The Kingdom of God: How It Began and How It Will End

Bruce Thomas, 30. jan. 2007 - 224 sider
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In His book, The Kingdom of God: How it began and How it will end, Dr. Bruce Thomas shows from the scriptures the prophecies concerning the end of the age. He reveals the composition of the Kingdom of God and the beings that comprise the Kingdom of God with their purpose and destiny. The origin of sin in the Kingdom and its effects on the relationship between God and man is explored as well as the reason for the coming of Christ into the world. The final world kingdoms are seen through scripture and the future of man as the end of the age draws near. The order of events before the resurrection of the dead is given in detail so that no one will be deceived by the many false christs and false prophets that will sweep the earth in the days ahead. The final overthrow of evil doers and their punishment in eternal hellfire is depicted and the state of eternity with God and the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ is revealed. This book will give the reader a grasp of the order of events of the end of the age and will prepare the reader for the great tribulation which will come upon the earth.

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How the Kingdom Began Page 1 The Kingdom of Gods Son
The Capital City of Heaven
Seraphim Cherubim and Angels
Satan takes a Hostage on Earth
Justification and Redemption
How the Kingdom will End 6 Foundations
Christs early teaching on the End of the Age
Christs latter teaching on the End of the Age
The Trumpets of God
The Three Woes
The Great Tribulation
The Resurrection of the Righteous
The Wrath of God
The Kingdom of Christ
The Battle of Gog and Magog
The Resurrection and Judgment of the dead

The Revealing of Christ
The Outline of Events III
The New Heavens and New Earth

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Dr. Bruce A. Thomas is an ordained minister of the gospel, licensed by First Baptist Church Berkley in Norfolk, Virginia. He received his Masters of Divinity from the Norfolk Theological Seminary and College and he is currently the Pastor of the Mount Zion Baptist Church Chesapeake, Virginia. He has ministered internationally and his ministry is frequented by signs and wonders. Dr. Thomas and his wife reside in Portsmouth Virginia and they have three adult children. He may be contacted at 757-545-8605

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