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A. D. 33.
JOHN XVII. 11-14.

A. D. 33. LORD, the Holy One in Israel, xxxix. which we think to be less honourable, 7. And they rest not day and night, upon these we bestow more abundant saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God honour; and our uncomely parts have Almighty, which was, and is, and is more abundant comeliness. For our to come, Rev. iv. 8.

comely parts have no need: but God See on Matt. vii. ver. 21. clause 4. hath tempered the body together,

Who are kept by the power of having given more abundant honour God through faith unto salvation, to that part which lacked : That there ready to be revealed in the last time, should be no schism in the body ; but 1 Pet. i. 5. Jude, the servant of Je-thut the members should have the sus Christ, and brother of James, to same care one for another. And whethem that are sanctified by God the ther one member suffer, all the memFather, and preserved in Jesus Christ, bers suffer with it; or one member be and called, Jude 1.

honoured, all the members rejoice eSee on chap. vi. ver. 37. clause 1. with it. Now ye are the body of

Now the God of patience and Christ, and members in particular, consolation grant you to be like- xii. 12—27. Endeavouring to keep minded one toward another, accord- the unity of the Spirit in the bond of ing to Christ Jesus ; That ye may peace. There is one body, and one with one mind and one mouth glorify Spirit, even as ye are called in one God, even the Father of our Lord hope of your calling; One Lord, one Jesus Christ, Rom. xv. 5, 6. Now I faith, one baptism, Eph. iv. 3—5. See beseech you, brethren, by the name also on chap. x. ver. 16. clause 2. of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all & See on chap. X. ver. 30. speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that

VER. 12. ye be perfectly joined together in the Οτι ήμην μετ' αυτών εν τω κόσμου, εγώ same mind and in the same judg. Stúpour autous en tem byázeari sou o dément, 1 Cor. i. 10. For as the body doxas Mon épuraça, yai odais avtay is one, and hath many members, and á TÍMETO, ei pea o vlös tñs å7wAsiaa inah all the members of that one body, γραφή πληρωθή. being many, are one body: so also is

While I was with them in the world, Christ. For by one Spirit are we all I kept them in thy name: a those that baptized into one body, whether we thon gavest me I have kept, und none be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be of them is lost, but the son of perdition ; bond or free; and have been all made

é that the Scripture might be fulfilled. to drink into one Spirit. For the body is not one member, but many. If the a See on chap. vi. ver. 37. clause 1. foot shall say, Because I am not the b See on chap. vi. ver. 39. clause 3. hand, I am not of the body; is it

c See on Matt. i. ver. 24. therefore not the body? And if the ear shall say, Because I am not the

VER. 13. eye, I am not of the body; is it there Νύν δε σρός σε έρχομαι, και ταύτα fore not of the body? If the whole λαλώ εν τω κόσμο, ένα έχωσι την χαράν body were an eye, where were the hear- την εμήν πεπληρωμένην εν αυτοίς. ing. If the whole were hearing, where And a now come I to thee; and these were the smelling? But now bath things I speak in the world, that they God set the members every one of might have my joy fulfilled in theinselves. them in the body, as it hath pleased bim. And if they were all one mem

a See on chap. vii. ver. 33. ber, where were the body? But now

o See on chap. xv. ver. 11. are they many members, yet but one

VER. 14. body. And the eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of thee:

'Εγώ δέδωκα αυτοϊς τον λόγον σου, και nor again the head to the feet, I have • nóopos šuíoncs aitwùs, őzi cix sieu ix no need of you. Nay, much more

του κόσμου, καθώς εγώ ουκ ειμι έκ του those members of the body, which 465

pecu. seem to be more feeble, are neces. *I have given them bthy word; cand sary: And those members of the body, the world hath hated them, because they

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A. D. 33

JOHN XVII. 14–22.

A. D. 33.

are not of the world, even as I am not

VER. 18. of the world.

Καθώς έμε απέστειλας εις τον κόσμον, , a See on Matt. xiii. ver. 11. clause 1. raya å wistiida aŭtcùs els tòx xóopoy. See on chap. vii. ver. 16.

a As thou hast sent me into the world, c See on Matt. v. ver. 10. clause 1.

even b so have I also sent them into the See on chap. xv. ver. 19.

world, VER. 15.

a See on chap. viii. ver. 32. clause 3.

b See on Matt. ix. ver. 38. clauses Ουκ έρωτώ ένα άρης αυτούς εκ του κόσ

2, 3. μου· αλλ' ίνα τηρήσης αυτούς εκ του πο

VER. 19. νηρού. .

Και υπέρ αυτών εγώ αγιάζω εμαυτόν . I pray not that thou shouldest take ένα και αυτοί ώσιν ηγιασμένοι εν αληθεία. them out of the world, a but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.

And for their sakes a I sanctify my.

self, that they also might be sanctified a See on Matt. vi. ver. 13. clause 2. through the truth. VER. 16.

* Or, truly sanctified. 'Εκ του κόσμου ουκ εισί, καθώς εγώ εκ

a See on chap. iv. ver. 34. clause 1. του κόσμου ούκ ειμί. .

b Sanctify them through thy truth,

ver. 17. Who gave himself for us, a They are not of the world, even as I that he might redeem us from all iniam not of the world.

quity, and purify unto himself a pecua See on chap. xv. ver. 19. liar people, zealous of good works,

Tit. ii. 14.
VER. 17

VER. 20. "Αγίασον αυτούς εν τη αληθεία σου» ο λό Ου περί τούτων δε έρωτώ μόνον, αλλά γος και σος αλήθειά έστι.

και περί των πιστευσόντων δια του λόγου

αυτών εις εμέ» a Sanctify them through thy truth : b thy word is truth.

Neither pray I for these alone, but

for them also which shall believe on me a See on Luke i. ver. 75. The words of the LORD are pure

through their word; words : as silver tried in a furnace of

VER. 21. earth, purified seven times, Psal. xii.

"Ινα σάντες εν ώσι, καθώς συ πάτερ 6. Concerning thy testimonies, I have ev emai, vaiyã in col, isa rai avtoi ev nueño known of old that thou hast founded you iva o nás pos mistaúon 7 TI OÚ pe them for ever, cxix. 152. Heaven

απέστειλας. and earth shall pass away, but my

. words shall not pass away, Matt

, xxiv. That they all may be one : as thou, 35. In whom ye also trusted, after Father, art in me, and I in thee, that that ye heard the word of truth, the they also may be one in us: b that the Gospel of your salvation : in whom world may believe that thou hast sent me. also, after that


a See on ver. 11. clause 6. sealed with that Holy Spirit of pro b See on chap. X. ver. 30. mise, Eph. i. 13. Study to sbew thy c But these are written, that ye self approved anto God, a workman might believe that Jesus is the Christ, that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly the Son of God; and that believing dividing the word of truth, 2 Tim. ii. ye might have life through his name, 15. Seeing ye have purified your John XX. 31. souls in obeying the truth through the

VER. 22. Spirit unto unfeigaed love of the brethren, see that ye love one another para auroie iva cow @v, sacàs nuesīs év

Και εγώ την δόξαν ήν δέδωκάς μοι, δέwith a pure heart fervently: Being born again, not of corruptible seed,

έσμεν. . but of incorruptible, by the word of And the glory which thme gavest me, God, which liveth and abideth for I have given them; that they may be ever, 1 Pet. i. 22, 23.

one, even as we are one.

ye were

Α. D. 33.

JOHN XVII. 23-26.-ΧνΙΙ. 1-5.

Α. D. 33.

2, 3.

VER. 23.

And a I have declared unto them thy

name, and will declare it: b that the love "Εγώ εν αυτοίς, και συ εν εμοί, ίνα ώσι wherewith thou hast loved me may be in τετελειωμένοι εις έν, και ένα γινώσκη ο κόσ- them, o and in them. μος ότι σύ με απέστειλας, και ηγάπησας αυτούς, καθώς έμε ηγάπησας.

a See on Matt. xi. ver. 27. clauses a I in them, b and thou in me, that

b See on chap. xiv. ver. 21. clause 2. they may be made perfect in one ; and

c See on chap. vi. ver. 56. that the world may know that thou hast sent me,

d and hast loved them, as thou CHAP. XVIII.- VER. 1. hast loved me.

Ταύτα είπών ο Ιησούς, εξήλθε συν τοις a See on chap. vi. ver. 56.

μαθηταίς αυτού πέραν του χειμάρρου των b See on chap. X. ver. 30.

Κέδρων, όπου ήν κήπος, εις δν εισήλθεν αυ• See on ver. 11. clause 6.

της και οι μαθηταί αυτού. See on chap. xiv, ver. 21. clause 2.

When Jesus had spoken these words,

a he went forth with his disciples over VER. 94.

the brook Cedron, where was a garden, Πάτερ, ους δέδωκάς μοι, θέλω ένα όπου και into the which he entered, and his disciείμι εγώ, κακείνοι ώσι μετ' εμού: ένα θεω

ples. ρώσι την δόξαν την εμήν ήν έδωκάς


a See on Luke xxii. ver. 39.
ηγάπησάς με πρό καταβολής κόσμου.
a Father, I will that they also, b whom

VER. 2. thou hast given me,

cbe with me where I "Ήδει δε και Ιούδας, και παραδιδούς αυum ; that they may behold my glory, τον, τον τόπον, ότι πολλάκις συνήχθη και which thou hast given me : for thos | 'Ιησούς εκεί μετά των μαθητών αυτού. lovedst me before the foundation of the And Judas also, which betrayed him, world.

knew the place : for Jesus oft-times rea See on Matt. vii. ver. 21. clause 4. sorted thither with his disciples. See on chap. vi. ver. 37. clause 1.

VER. 3. © See on chap. xii.ver. 26. clause 3. And now, Father, glorify thou

“ο ούν Ιούδας λαβών της σπείρας, και me with thine own self with the glory εκ των 'Αρχιερέων και Φαρισαίων υπηρέwhich I had with thee before the | τας, έρχεται εκεί μετά φαγών και λαμπάworld was, ver. 5.

δων και όπλων. VER. 25.

Judas then, a having received a band Πάτερ δίκαιε, και ο κόσμος σε ουκ έγνω, Priests and Pharisees, cometh thither with

of men, and officers from the Chief εγώ δε σε έγνων, και ούτοι έγνωσαν ότι συ tanterns and torches and weapons. με απέστειλας.

a See on Matt. xxvi. ver. 47. O a righteous b Father, cthe world hath not known thee: d but I have known

VER. 4. thee, e and these have known that thou

Ιησούς ούν ειδώς πάντα τα έρχόμενα hast sent me.

επ' αυτόν, έξελθών είπεν αυτοίς· Τίνα ζηa See on ver. 11. clause 2. b See on Matt. vii, ver. 21. clause 4. See on chap. vii. ver. 28. clause 3. that should come upon him, went forth,

Jesus therefore, a knowing all things . See on Matt. xi. ver. 27. clause 3.

and said unto them, Whom seek ye? e Now are we sure that thou know

* See on Matt. xvi. ver. 21. clause 1. est all things, and needest not that any man should ask thee ; by this we

VER. 5. believe that thou camest forth from God, John xvi. 30.

'Απεκρίθησαν αυτώ· Ιησούν τον Ναζα

ραίον. Λέγει αυτούς ο Ιησούς: Εγώ είμι. VER. 26.

Είστηκει δε και Ιούδας και παραδιδούς αυΚαι έγνώρισα αυτούς το όνομά σου, και τον, μετ' αυτών. γνωρίσω ίνα η αγάπη ην ηγάπησάς με, εν They answered him, Jesus of Nasaαυτούς και, καγώ εν αυτοίς.

reth. Jesus saith unto them, I am he.


their way :


Α. D. 33.
JOHN XVII. 6--16.

Α. D. 33. And Judas also, which betrayed him,

VER. 12. stood with them.

“Η ουν σπείρα και ο χιλίαρχος και οι VER. 6.

υπηρέται των Ιουδαίων συνέλαβαν τον Ιη“Ως ούν είπεν αυτοίς: Οτι εγώ είμι· σούν, και έδησαν αυτόν, απήλθον εις τα οπίσω, και έπεσον χαμαί, Then the band and the captain and

As soon then as he had said unto them, officers of the Jews took Jesus, and bound I am he, they went backward, and fell him, to the ground.

VER. 13.
VER. 7.

Και απήγαγον αυτών προς 'Ανναν πρώΠάλιν ούν αυτούς επηρώτησε: Τίνα ζη- χιερεύς του ενιαυτού εκείνου.

τον ήν γάρ πενθερος του Καϊάφα, ός ήν άρτείτε και οι δε είπον Ιησούν τον Ναζωραίον. Then asked he them again, whom he was father in law to Caiaphas, which

a And led him away to Annas first ; for seek ye? And they said, Jesus of Nazareth.

was the High Priest that same year. VER. 8.

* And Annas sent Christ bound unt. 'Απεκρίθη ο Ιησούς: Είπον υμίν ότι εγώ | Caiaphas the High Priest, ver. 24. είμι· ει ούν έμε ζητείτε, άφετε τούτους a See on Luke xxii. ver. 54. υπάγειν.

VER. 14. Jesus answered, I hare told you that 1 an he : if therefore ye seek me, let | Ιουδαίοις, ότι συμφέρει ένα άνθρωπον απο

"Ην δε Καϊάφας και συμβουλεύσας τούς these go

λέσθαι υπέρ του λαού. VER. 9.

a Now Caiaphas wus he,

which "Ινα πληρωθή ο λόγος όν είπεν· “οτι ούς counsel to the Jeus, that it was expedient δέδωκάς μοι, ουκ απώλεσα εξ αυτών ου- that one man should die for the people. δένα.

a And one of them, named Caiaa That the saying might be fulfilled, phas, being the High Priest that same which he spake, b of them which thou year, said unto them, Ye know

nothing at all. Nor consider that it gavest me have I lost none.

is expedient for us, that one man a See on Matt. i. ver. 22.

should die for the people, and that v Those that thou gavest me I have the whole nation perish not. And kept, and none of them is lost, but the this spake he not of himself: but son of perdition, John xvii. 12.

being High Priest that year, he proVER. 10.

phesied that Jesus should die for that

nation; And not for that nation only, Σίμων ούν πέτρος έχων μάχαιραν, είλ- but that also he should gather toκυσεν αυτήν, και έπαισε τον του Αρχιε- gether in one the children of God ρέως δούλον, και απέκοψεν αυτού το άτίον | that were scattered abroad, John xi. το δεξίον: ήν δε όνομα των δούλο Μάλχος.

49-52. a Then Simon Peter having a sword

VER. 15. drew it, and smote the High Priest's ser

'Ηχολούθει δε τα Ιησού Σίμων Πέτρος, vant, and cut off his right eur.

The ser

και άλλος μαθητής και δε μαθητής εκείνος vant's name was Malchus.

ήν γνωστός το 'Αρχιερεί, και συνεισήλθε a See on Luke xxii. ver. 50. τω Ιησού εις την αυλήν του Αρχιερέως. VER. 11.

a And Simon Peter followed Jesus,

and so did another disciple: that disΕίπεν ούν ο Ιησούς του Πέτρα: Βάλε την ciple was known unto the High Priest, μάχαιράν σου εις την θήκην το ποτήριον και and went in with Jesus into the palace δέδωκέ μοι ο πατήρ, ου μή πίω αυτό;

of the High Priest. a Then said Jesus unto Peter, Put up

a See on Matt. xxvi. ver. 58. thy sword into the sheath : the cup which my Father hath given me, shall I not

VER. 16. drink it?

ο δε Πέτρος ειστήκει προς τη θύρα έξω,. a See on Matt. xxvi. ver. 52. εξήλθεν ούν ο μαθητής και άλλος ος ήν


Α. D. 33.

JOHN XVI. 16-27.

A.D. 33.

στος τω Αρχιερεί, και είπε τη θυρωρώ, και

VER. 99. εισήγαγε τον Πέτρον.

Ταύτα δε αυτού είπόντος, εις των υπηBut Peter stood at the door without. ρετών παρεστηκώς έδωκε ράπισμα τώ ΙηThen went out that other disciple, which | σου, είπών: Ούτως αποκρίνη το 'Αρχιερείς was known unto the High Priest, and spake unto her that kept the door, and the officers which stood by a struck Jesus

And when he had thus spoken, one of brought in Peter.

with the palm of his hand, saying, AnVER. 17.

swerest thou the High Priest so? Λέγει ούν και παιδίσκη ή θυρωρός τώ Πέ

*Or, a rod. τρα: Μη και συ εκ των μαθητών εί του άν

a See on Matt. xxvi. ver. 67. clause 2. θρώπου τούτου; Λέγει εκείνος: Ουκ ειμί. a Then saith the damsel that kept the

VER. 23. door unto Peter, Art not thou also one of 'Απεκρίθη αυτώ ο Ιησούς: Ει κακώς this man's disciples? He saith, I am not. | ελάλησα, μαρτύρησον περί του κακού εί a See on Matt. xxvi. ver. 69, 70. δε καλώς, τί με δέρεις; VER. 18.

Jesus answered him, If I have spoken Είστήκεισαν δε οι δούλοι και οι υπηρέται | why smitest thou me ?

evil bear witness of the evil: but if well, ανθρακιών πεποιηκότες, ότι ψύχος ήν, και έθερμαίνοντο» ήν δε μετ' αυτών ο Πέτρος

VER. 24. εστώς και θερμαινόμενος.

'Απέστειλεν αυτόν ο 'Αννας δεδεμένων • And the servants and officers stood | προς Καϊάφαν τον Αρχιερέα. there, who had made a fire of coals; for Now Annas had sent him bound unto it was cold : and they warmed themselves: Caiaphas the High Priest. and Peter stood with them, and warmed

VER. 25. himself. .

"Ην δε Σίμων Πέτρος έστως και θερμαιa See on Luke xxii. ver. 55.

νόμενος είπον ούν αυτώ. Μή και συ έα VER. 19.

των μαθητών αυτού εί; 'Ηρνήσατο εκείνος,

και είπεν: Ουκ ειμί. “ο ούν 'Αρχιερεύς ήρώτησε τον Ιησούν

a And Simon Peter stood and warmed περί των μαθητών αυτού, και περί της διδαχής αυτού.

himself. They said therefore unto hin,

Art not thou also one of his disciples ? The High Priest then asked Jesus of He denied it, and said, I am not. his disciples, and of his doctrine.

a See on Matt. xxvi. ver. 71, 72. VER. 90.

VER. 26. 'Απεκρίθη αυτώ ο Ιησούς: 'Εγώ παρρησία ελάλησα τω κόσμω εγώ πάντοτε

Λέγει είς εκ των δούλων του Αρχιερέως, έδίδαξα εν τη συναγωγή, και εν τω ιερώ, συγγενής ών ου απέκοψε πέτρος το άτίον όπου πάντοτε οι Ιουδαίοι συνέρχονται, και ουκ εγώ σε είδαν εν τω κήπο μετ' αυτού και εν κρυπτώ ελάλησα ουδέν.

One of the servants of the High Priest, Jesus unswered him, a 1 spake openly being his kinsman a whose car Peter cut to the world ; I ever taught in the syna- off, saith, Did not I see thee in the gargogue, and in the temple, whither the den with him? Jews alwuys resort; and in secret have a Then Simon Peter having a sword I suid nothing.

drew it, and smote the High Priest's a See on Matt. iv. ver. 23. clause 2. servant, and cut off his right ear. The

servant's name was Malchus, ver. 10. VER. 21.

VER. 27. Τί με επερωτας και επερώτησον τους ακηκοότας, τί ελάλησα αυτούς δε, ούτοι οί

Πάλιν ούν ηρνήσατο ο Πέτρος, και ευθέως δασιν ά είπον εγώ.

αλέκτωρ έφώνησεν. Why askest thou me? ask them which

a Peter then denied again: and immcwhat I have said unto them: diately the cock crew. behold, they know what I said.

A See on Matt. xxvi. ver, 74.

heard me,

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