Secrets of the English Alphabets and Numbers

Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2007 - 380 sider
Is this where science and religion meet? Through computations by the use of "fusion"? I would like to invite all scholars of different professions, scientists, engineers, doctors, mathematicians, physicists and/or theologians to check the "preview" of this book. It explain how "fusion" works in numbers and in words (our English Words), this is your only chance to know the symbols of each of our known English Words in numbers. Would you mind knowing the "Secrets of the English Alphabets, Numbers And The Words"? My subjects are all in English. Why our English Language is so dominant in this generation Y2K, where everyone benefited the secrets "WITHIN"? If interested, a CD music with 11 instrumental guitar fingerpicking is separately sold under Alternative that accompany this book or ebook. The CD music title is "The Gentle Pluck".

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