their children, &c. to detail which would too much interrupt the narrative of this voyage. I must therefore here take leave of my worthy friends in Tonga, and resume my journal.




28th August 1827.— Fine trade weather. At 9 A.M., being near the situation assigned to the island of Onooafow, or Probey Island of the Pandora on Arrowsmith's chart, on which chart the track of the Pandora in 1791 is laid down, I bore away for it to N.W.

At noon our latitude observed was 16° 12' S., and longitude by main of three eight-day chronometers 175° 42' W. This situation would place the ship thirteen miles to the south-eastward of Onooafow, I therefore steered a north-west course for it nineteen and a-half miles, which would place us in the latitude of the island, and then steered west seventeen

but not seeing any thing of land I bore away.

The situation assigned to the above island in Arrowsmith's chart, as laid down by the Pandora, is 15° 59' S., and longitude 175° 52 W.; and that allotted to it in Malham's Naval Gazetteer is 15° 46° S., and longitude 175° 15' W. If such an island does exist, the latter situation will most likely be found cor

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rect, as I can safely vouch for its non-existence in the former.

29th.Fine trades as usual. At noon the latitude observed was 14° 10 S., longitude 176° 56' W.; a situation which would place us eighty miles to the eastward of an island laid down under the name of “ Forlorn Hope,” in latitude 14° 16 S., and longitude 176° 56' w, in Norie's Nautical Tables for the year 1810, page 244, under the head of latitude and longitude of places. I steered for this island W.į southwardly forty-one and a half miles ; when the sun being setting, I had a clear view of the horizon for ten leagues all round, but could discover nothing like land.

In the chart on which the Pandora's track is laid down, there is an island placed in latitude 14° 13' S. and longitude 178° W., said to have been visited by the above ship, and named “ Horn Island of Schouton,” “ Foodoonattoo,” or “ Island Perdio” of Bougainville, in A.D. 1769. This is most likely the Forlorn Hope of Norie; as I can assert, without fear of contradiction, that no such island is now to be found in the situation he has assigned to his “ Forlorn Hope."

My Tonga friends still continued extremely sea-sick, nor could I prevail upon them to take any nourishment.

Our sago, tea, and hot

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brandy and water, they regard as so many poisonous compositions.

30th.-Strong trades. The latitude observation at noon was 12° 50' S., longitude 178° 40 W. At midnight crossed the opposite meridian to Greenwich for the second time since sailing from New Zealand.

The second officer reported to me this morning, that at 1 A.M. he detected a seaman named Johnson, whom I had shipped at Port Jackson, and who was stationed upon the forecastle to look out for danger, asleep. As I was determined to root out such dangerous practices, which are in direct violation of all discipline, and a positive infraction of the articles of agreement which every man on board ship connected with the management of its course is bound most inviolably to adhere to, I ordered the boatswain to start him with a rope's-end ; and further, with a view to deter others from the like misconduct, I threatened to put Johnson on shore at the first island we made, which however it was not my intention to carry into effect. This complaint being made by so inveterate a sleeper as the second officer, certainly gave me hopes that he intended for the future to be more on the alert himself; yet it would not have detracted from my good opinion of that officer, had he, instead of reporting him to

me, overlooked the man's first offence, and admonished him, as a reclaimed sinner might well have done to an erring brother.

31st.–Very strong trades throughout the day. Latitude observed at noon 12° 25' S, longitude 178° 36' E. This situation would give the ship’s distance at noon from Rothuma Island ninetyone miles, if it be laid down correctly, its situation in the charts, nautical tables, and Naval Gazetteer being 12° 30 S., and 177° E. longitude. At 8 P.M. inhauled small sails and up courses, so as not to reach the island before daylight, our distance from its situation being thirty-six miles. At 11} P.M. the island of Rothuma was seen from the deck, bearing S.W. by W.

1st September.—Moderate trades with cloudy weather. Shortly after daybreak we set all plain sail and stood in for the land, which had a beautiful verdant appearance, with plantations and houses from the sea-side to the summit of the highest hills. Close to the beach several large houses were strewed, at short distances, among the cocoa-nut and bread-fruit tress.

On approaching the north-east point of the island we perceived two small islets extending from the shore about a mile, and connected with it by a reef of rocks., From behind these isles two canoes came out, paddled by twelve

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