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Alexander, Morris J., M.D.
Ball, Wm. P., M.D.
Barbour, Llewellyn P., M.D.

Barksdale, G. S.

Bates, Frank, M.D.
Burns, Wm. Britt, M.D.
Chance, H. C., M.D.
Christian, R. B., M.D.

Cooper, St. Cloud, M.D.

Coston, H. R., M. D.
Crofford, T. J., M.D.
Crook, Jere L., M.D.
Dicken, R. E., M.D.
Douglass, J. P., M.D.
Drouillard, Louise, M.D.
Franks, W. A., M.D.
Haggard, W. D, Jr., M.D.
Halliburton, B. S., M.D.
Hampson, J. K., M.D.


Haynes, E. E., M.D.
Jagoe, A. J., M.D.
Jelks, Jno. L., M.D.

Johnson, J. E., M.D.
Jones, Frank A., M.D.
Krauss, William, M.D.
McKinney, Richmond, M.D.
McCown, O. S.

McGaha, J. W., M.D.

McSwain, I. A., M.D.

Malone, G. B., M.D.

Manley, Thomas H., M.D.
Martin, E. H., M.D.
Minor, James L., M.D.
Moore, Alfred, M.D.
Neil, D. R, M.D.
Norman, J. T., M.D.

Oliver, A. B., M.D.

Penn, G. W., M.D.
Robinson, Byron, M.D.
Rochelle, W. F., M.D.
Runyan, J. P., M.D.
Sebastian, C. M., M.D.
Shaw, Adele E.
Shinault, C. R., M.D.
Sinclair, A. G., M.D.
Smythe, F. D., M.D.
Stone, Barton W., M.D.
Sumpter, William D., M.D.
Tackett, John, M.D.
Tate, Robert W., M.D.
Trawick, A. M., M.D.

Turner, B. F., M.D.

Vance, Frank W., M.D.

Wall, W. C., M.D.

Williams, Edwin, M.D.





Titles of Original Articles, as well as Names of Contributors, are printed in Italics.

[blocks in formation]

Abscess, chronic tonsillar, nature and sig-
nificance of, 79.

Accidents, ocular, dependent upon epi-
demic influences, 366.

Action, psychical, material equivalents of, 385.

Address, opening, etc., 241.

Aged, pneumonia of the, 464.

Aggressiveness, surgical, 337.

Alexander, Morris J., M.D., 11.

Amblyopia, quinine, pathology of, etc., 523.

Anastomosis, intestinal, 412.

Anesthesia, local, 31.

Aneurism, solutions of gelatin in, 173.

Aphakia, glaucoma in, 223.

Aphasia due to traumatism, a case of, 261.

Appendicitis, 411.

Appendicitis, four cases of, 556.

Appendicitis, surgical, 364.

Appendicitis, treatment of, 221.

Appendix and female genital organs, simul-

taneous disease of the, 326.

Artery, dorsalis pedis, aneurism of the, 269.

Asepsis, perfection of, important points

regarding, 521.

Association, Canadian, proceedings of the, 456.

Association, Mississippi Valley Medical, notes

on, 502.

Association of Obstetricians and Gynecolo-
gists, American, proceedings of, 508.

Association, Tri-State Medical, 43, 88, 532, 574.

Association, West Tennessee Medical and Sur-
gical, 282.

Ataxia, Friedreich's, 566.

Autohypnosis, a remarkable case of, 437.

Ball, Wm. P., M.D, 404.

Bands, vocal, multiple nodules of the, 324.
Banquo again, the yellow, 474.

Barbour, Llewellyn P., M.D., 481.

Barksdale, G. S., 116.

Bates, Frank. M.D., 359, 507.

Bladder and urethra, surgical cases of dis-
ease in the, 464.

Blepharitis acaria, 413.

Blind in cities and country, 174.

Brain, motor and sensory areas of the, 249.

Burns, Wm. Britt, M. D., 395.

Calf, fetal, tuberculosis in a, 331.

Canal, inguinal, ovarian cyst protruding

through the, 35.

Cancer, uterine, diagnosis of, 527.

Carcinomata, inoperable, organotherapy

in, 326.

Carotid, internal, danger to eye from liga-

tion of, 271.

Cases, celiotomy, changes in treatment

of, 417.

Cases, obstetrical, rare and interesting, 227.

Cases, surgical, report of, 70, 399.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Insane, surgical gynecology among the,

Insurance, tuberculosis and, 472.

Intussusception, laparotomy for, 321.

Iritis, metritic, 174.

Irritability, prostatic,and enlargement, 76.
Jagoe, A. J., M.D., 350.
Jelks, Jno. L., M.D., 495.

Johnson, J. E., M.D., 348.

Jones, Frank A., M.D., 340, 433, 544.

Kidney, movable, most important com-
plications of, 125.

Krauss, Wm., M. D., 97, 289, 361, 451.

Laryngitis, tubercular, treatment of dys-
phagia in, 415.

Larynx and mouth, pemphigus chronicus
vulgaris of the, 563.

Larynx, transplantation of cartilage into

the, 324.

Legislation, iniquitous, 232.
Legislation, medical, 289, 476.

Lids, double chancre of the, 222.
Liver, syphilis of the, 182.

Lungs, echinococcus of the, 219.

Lupus, treatment of. phototherapy in the,

McKinney, Richmond, M.D., 22, 119, 145, 310,


McCown, O. S., 343, 504.

McGaha, J. W., M.D., 407.

McSwain, I. A., M.D., 54, 193.

Malaria, 124.

Malaria, chronic, ergot in, 519.

Malaria, fulminant, cerebrospinal meningitis
versus, 395.

Malone, G. B., M.D., 26.

Manley, Thos. H., M.D., 491.

Martin, E. H., M.D., 437, 537.

Medicine of today, the, 544.

Medicine, the present status of, 433.

Medulla, injections of cocaine into the, 373.
Melancholia, 243.

Membranes, mucous, influence of dry and
elevated region upon the nasal, 184.
Menstruatio precox, 526.

Methods, modern, a triumph of, 425.
Microcephaly, rachitic, 181.

Midwifery, aseptic, 49.

Midwifery, when to asepticize in, 152.
Minor, Jas. L., M.D., 168.
Moore, Alfred, M. D., 49, 449.

Myoma uteri, operations for, 370.

Naso-pharynx, follicular conjunctivitis

and adenoid vegetations of the, 367.
Negroes, Dahomey, the visual acuity of,

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