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lonel 203.4 v.1-4 1846-49



ENTERED, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1847,

BY ASA D. LORD, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Ohio.



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On page 5, second paragraph, tenth line, for "thirty-four-thirty-fifths,” read
". thirty-six-thirty-sevenths."

Page 28, last line, for “ other," read“ the.”

Page 49, first line, for “the Boards of this State," read “ the Boards of School

Directors in this State.” Fourth paragraph, first line, before “They," insert “1."

Same paragraph, third line, for “and,” read “add.”

Page 58, first paragraph, last line, for “ prematurely," read “permanently."

Page 69, third paragraph, first line, after“ is," insert“ no."

[blocks in formation]

The subscriber proposes to publish under the above name a paper devoted to the cause of education.

It will be issued as often as once per month, in octavo form, each number containing at least 16 pages. A series of six numbers will be published before the first of January next, and it will be furnished to subscribers at 25 cents for the series ; single numbers, 5 cents, and copies of any single number, at 50 cents per dozen.

Orders and communications may be addressed, post paid, to A. D. Lord, Kirtland, Lake County, Ohio.

We respectfully solicit those who approve of the plan of the Journal to make effort to extend its circulation : almost any person may procure four subscribers ; any one who will forward two dollars shall receive nine copies.

As the work is furnished at so cheap a rate, no agents will be employed, and its circulation must depend entirely on the efforts of the friends of the cause it advocates. Editors in Ohio, friendly to the cause, who give the first eight lines of this Prospectus (with the signature and date,) one insertion, and send us a copy marked, shall be entitled to the six numbers of the Journal.

If the patronage warrants, the work will be continued, and a volume in the same or a similar form, to be published monthly or semi-monthly, at fifty cents or one dollar per year, will be commenced on or before the first of January next.

An advertising sheet will be immediately added to the Journal, in which notices of School Books, Apparatus, &c., will be inserted at the rate of one dollar for three insertions of ten lines or less.

A. D. LORD Kirtland, Lake Co., O., July 1st, 1846.


We have adopted the name which heads this sheet, because so far as is known it has not previously been applied to any work of the kind, and there is not at the present time any paper in the State devoted exclusively to the cause of general education, and we deem it disreputable to the third State in the Union to be without a paper devoted to this cause. It is well known to the friends of popular education that the cause received a noble impulse from the School Law enacted in

1838, and the efficient labors of the State Superintendent for three years, and all must admit that there has been a diminution of interest in the subject since the discontinuance of that office. But we, with many others, think that a fresh impulse was given to this great work in the introduction of Teachers’ Institutes into the State during the Fall of 1845. We feel that the great work of educational reform then commenced, must be carried on till its objects are fully realized, till the Common Schools of Ohio are elevated to the high rank they must hold before they can be expected to give such an education to our youth, as the future citizens of this great State should receive. For the purpose of aiding in the prosecution of this work, this paper is commenced, and the following are


Ist. To awaken the whole community to a lively sense of the importance of education to a free people, and of the Common School as the means by which all the youth of the State are to be educated.

2d. To arouse School Directors and other officers to a high sense of the responsibility of their stations, and to aid them in performing their duty to the schools, the community and the State.

3d. To aid Teachers in the important work of self.culture, in preparing for the duties of the school-room, and in becoming efficient laborers in promoting general education.


These several objects we shall endeavor to effect, by giving an account of our present School System, its excellences, its defects and the manner in which they may be remedied; — by pointing out some of the defects in the methods of teaching now pursued ; - by showing the extent to which our own and other States depend upon the Common School for instruction, thus exhibiting the claims of these schools upon the sympathies and the support of all, and the importance of having them supported during the greater part of the year by a tax on the property of the State, and thus affording to every youth in Ohio the opportunity of acquiring a respectable education without money or price; — by giving an account of the progress of education in the different sections of our own State ; and by presenting from time to time information on the subject of education in other States and countries.

We have commenced this work, feeling that something of the kind was greatly needed, and that if rightly conducted, either in our own or some other hands, it must and will succeed. We issue it with en. tire confidence that it will, if found worthy, receive a liberal support from the intelligent and enterprising people of Ohio.

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