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It is not necessary for




Physician to live

In a large city in order to be well dressed. Most men who are professional require good and stylish clothes, and most of them have trouble in getting what they want, especially those who do not live in or near our large cities. We have made a special department for the making of clothes for physicians who send their orders by mail. Our Professional Garments are in use in every part of the United States, and are eminently satisfactory. We are making them better and better every year; we find it pays-so do the physicians who deal with us.

Our specially is Doctors' Black English Thibet, strong and durable; does not wear threadbare or shine-always looks neat and dressy. A Walking-Coat Suit costs $20.50, a Sack-Coat Suit $18.00, an Overcoat $16.00, and so on. Nobody ever complained of these prices after the result was shown. Cut out this advertisement, and send it to us with your



..and we will send you a sample free with full particulars, with instructions for self-measurement, fashion-plate, etc.

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