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W. B. ROGERS, M.D., Memphis.

T. J. CROFFORD, M.D., Memphis.
C. TRAVIS DRENNEN, M.D., Hot Springs, Ark.

A. G. SINCLAIR, M.D., Memphis.

E. P. SALE, M.D., Memphis.
B. F. TURNER, M.D., Memphis.


Alexander, Morris J., M.D.
Ball, Wm. P., M.D.
Barbour, Llewellyn P., M.D. Jelks, Jno. L., M.D.
Barksdale, G. S.
Bates, Frank, M.D.
Burns, Wm. Britt. M.D.
Chance, H. C., M.D.
Christian, R. B., M.D.
Cooper, St. Cloud, M.D.
Coston, H. R., M. D.
Crofford, T. J., M.11.
Crook, Jere L., M.D.
Dicken, R. E., M.D.
Douglass, J. P., M.D.
Drouillard, Louise, M.D.
Franks, W. A., M.D.
Haggard, W. D, Jr.,
Halliburton, B. S., M.D.
Hampson, J. K., M.D.

Haynes, E. E., M.D.

Penn, G. W., M.D.
Jagoe, A. J., M.D.

Robinson, Byron, M.D.

Rochelle, W. F., M.D.
Job nson, J. E., M.D.

Runyan, J. P., M.D.
Jones, Frank A., M.D. Sebastian, C. M., M.D.
Krauss, William, M.D. Shaw, Adele E.
McKinney, Richmond, M.D. Shinault, C. R., M.D.
McCown, O.S.

Sinclair, A. G., M.D.
McGaha, J. W., M.D.

Smythe, F. D., M.D.
McSwain, I. A., M.D.

Stone, Barton W., M.D.
Malone, G. B., M.D.

Sumpter, William D., M.D.
Manley, Thomas H., M.D. Tackett, John, M.D.
Martin, E. H., M.D.

Tate, Robert W., M.D.
Minor, James L., M.D. Trawick, A. M., M.D.
Moore, Alfred, M.D.

Turner, B. F., M.D.
Neil, D. R, M.D.

Vance, Frank W., M.D.
Norman, J. T., M.D).

Wall, W.C., M.D.
Oliver, A. B., M.D.

Williams, Edwin, M.D.






Titles of Original Articles, as well as Names of Contributors, are printed in Italics.

Abortion, septicemia following, 359.
Abscess, mastoid, acute, 414.
Abscess, peritonsillar, 415.
Abscess, chronic tonsillar, nature and sig.

nificance of, 79.
Accidents, ocular, dependent upon epi-

demic influences, 366.

Action, psychical, material equivalents of, 385.

Address, opening, etc., 241.

Aged, pneumonia of the, 461.

Aggressiveness, surgical, 337.

Alerander, Morris J., M.D., 11.

Amblyopia, quinine,pathology of, etc., 523.

Anastomosis, intestinal, 412.

Anesthesia, local, 31.

Aneurism, solutions of gelatin in, 173.

Aphakia, glaucoma in, 223.

Aphasia due to traumatism, a case of, 201.

Appendicitis, 411.

Appendicitis, four cases of, 556.

Appendicitis, surgical, 361.

Appendicitis, treatment of, 221.

Appendix and female genital organs, simul-

laneous disease of the, 326.

Artery, dorsalis pedis, aneurism of the, 269.

Asepsis, perfection of, important points

regarding, 521.

Association, Canadian, proceedings of the, 456.

Association, Mississippi Valley Medical, notes

on, 502.

Association of Obstetricians and Gynecolo-

gists, American, proceedings of, 508.

Association, Tri-State Medical, 13, 88, 532, 574.

Association, West Tennessee Medical and Sur.

gical, 282.
Ataxia, Friedreich's, 566.
Autohypnosis, a remarkable case of, 437.
Ball, Wim. P., M.D , 401.
Bands, vocal, multiple nodules of the, 324.
Banquo again, the yellow, 174,
Barbour, Llewellyn P., M.D., 481.
Barksdale, G. 8., 116.
Bates, Frank, M.D., 359, 507.
Bladder and urethra, surgical cases of dis-

ease in the, 461.

Blepharitis acaria, 413.

Blind in cities and country, 174.

Bruin, motor and sensory areas of the, 249.

Burns, I'm. Britt, M. D., 395.

Calf, fetal, tuberculosis in a, 331.

Canal, inguinal, ovarian cyst protruding

through the, 35.

Cancer, nterine, diagnosis of, 527.

Carcinomata, inoperable, organotherapy

in, 326.

Carotid, internal, danger to eye from liga-

tion of, 271.

Cases, celiotomy, changes in treatment

of, 417.

Cases, obstetrical, rare and interesting, 227.

Cases, surgical, report of, 70, 399.

Cases, surgical, report of three, 345.

Cases, surgical, tuo interesting, 501.

Catarrh, post-nasal, chronic, 224.

Cavity, nasal, papilloma of the, 178.

Century, nineteenth, as the goes out, 85.

Chance, H. C., M.D., 299.

Childhood, hysteria and nervousness in, 37.

Childhood, pericarditis in, 134.

Children, adenoids" in, 128.

Children, asphyxia in, treatment of, 276,

Children, belladonna in the bronchopneu-

monia of, 471.

Children, examination of the larynx in,


Children, hysteria and nervousness in,

ocular symptoms of, 78.

Children, intestinal catarrh in, treatment

of, 84.

Children, paralysis of, surgery of the, 171.

Children, tuberculosis in, morbid anatomy

of, 528.

Children, tuberculosis in, origin of, 231.

Children, tuberculous process in, 370.

Cholelithiasis, diagnosis and treatment

of, 521.

Chorditis tuberosa or "singer's nodule," 353.

Christian, R. B.. 266.

Codliveroil and mixed fat emulsion, com-

parative test of, 408.

College, Memphis Hospital Medical, 234.

Conjunctivitis, atropin, 79.

Conjunctivitis, blenorrheal, protargol a

specific for, 32.

Conjunctivitis, granular, treatment of, 412.

Conjunctivitis, trachomatous, treatment

of, 366.

Cooper, St. Cloud, M.D., 256.

Cord, spinal, do gross pathologic changes

occur in the? etc., 563.

Coston, H. R., M.D., 216.

Cough, reflex, 413.

Crescents, a case of estivo-autumnal malaria

with, 361.

Cretinism, sporadic, 256.

Crofford, T. J., M.D., 156, 508, 5.76.

Crook, Jere L., M.D., 62, 210.

('roup, chronic, treatment of, 467.

Curettage, perforation of the uterus dur-

ing, 87.

Cystitis, catheters and, 128.
Deafness and tinnitus, pneumatic mas-

sage in treatment of, 224.

Deficiency, vascular, death from, 318.

Deformities, pelvic, labor complicated by,


Diabetes mellitus, toxemic factor in, 74.

Micken, R. E., M.D., 167.

Diphtheria, antitoxin in, 202.

Diphtheria, laryngeal,or pseudo-membranous

croup, intubation in, 310.
Diphtheria, membranous croup and, 55.
Disease, arterial, ophthalmic evidence of,


Disease, kidney, treatment of chronic, 162.

Disease, malignant, electrolysis and cata-

phoresis in treatment of inoperable, 465.

Disease, ovarian, parotid gland extract in

treatment of, 470.

Disease, stop generating, 165.
Douches, vaginal, ante- and post-partum,


Douglass, J. P., M.D., 113.

Drouillard, Louise, M D., 434.

Dura mater, ossificating role of the, 328.

Dysentery, some causes of, 313.

Dysentery, treatment of, 5:20.

East Tennessee, fever of mountains of, 299.

Eclampsia, apomorphia in, 26.

Eczenia, infantile, 329.

Eclampsia, puerperal, 181.

Eclampsia, puerperal, a case of, etc., 307,

[ocr errors]

Eclampsia, puerperal, salt solution and vene-
section in, 361.
Endometritis, treatment of by drainage
and irrigation, 325.
England and Wales, declension of phthi-

sis in, 279.
Epilepsy, conditions for successful opera-

lion in 320.

Epithelioma, Marsden's paste in, 162.

Erumination, blood, diagnostic value of, 97.

Exophthalmos, pulsating, 32.

Eyelid, initial and post-initial sclerosis of

the, 223.

Eyelid, ulcerating gumma of the, 222.
Franks, W. A., M.D., 359.
Female, vesical calculus in the, 274.
Fever, puerperal, salt solution in, 5:28.
Ferer, typhoid, 116.
Fever, iy phoid, anomalous eruptions in,


Ferer, typhoid, report of tuo cases of, 358.

Fever, typhoid, treatment of, 531.

Fever, yellow, bacteriological study of eti-

ology of, 123.

Fever, yellow, serum therapy in, 379.

Faer, yellow, the etiology of, 426.

Fish bone, unusual lodgment of a, 119, 168.

Foot, amputation of the, 210.

Fossa, nasal, malignant tumors of the,

treatment of, 584.

Genitals, female, amyloid of the, 135.

Genitals, female, unwarranted assaults upon

the, 66.

Gestation, ectopic, 318.

Gestation, extrauterine, $2.

Glands, suprarenal, local use of aqueous

extract of, 34.

Gleet, chronic, cure of a case of, etc., 453.

Goitre, the treatment of, 561.

Gonorrhea, juvenile, 16.

Gonorrhea, a new remedy in the treatment


Gruin of truth and the grain of salt, the, 537.

Gynecology, American, 550.

Gynecology, local treatment in, 225.

Gynecology, organotherapy in, 226.

Haggard, W. B., Jr., M.D.. i,
Halliburton, B. &., M.D., 19, 159.
Hampson, J. K., M.D., 554.
Haynes, É. E., M.D., 152.
Hearing,atmospheric changes and the, 564.
Heart, organic disease of the, state of gas-

tric secretions in, 319.
Heart, syphilitie affections of the, 182.
Hematocele, retrouterine, 416.
Hemnaturia, essential, 560.
Hematuria, malarial, a case of, 407.
Hematuria, malarial, salt solution in, 551.
Hematuria, malarial, two cases of, 167.
Hemorrhoids, complications met with before

and after operations for, 495,

Hernia, difficulties in diagnosis os, 491.

Hernia, scroial, radical cure of, 172.

Hernia, the treatment of, 155.

Heroin, the new drug, 171.

High more, antrum of, empyema of the, 33.

Hip joint, congenital dislocation of, 5:22.

Home and abroad, observations at, 557.

Hysteria, ocular evidences of, 271.

Immunity and susceptibility, 193.
Infancy and early childhood, normal pu-
pillary conditions in, 562.

Infants, feeding of gruels to, 418.
Injection, the tonsils as a gateway to, 378.
Irisane, management of the, 113.

Insane, surgical gynecology among the,


Insurance, tuberculosis and, 472.

Intussurception, laparotomy for, 321.

Iritis, metritic, 174.
Irritability, prostatic,and enlargement, 76.
Jagoe, A. J., M.D., 350.
Jelks, Jno. L., M.D., 195.
Johnson, J. E., M.D., 318.
Jones, Frank A., M.D., 340, 133, 544.
Kidney, movable, most important com-
plications of, 125.
Krauss, Wm., M.D., 97, 289, 361, 451.
Laryngitis, tubercular, treatment of dys-

phagia in, 415.
Larynx and mouth, pemphigus chronicus

vulgaris of the, 563.

Larynx, transplantation of cartilage into

the, 324.

Legislation, iniquitous, 232.
Legislation, medical, 289, 476.
Lids, double chancre of the, 222.
Liver, syphilis of the, 182.
Lungs, echinococcus of the, 219.
Lupus, treatment of.phototherapy in the,


Mckinney, Richmond, M.D., 22, 119, 145, 310,


McCoun, O. S., 313, 504.

McGaha, J. W., M.D., 407.

McSwain, I. A., M.D., 54, 193.

Malaria, 124.
Malaria, chronic, ergot in, 519.
Malaria, fulminant, cerebrospinal meningitis

versus, 395.

Malone, G. B., M.D., 26.

Manley, Thos. H., M.D., 491.

Martin, E. H., M.D., 437, 537.

Medicine of today, the, 544.

Medicine, the present status of, 433.

Medulla, injections of cocaine into tbe, 373.
Melancholia, 243.
Membranes, mucous, influence of dry and

elevated region upon the nasal, 184.
Menstruatio precox, 526.
Methods, modern, a triumph of, 425.
Microcephaly, rachitic, 181.
Midwifery, aseptic, 19.
Midwifery, when to asepticize in, 152.
Minor, Jas. L., M.D., 168.
Moore, Alfred, M.D., 49, 419.
Myoma uteri, operations for, 370.
Naso - pharynx, follicular conjunctivitis

and adenoid vegetations of the, 367.
Negroes, Dahomey, the visual acuity of,


Neil, D. R., M.D., 248.

Neurasthenia, 445.

Neuritis, alcoholic, multiple, report of a

case of, 373.

Newborn, purulent, conjunctivitis of the,

Norman, J. T., M.D., 358.
Nose, electro-cautery in, abuse of the, 128,
Oath, Hippocratic, 213.
Obstetrics, ergot in, 350.
Oliver, A. B., M.D., 70.
Operation, cataract, potassium iodide af-

ter, 272.

Ophthalmia, epidemic, acute, 466.

Organisms, malarial, method of demon-

strating presence of, 169.

Ovary and tube, appendicitis as a cause of

inflammatory diseases of the, 370.

Oxaluria, its clinical significance, 269.

Ozena, bacteriology and histology of, 525.

Pancreatitis, acute hemorrhagie, minute

pathology of, 29.

Paralysis, diphtherial, the pathology of,


Heilserum, 468

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