The history, topography and antiquities of the county and city of Limerick, by P. Fitzgerald (and J.J. M'Gregor) 2 vols, Bind 2


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Side xxvii - ... obedience, and their and every of their heirs, shall hold, possess and enjoy all and every their estates of free-hold, and inheritance, and all the rights, titles, and...
Side xxix - Protestants, and for preventing the ruin of the said John Brown, and for satisfaction of his creditors, at the instance of the Lord Lucan, and the rest of the persons aforesaid, it is agreed, that the said lords justices and...
Side xxvii - ... as are consistent with the laws of Ireland ; or as they did enjoy in the reign of King Charles the Second -, and their Majesties, as soon as their affairs will permit them to summon a Parliament in this kingdom, will endeavour to procure the said Roman Catholics such further security in that particular, as may preserve them from any disturbance upon the account of their said religion.
Side xxix - The Lords Justices and General do promise to use their utmost Endeavours, that all the persons comprehended in the abovementioned Articles, shall be protected and defended from all Arrests and Executions for Debt or Damage, for the space of eight months, next ensuing the Date hereof.
Side 554 - Catch then, O ! catch the transient hour, Improve each moment as it flies ; Life's a short summer — man a flower : He dies — alas ! how soon he dies ! THE WINTER'S WALK.
Side 553 - CONDEMN'D to Hope's delusive mine, As on we toil from day to day, By sudden blasts or slow decline Our social comforts drop away.
Side xxvii - James, or those authorised by him, to grant the same in the several counties of Limerick, Clare, Kerry, Cork, and Mayo, or any of them ; and all the commissioned officers in their Majesties...
Side xxix - Tyrconnel and Lord Lucan took away the effects the said John Brown had to answer the said debts, and promised to clear the said John Brown of the said debts ; which effects were...
Side xxx - Irish troops, or to the French officers, or other particular persons whatsoever, be robbed, destroyed, or taken away by the troops of the said general, the said general will order it to be restored, or payment to be made according to the value that is given in upon oath by the person so robbed or plundered ; and the said Irish troops to be transported as...
Side 618 - In the upper terrace there was an engine, or kind of pump, by which water was drawn up out of the river, and from thence the whole garden was watered. In the spaces between the several arches, upon which this whole structure rested, were large and magnificent apartments, that were very light, and had the advantage of a beautiful prospect.

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