Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science: Discrete Optimization

K. Aardal, George L. Nemhauser, R. Weismantel
Elsevier, 8. dec. 2005 - 620 sider

The chapters of this Handbook volume cover nine main topics that are representative of recent theoretical and algorithmic developments in the field. In addition to the nine papers that present the state of the art, there is an article on the early history of the field.

The handbook will be a useful reference to experts in the field as well as students and others who want to learn about discrete optimization.


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Chapter 1 On the History of Combinatorial Optimization Till 1960
Chapter 2 Computational Integer Programming and Cutting Planes
Chapter 3 The Structure of Group Relaxations
Chapter 4 Integer Programming Lattices and Results in Fixed Dimension
Chapter 5 Primal Integer Programming
Chapter 6 Balanced Matrices
Chapter 7 Submodular Function Minimization
Chapter 8 Semidenite Programming and Integer Programming
Chapter 9 Algorithms for Stochastic MixedInteger Programming Models
Chapter 10 Constraint Programming

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Side 26 - The cultural lag of economic thought in the application of mathematical methods is strikingly illustrated by the fact that linear graphs are making their entrance into transportation theory just about a century after they were first studied in relation to electrical networks, although organized transportation systems are much older than the study of electricity.
Side 29 - Consider a network (eg. rail, road, communication network) connecting two given points by way of a number of intermediate points, where each link of the network has a number assigned to it representing its capacity. Assuming a steady state condition, find a maximal flow from one given point to the other.
Side 2 - Department of Mathematics, University of Amsterdam, Plantage Muidergracht 24, 1018 TV Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Side 54 - Ball also discusses the relationships between the Hamiltonian Game and other unicursal problems. Konig2 discusses some of these same problems under the heading Hamiltonian Lines. I am indebted to AW Tucker for calling these connections to my attention, in 1937, when I was struggling with the problem in connection with a schoolbus routing study in New Jersey.

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