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IRELAND. I S. &t;c, conted l..


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Great Stepsfor Litties

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The World, in Verse.

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Esparatory Scie,

HISTORI—untimea.. 1589 Insutsetion : Septiani:1O amas suppress, a sus

crankie The Vredonnidis. who use a 1690 James, assisted by ES T. temperatur the brons

Ee andet a reianni. IL 728 isteatea su utie ore

Boyne. 1694 Mary lies i smailpos, mi Viliam was one. 1701 ACT OF SITTELEENT masseet i be successo, o es

Aone, ani xitez ez in Forcess sopia Eanuver.

TWENTISTE VOEI. Lesson 96-Learn for Monday Morning

WISDOM-nimest. There is not a man in the word 'n iesnes un ir ne thought to be, a wise man: unt f le ursuiers uw 'ittie de contributes himself sherento, die mit wuntisr imi imsit in any tolerable degree of anderstanding lurenton.

He that would undertake rest mterprises macht wisdom and courage : wisctom centrira. ant vurage execute : wisdom to guide us wounge and verage 2 AM his wisdom : both which I they meet witin audi se, but but succeed.-Bishop Eull.

" Behold the fear of the Lori, saat visium ; si Jepars from evil, that is understanding."-Solomon.

OR ELSE LEARX Putin XVI., verses Lesson 97.–Tuesday.-Geograpiy. Write and Learn

CHIEF TOWNS ON THE EAST COAST.- Belfast is the chief city in Liseur, un the seat of the principal manufactures. Dublin, vn the Liter the capital. It is a beautiful city, and has many spleneb puki buildings. Kingstown is a part of Duolin. Wexford, oa she Slaney, has trade in cattle.

IN THE BASIN OF THE BARROW AND SEB-Kil ten ny, she second city of Leinster, hus valuable bite marble yuarat Waterford, on the Suur, exports provisions

IN THE BASIN ON THE LES AND BLACKWATER-Yonghal ini exports provisions. Sir W. Raleigh first introduced the posate here from South America. Cork the principal city in Munster and the third eity in Ireland. It has considerable shipbuilding Queenstown, or “Great Island," in Cork harbour, is the place where the Atlantic steamers call at to receive and land the mails

IN THE BASIN OF THE SHANNON.-Limerick, the fourth easy in Ireland, has great esport and inland trade Athlone user L. Ree, is the principal military station in the west of Ireland


Lesson 92.–Tuesday.-Geography. Write and Learn.

(2) Manufactures.—The only important manufacture is linen, which is carried on chiefly in Ulster, at Belfast, Newry, and Droghe'-da (droy-da)

Coarse woollen goods are made at Dublin, Wick'-low, and Ku’


Belfast also manufactures cotton goods. (3) Commerce. There is little foreign trade, but much commerce with England and Scotland.

The exports are cattle, pigs, dairy produce, and linen ; the imports being manufactured goods and coal.

Dairy produce includes butter, eggs, cheese, and bacon. The principal ports are Dublin, on the Liffey; Belfast, Cork, on the Lee ; Waterford, on the Suir , Limerick, on the Shannon; Droghe'-da on, the Boyne; Wexford, on the Slaney; Sligo and Galway. Lesson 93.-Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums. Reduce to their LEAST COMMON DENOMINATOR(1) } and (7) %, ,

(13) of it, , (8) }, }, %

(14) 27 of 10, 11, 11, }} (3) , 1

(15) , 15, (4) 11 g (10) 1,8

(16) 31 of , 4, of 2}, , } (5) }, (11)

(17) 1%, 12, 16, 18 (12) %, of 1, 2} Lesson 94.—Thursday.--Grammar. Learn and Write.

Ex. 44.Pick out the noun sentences.-You understand how I mean God said, “Let there be light." What you say cannot be true. The people all declared that they saw him. Are you sure that everything is ready? What is learned in childhood is often forgotten. That he lived abroad is well known. The consequence was that we were detained. Ex. 45. Parse." There lives not one who has not hung

Enraptured on the voice of praise."

COMPOSITION. Ex. 46.-Write about a shilling; of what made ; its shape ; the words, figures, and image on it; its value and uses. Lesson 95.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums. Reduce to their LEAST COMMON DENOMINATOR-(1) , 11, 14, 1

(5) 3, , lit, 24, 25 (2) 3 of, 16, 1, Find the GREATEST and LEAST of the Fractions(1) %, 2, , , }

(2) 1?, 38, 11, 12, 13 History.-Write and Learn.

WILLIAM AND MARY. 1688 William I. reigned from 1689 to 1702. Mary died in 1694. 1689 The TOLERATION ACT passed, granting many religious liberties to

The BILL OF Rights passed. It declared that the king could not

suspend the laws, levy taxes, or keep up a standing army without
the sanction of parliament ; and also declared that the sovereign
must be a Protestant.


HISTORY-Continued. 1689 Insurrection in Scotland in favour of James suppressed at Killie

crankie. The Macdonalds, who refused to take the oath of

allegiance to William, were massacred at Glencoe. 1690 James, assisted by Louis XIV., attempted to regain the throne.

He landed in Ireland, and was defeated at the Battle of the

Boyne. 1694 Mary dies of smallpox, and William reigns alone. 1701 ACT OF SETTLEMENT passed, fixing the succession on the Princess

Anne, and after her on Princess Sophia of Hanover.

TWENTIETH WEEK. Lesson 96.-Learn for Monday Morning.

WISDOM-Continued. There is not a man in the world but desires to be, or to be thought to be, a wise man; and if he considers how little he contributes himself thereunto, he might wonder to find himself in any tolerable degree of understanding.–Clarendon.

He that would undertake great enterprises, hath need of wisdom and courage; wisdom to contrive, and courage

to execute ; wisdom to guide his courage, and courage to second his wisdom ; both which, if they meet with a good cause, cannot but succeed.-Bishop Hall.

“Behold the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom ; and to depart from evil, that is understanding."-Solomon.

OR ELSE LEARN Psalm xxxviii., verses 9-22. Lesson 97.-Tuesday.-Geography. Write and Learn

CHIEF TOWNS. ON THE EAST COAST.-Belfast is the chief city in Ulster, and the seat of the principal manufactures. Dublin, on the Liffey, the capital. It is a beautiful city, and has many splendid public buildings. Kingstown is a part of Dublin. Wexford, on the Slaney, has trade in cattle.

IN THE BASIN OF THE BARROW AND SUIR.--Kil-ken-ny, the second city of Leinster, has valuable black marble quarries. Waterford, on the Suir, exports provisions.

IN THE BASIN ON THE LEE AND BLACKWATER.-Youghal (yawl) exports provisions. Sir W. Raleigh first introduced the potato here from South America. Cork, the principal city in Munster, and the third city in Ireland. It has considerable shipbuilding. Queenstown, or “Great Island,” in Cork harbour, is the place where the Atlantic steamers call at to receive and land the mails.

IN THE BASIN OF THE SHANNON.–Lim'-er-ick, the fourth city in Ireland, has great export and inland trade. Athlone, near L. Ree, is the principal military station in the west of Ireland.

Lesson 98.–Wednesday Morning. Work these Sums. ADDITION of Vulgar Fractions. (1) +

(4) 73 + % (7) } + 1% + 37 of 7 ++ (5) + f of} (8) 4 + 2 + 3 of 134 of 6 + of 5ply

1 +41 +3 ) 53 +81 + 4} (9) of 13 + 4 of 4 +7* + of li off Lesson 99.-Thursday.-Grammar. Learn and Write.

THE ADJECTIVE SENTENCE. The adjective sentence occupies the place of an adjective, and may therefore be joined to

(1) The SUBJECT.
(2) The OBJECT ; or,
(3) ANY NOUN in the sentence.

The man who lived here died recently. Who lived here is an adjective sentence qualifying the subject man.

I remember the house where I was born. The object, house, has the adjective sentence, where I was born, qualifying it.

I put the horse in the stable which I built. The noun, stable, is qualified by the adjective sentence, which I built.

The adjective sentence is often introduced by a RELATIVE PRONOUN.

Ex. 47.- Pick out the adjective sentences.-Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. The very house where I was born is pulled down. I have a book which I prize very much. They that fy may fight again, which he can never do that's slain. Towards the west lies the fertile shore that stretches along the Adriatic. Ex. 48. Parse.-

“ The curfew tolls the knell of parting day,
The lowing herd winds slowly o'er the lea."

COMPOSITION. Ex. 49.-Write about ink. The various colours. How black ink is made, and its uses. State the various things people used to write with in old times. Lesson 100.-Friday Morning. Work these Sums. Find the Sum of(1) * of $ +P + of ..

i} of 23 + g of 6. (2) +of j+ 1 of 5).

(6) 11 of 1 of 175 + 4 of 12. (3) it of 73 of 5 + of 14.

(6) 14+ of 93 + 1 of 87. History.-Write and Learn.

1702 Anne, daughter of James II., reigned from 1702 to 1714.

The war of the Spanish succession lasted from 1702 to 1713.
Charles II. of Spain died childless, and Louis XIV. of France

wanted to seat his grandson, Philip of Bourbon, on the throne.

Charles, Archduke of Austria, was also a claimant.
A GRAND ALLIANCE was formed between England, Holland, and

Austria to oppose the claims of the Bourbons. 1704 Marlborough won the battle of Blenheim, and the French were

also defeated at Ramilies, Oudenarde, and Malplaquet.

Gibraltar was taken by Sir George Rooke. 1707 The parliaments of England and Scotland were united. 1713 TREATY OF UTRECHT concluded the war. Its great object was not

secured--that of excluding the Bourbons from the throne of France.


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